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GEHWOL Olio Protettivo per Unghie e Pelle 15 ml $ 9,36 Gehwol Olio Protettivo per Unghie e Pelle 15 ml. It effectively protects the nails and the skin of the foot from external agents, giving a soft and elastic appearance.

GEHWOL Pediluvio Rinfrescante 330 grams $ 6,95 Gehwol Pediluvio Rinfrescante 330 grams. The GEHWOL® Refreshing Footbath tones and ensures lasting freshness thanks to the cooling action of menthol. The foot bath prevents bad odors and cleanses the skin in depth.

GEHWOL Ammorbidente per Unghie 15 ml $ 9,36

GEHWOL Balsamo Riscaldante $ 2,30

GEHWOL Pediluvio $ 9,71

GEHWOL Lipidro Crema $ 9,36

GEHWOL Balsamo Per Gambe $ 12,66

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GEHWOL Balsamo Rinfrescante $ 8,94

GEHWOL Balsamo Riscaldante $ 8,32

GEHWOL Crema Anti Callosità $ 9,71 Not available

GEHWOL Crema Anti Screpolature $ 6,85 Not available

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