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Flax seed
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BAULE VOLANTE Semi di Lino Dorato 500 grams $ 3,54 Baule Volante Semi di Lino Dorato 500 grams. Linen, which has always been known as a fiber for fabrics, has been covered in recent years for the precious virtues of its seeds, widely used today, in the kitchen as in cosmetics.

FIOR DI LOTO Organic Golden Flaxseeds 400 grams $ 3,59 Fior di Loto Semi di Lino Dorati Bio 400g. Organic golden flaxseeds.

KI Seeds - Organic Flax Seeds 500 grams $ 3,90

Votes: 4 Ki Seeds - Organic Flax Seeds 500g. Flax seeds packaged in a protective atmosphere, to be used for wraps and poultices, or to enrich salads and baked goods. Pack with recipe.

KI Organic Flaxseed 250 grams $ 2,18

Votes: 2 Ki Semi - Semi di Lino Biologici 250g. Flaxseed Organic.

PROBIOS Brown Linseeds 500 grams $ 3,54

Votes: 7 Probios Brown Linseeds 500 grams. Colourful seeds to enhance salads, cereals, muesli and why not, enrich home made bread. Rich in important nutritional substances such as unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants.

TREVISAN Semi di Lino Dorato Biologici 200 grams $ 3,95 Trevisan Semi di Lino Dorato Biologici 200 grams

VIVIBIO Semi di Lino 500 grams $ 3,23 Vivibio Semi di Lino 500 grams. Semi di Lino contains only 100% organic flax seeds. Flax seeds are rich in minerals (phosphorus, copper, magnesium and manganese), proteins and lipids.

PROBIOS Golden Flax Seeds 500 grams $ 3,84

Votes: 4 Not available Probios Semi di Lino Dorati 500g. The Probios gluten free oilseeds are a valuable snack; perfect in addition to salads, cereals, muesli or yogurt.

KI Organic golden flax seeds 500 grams $ 3,90

Votes: 5 Not available Ki Semi - Semi di Lino Dorati Biologici 500g. Organic golden flax seeds.

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