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On IAFStore there are product for allergies which help to increase the defense of the immune system and contribute to strengthen the normal anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

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PURESSENTIEL Respirazione - Spray Nasale Protettivo 20 ml $ 13,43 $ 15,80 Puressentiel Respirazione - Spray Nasale Protettivo 20 ml. The allergy protection nasal spray forms a protective film against environmental and plant allergens present in the air and on tissues. This prevents the symptoms of allergic rhinitis: sneezing, runny nose, nasal obstruction and itching, respiratory fatigue. It moisturizes and preserves the natural hydration of the nasal mucosa, in a safe and effective way.

NASAL GUARD Allergie Block Topical Gel $ 10,26 $ 12,08

CEMON Ribes Nero Fee 15ml $ 19,93 $ 23,18 Cemon Ribes Nero Fee 15ml. General stimulant. Adjuvant in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory syndromes.

NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso H $ 13,62 $ 17,02

NUTRILEYA Nutridef Allergen $ 17,12 $ 20,13

ALGEM NATURA Algem Allergies 30 capsules $ 14,26 $ 20,37

Votes: 2 Algem Algem Allergies 30 capsules. upper respiratory tract Algem Allergies is a dietary supplement indicated in case of allergic forms that target the respiratory tract. It contains a blend of selected plant extracts and is characterized by the presence of Black Currant which helps the well-being of the nose and throat and Adhatoda which promotes the fluidity of bronchial secretions.

ALTA NATURA Allergy Plus Nasal Spray 30ml $ 10,37 $ 12,20

Votes: 5 Alta NaturaAllergy Plus Spray Nasale 30ml. Treatment of symptoms of nasal congestion and irritated.

ALTA NATURA Allergy Plus Drops 50ml $ 13,48 $ 15,86

Votes: 3 Alta Natura Allergy Plus Gocce 50ml. Dietary supplement.

PHARMALIFE Nasalin Nasal Spray 20ml $ 9,33 $ 10,37

Votes: 3 Pharmalife Research Nasalin Spray Nasale 20ml. Nasalin Nasal Spray is a medical device that thanks to the synergy of its ingredients promotes breathing and frees the nasal cavities in cases of cooling diseases and / or allergies.

NATURANDO AllerGocce 50ml $ 19,70 $ 23,18

Votes: 1 Naturando AllerGocce 50ml. Dietary supplement containing plant ingredients.

PRANAROM Decongestant Nasal Spray 15ml $ 9,44 $ 11,10 Pranarom Nasal Decongestant Spray 15 ml. Hypertonic decongestant solution for nasal nebulization. Symptomatic treatment of nasal congestion, for example in the case of rhinitis and nasopharyngitis.

PRANAROM Allergoforce - Spray Nasale 15 ml $ 10,99 $ 12,93

Votes: 1 Pranarom Allergoforce - Spray Nasale 15 ml

ERBA VITA Allergicum Med - Nasal Spray 30ml $ 12,08

Votes: 6 Erba Vita Allergicum Med - Spray Nasale 30ml. Medical device indicated for preventing allergies and hay fever.

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