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Supplements, such as Olive Leaf, help the normal bloodstream that means to stabilize the fluidity with which the blood flows and acting as an antioxidant. Other natural supplements with the same functionality are: Hawthorn focused and concentrated garlic.

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Diuricell® 1000ml - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Diuricell® 1000ml $ 26,69 on special offer $ 38,14

Votes: 599 Yamamoto® Research Diuricell® 1000ml. Diuricell® is a food supplement with plant extracts and bromelain, suitable to support the elimination functions of the organism and body weight control. Water retention is the accumulation of liquids in intercellular spaces, that is, those between cell and cell, and is due to an imbalance between the venous and lymphatic systems. Diuricell® is a practical and pleasant drink which acts from inside the body, purifying, stimulating diuresis, and helping to dispose of excess fluids and toxins that cause water retention, swelling, inflammation, venous insufficiency and also cellulite.

Mirtillo 500ml - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Mirtillo 500ml $ 16,78 on special offer $ 23,97

Votes: 6 Yamamoto® Research Mirtillo 500ml. Mirtillo is a food supplement based on bilberry juice and vitamin B12, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Vasomil® 30 sachets - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Vasomil® 30 sachets $ 54,16 on special offer $ 77,38

Votes: 5 Yamamoto® Research Vasomil® 30 sachets. Vasomil® is a new Yamamoto® Research food supplement, based on µsmin® Plus (innovative formulation of diosmin with superior absorption and bioavailability), Bromelain, Sweet Clover, Horse Chestnut, Pycnogenol®, and Bilberry Vitablue®, whose synergistic action makes it potentially a great ally for the physiological health of the microcirculation of the legs.

Recolasi® 30 capsules - YAMAMOTO RESEARCH

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Recolasi® 30 capsules $ 16,71 on special offer $ 23,87

Votes: 7 Yamamoto® Research Recolasi® 30 capsules. Yamamoto® Research Recolasi® is a food supplement providing 500 mg of bergamot orange extract and 250 mg of olive extract per daily dose.

Nutriregular Ven Urto 20 tablets - NUTRILEYA

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Ven Urto 20 tablets $ 20,96 $ 22,78 Nutrileya Nutriregular Ven Urto 20 tablets. NutriRegular Ven Urto is a food supplement based on Sweet Clover, which regulates the functionality of the venous circulation, microcirculation and hemorrhoidal plexus, as well as promoting the drainage of body fluids.

Glicemy Act 30 capsules - LINEA ACT

LINEA ACT Glicemy Act 30 capsules $ 10,61 $ 15,15

Votes: 1 Linea Act Glicemy Act 30 capsules. Glicemy Act is a food supplement useful for maintaining normal blood glucose levels. Its exclusive formula contains:

Pression Act 60 capsules - LINEA ACT

LINEA ACT Pression Act 60 capsules $ 10,61 $ 15,15 Linea Act Pression Act 60 capsules. Pression Act is a food supplement useful for maintaining normal blood pressure levels.

Centella Asiatica 80 capsules - SPECCHIASOL

SPECCHIASOL Centella Asiatica 80 capsules $ 8,39 $ 11,99 Specchiasol Centella Asiatica 80 capsules. Specchiasol Centella Asiatica is a food supplement based on the aerial part of Hydrocotyle asiatica L., a plant known for its adjuvant properties of microcirculation trophism.

CoQ10 50 vegetarian capsules - TERRANOVA

TERRANOVA CoQ10 50 vegetarian capsules $ 22,25 $ 28,89 Terranova CoQ10 50 vegetarian capsules. Coenzyme Q10 represents a fundamental element for the correct functioning of the mitochondrion, our central energy essential for maintaining good physical efficiency and fighting aging. Recent studies have attributed a valuable role to coenzyme Q10 in improving athletic performance.

Pro-Peptase I-R-C 50 vegetarian capsules - TERRANOVA

TERRANOVA Pro-Peptase I-R-C 50 vegetarian capsules $ 29,04 $ 37,71 Terranova Pro-Peptase I-R-C 50 vegetarian capsules. Pro Peptase IRC is a product with a relaxing and anti-inflammatory action.

