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Guam is an Italian firm founded in 1986 and has established itself on the Italian cosmetics market thanks to its range of seaweed-based products.

Guam is an Italian firm founded in 1986 and has established itself on the Italian cosmetics market thanks to its range of seaweed-based products. Algae harvested and processed using the traditional method, which involves the uprooting of the youngest and most vital algae.
Among the products of the Guam line you can find the famous seaweed-based mud, treatments with draining, reducing action ideal for both men and women.

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GUAM Tourmaline - Fangocrema 300ml $ 28,32 Guam Tourmaline - Fangocrema 300ml. FIGOCREMA FIR TOURMALINE is characterized by a heat effect and an active "lizzicore" that grow proportionally to the amount of product applied.

GUAM Fangocrema $ 25,95

Votes: 5 Guam Mud Cream 250 ml. Natural product, against cellulite skin blemishes. It is used as a cream.

GUAM Quick Action 500 grams $ 35,50 Guam Quick Action 500 grams. New formula in intense heat in 15 minutes, against cellulite and adiposity of the skin. Original formula with Guam seaweed (21%) and with the benefits of Far Infrared Rays FIR (Far Infrared Rays).

GUAM Cellulite - Sensitive Skin and / or Fragile Capillaries 500 grams $ 34,19 Guam Cellulite - Sensitive Skin and / or Fragile Capillaries 500 grams. This GUAM seaweed treatment was created to obtain results from the first applications against cellulite and the adiposity of the skin of the thighs and buttocks.

GUAM Leggings Push-Up 1 leggings $ 48,96 Guam Leggings Push-Up 1 leggings. In slightly supported fabric, it has an exclusive design that shapes and supports the buttocks, streamlining the silhouette, while maintaining a natural comfort effect.

GUAM Il Collant 1 collant $ 19,99 Guam Il Collant 1 collant. With microencapsulated Guam® Marine Algae and the benefits of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

GUAM Dren Plus $ 34,19

Votes: 5 Guam Dren Plus 500 grams. Effectively reduces skin blemishes caused by swelling and water retention, fights free radicals by improving skin tone.

GUAM Cellulite $ 33,86

Votes: 2 Guam Cellulite 500 grams. Product indicated against the imperfections of cellulite and skin adiposity. The formulation is traditional, natural and effective.

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GUAM Pancia e Girovita 500 grams $ 32,88

Votes: 13 Guam Belly and Waistline 500 grams. Firming and toning, they are active against localized skin imperfections of the belly and waist.

GUAM Formula a Freddo $ 33,05

Votes: 4 Guam Cold Formula 500 grams. Mud that improve the condition and appearance of legs suffering from swelling and heaviness. Active against cellulite blemishes and skin adiposity. With firming and toning action.

GUAM Alga Artica 500 grams $ 33,05

Votes: 1 Guam with Arctic Seaweed 500 grams. Algae mud Guam real seaweed concentrate with arctic seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosunm Dried whole seaweed (dry extract over 15.00%, seaweed phytoextract 6.00%) Each kg of dried whole seaweed is equivalent to a minimum of 5 kg of fresh algae Refreshing active complex. Cellulite: skin imperfection and adiposity of the skin.

GUAM Cellulite Radicata e Ostinata $ 36,48

Votes: 12 Guam Rooted and Stubborn Cellulite 500 grams. The Bioactivity extract comes from the patented process of bioliquefaction of the GUAM seaweed, which allows to recover its active ingredients in highly available phytocomplexes.

GUAM Duo Trattamento Corpo Riducente Uomo $ 24,40

Votes: 2 Not available Guam Duo Reducing Body Treatment for Men 200 ml. GUAM DUO REDUCING MAN Body Treatment cream with the richness in synergistic active ingredients between GUAM Algae with Euglena gracilis Algae and Noirmoutier Sea Spring Water (Earth Marine Water), ensures an effective remodeling action on the abdomen and hips.

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