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Body Treatments

On IAFStore there are products for the body treatments, soothing remedies, rehydration, protecting, firming, but also products for children, for the nails, for the shower and much more.

Body Treatments
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SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Uomo - Addominali Top Definition 200 ml $ 24,70

Votes: 1 Somatoline Cosmetic Uomo - Addominali Top Definition 200 ml. From Somatoline Cosmetic, the treatment designed to promote the reduction of localized fat deposits and to tone the abdominal area, helping to reveal the underlying muscle groups.

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Uomo - Pancia e Addome Intensivo 250 ml $ 32,97

Votes: 36 Somatoline Cosmetic Uomo - Pancia e Addome Intensivo 250 ml. Intensive Belly and Abdomen is a cream with a light texture that is applied in a few minutes and massages and absorbs quickly, without greasing the skin.

DERBE DerbeSport - Olio per Riscaldamento 100ml $ 13,61

Votes: 7 Derbe DerbeSport - Olio per Riscaldamento 100ml. Oil enriched with natural active principles that stimulate, tone and warm muscle masses before any sport activities. It acts by rising the temperature of the treated area which increases blood flow.

DERBE DerbeSport - Gel Corpo 150ml $ 12,67

Votes: 4 Derbe DerbeSport - Gel Corpo 150ml. A relaxing and refreshing gel with natural active principles: butcher's broom, horse-chestnut, helicrysum, echinacea.

GUAM Duo Trattamento Corpo Riducente Uomo $ 24,40

Votes: 2 Not available Guam Duo Reducing Body Treatment for Men 200 ml. GUAM DUO REDUCING MAN Body Treatment cream with the richness in synergistic active ingredients between GUAM Algae with Euglena gracilis Algae and Noirmoutier Sea Spring Water (Earth Marine Water), ensures an effective remodeling action on the abdomen and hips.

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