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Il Collant 1 collant

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L/XL - 46/50 S/M - 42/44

Guam Il Collant 1 collant. With microencapsulated Guam® Marine Algae and the benefits of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

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Guam - Il Collant - IAFSTORE.COM


With microencapsulated Guam® Marine Algae and the benefits of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
  •         reduces cellulite *
  •         increases skin tone
  •         improves skin microcirculation
  •         3d yarn for absolute comfort and perfect fit
  •         soft culottes with a light push-up effect
(* Cellulite: skin

Certified Oeko-Tex® Class I

GUAM® Tights contain microcapsules incorporated into the fabric that release the active ingredients of GUAM® Seaweed onto the skin. The microcapsules carry out their action until the active ingredients of the GUAM® seaweed are exhausted, which due to the slow release due to the microencapsulation occurs after several weeks of use of the tights. In any case, GUAM® Tights do not exhaust the remodeling and reduction of cellulite * blemishes over time, in fact, even after countless washes, the action of tonicity of the skin continues thanks to the active minerals contained in the fabric, made with the new Guam® technology Emana®; an intelligent yarn containing bioactive mineral crystals that absorb the heat of the human body to return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR).
Far Infrared Rays are electromagnetic waves essential for our well-being and are used in the medical therapeutic field. The bioactive mineral crystals improve skin microcirculation: being integrated into the fabric, they perform their action for almost the entire life of the tights. Thanks to the culotte that refines the waistline and lifts the buttocks with a light ultra-comfortable flat stomach effect, the GUAM® Tights are so comfortable that they allow you to move freely by exercising a continuous massage that facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients of Guam Algae; with the movement massages legs and buttocks even in the most stubborn areas, reduces cellulite * taking care of your well-being and your beauty. The 3D processing of the yarn, with flat seams,

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