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Gjav: online sale alkaline sport supplements, buy Gjav at discounted prices, best prices for Gjav on IAFstore.com: lowest prices for Gjav.

GJAV is the first Italian line of nutritional supplements for athletes, certified gluten-free, doping tested, formulated for competitive athletes gluten-free and vegan.
Supplements are manufactured following strict production standards using certified raw materials without allergens (Directive 2007/68/EC), GMO-free, lactose-free, and above all, no animal derivatives (100% VEGAN).

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GJAV Omegreen! 120 softgels $ 52,70 $ 58,56

Votes: 5 Gjav Omegreen! 120 softgels. GJAV OMEGREEN! is a clean and highly concentrated TG omega-3 fish oil product.

GJAV Stamina! 120 tablets $ 42,82 $ 47,58

Votes: 4 Gjav Stamina! 120 tablets. Alkalizing mental and physical boost formula with stimulating caffeine carnitine and tyrosine.

GJAV OverTraining! 300 grams $ 42,82 $ 47,58

Votes: 5 Gjav OverTraining! 300g. Alkalizing sports drink to support recovery after intense exercise.

GJAV PostWorkout! 252 grams $ 54,90 $ 61,00

Votes: 7 Gjav PostWorkout! 252 grams

GJAV PreWorkout! 540 grams $ 54,90 $ 61,00

Votes: 10 GJAV PreWorkout! 540g. Preworkout! is a supplement for athletes and has a pro energetic and ergogenic action.

GJAV LikeProtein! 200 tablets $ 57,10 $ 63,44

Votes: 10 GJAV LikeProtein! 200 tablets. Likeprotein! Is a food supplements for athletes, 100% vegan, allergen – free, GMO-free, certified doping free with Zero Impact Pack ®.

GJAV ProCompetition! 200 grams $ 21,96 $ 24,40

Votes: 5 GJAV ProCompetition! 200g. Procompetition! is an Hypotonic Sports drink intended to quickly replace water lost during exercise.

GJAV Workout! 200 grams $ 30,74 $ 34,16

Votes: 7 GJAV Workout! 200g. Workout! is a sport supplement for athletes and has anticatabolic action. Workout! is an alkalizing food supplements, 100% vegan, allergen- free, GMO-free, certified doping free with Zero Impact® pack.