Ruscoven Plus 200 grams - ABOCA

ABOCA Ruscoven Plus 200 grams $ 17,00 $ 22,67 Aboca Ruscoven Plus 200 grams. Ruscoven Plus Fluid Concentrate is a valid help in cases where a beneficial natural action is required in favor of the well-being of the legs.

Minimas Advanced 60 capsules - ABOCA

ABOCA Minimas Advanced 60 capsules $ 17,82 $ 23,76 Aboca Minimas Advanced 60 capsules. Minimas advanced is a 100% natural product born from the advanced scientific platforms of Aboca Research that have made it possible to develop the innovative molecular complex pressoFenol composed of phenols, such as procyanidins and flavonoids from Olive, Hawthorn and Goji.

Circolazione 30 capsules - PRANAROM

PRANAROM Circolazione 30 capsules $ 15,09 $ 18,86 Pranarom Circolazione . Circolazione is a food supplement with organic essential oils, for the comfort of heavy legs and circulation.

Principium - Q10 Max 60 vegetarian capsules - BIOS LINE

BIOS LINE Principium - Q10 Max 60 vegetarian capsules $ 28,78 $ 35,97

Votes: 2 Bios Line Principium - Q10 Max 60 vegetarian capsules. Coenzyme Q10 (or ubiquinone) is a fundamental element for the functioning of mitochondria. It is present in all cells (it is said to have ubiquitous distribution, hence ubiquinone) and is involved in the energy activities carried out by the heart, liver, brain and skeletal muscles.

Nutriregular Ven - NUTRILEYA

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Ven $ 17,56 $ 19,08

Votes: 6 Nutrileya Nutriregular Ven 30 tablets.Nutriregular Ven is a food supplement based on Butcher's Broom, Red Vine, Horse Chestnut, Centella and Witch Hazel for the normal function of the microcirculation and heaviness of the legs.

R79 CardioTens - IMO

IMO R79 CardioTens $ 28,45 $ 31,61

Destasi ForteVen - DESTASI

DESTASI Destasi ForteVen $ 15,70 $ 19,62

Destasi ForteVen Plus - DESTASI

DESTASI Destasi ForteVen Plus $ 14,74 $ 18,42

Neo Fitoroid 50 capsules - ABOCA

ABOCA Neo Fitoroid 50 capsules $ 17,99 $ 23,98 Aboca Neo Fitoroid 50 capsules. Neofitoroid opercoli is characterized by the presence of Helydol®, a lyophilized extract characterized in flavonoids and constituted by the purified lipophilic fraction of a specific selection of Helichrysum known for its antioxidant action.

Ruscoven Plus 50 tablets - ABOCA

ABOCA Ruscoven Plus 50 tablets $ 20,27 $ 27,03

Votes: 1 Aboca Ruscoven Plus 50 tablets. With AdipoDren, a molecular complex based on freeze-dried extracts for vascular wellbeing (lymphatic and venous) from Buckwheat and Rusco and the drainage of body fluids from Dandelion, Goldenrod and Orthosiphon.

Antistax Benessere delle Gambe 30 tablets - SANOFI

SANOFI Antistax Benessere delle Gambe 30 tablets $ 16,80 $ 23,33 Sanofi Antistax Benessere delle Gambe 30 tablets. Antistax 30 tablets offers help to improve the skin microflow and the oxygenation of the vessel walls. In this way it helps to reduce the feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs, restoring the pleasure of a new vitality.

Aloe Vera con Succo Concentrato di Mirtillo - ESI

ESI Aloe Vera con Succo Concentrato di Mirtillo $ 15,00 $ 22,73

Votes: 3

Venaflux Viti 30 tablets - MARCO VITI

MARCO VITI Venaflux Viti 30 tablets $ 9,33 $ 15,81

Votes: 1 Marco Viti Venaflux Viti 30 tablets. VenafluxViti Tablets is a food supplement that provides the body with a mixture of substances including Horse Chestnut and Sweet Clover.

CoQ10 Magnesio e Biancospino - TERRANOVA

TERRANOVA CoQ10 Magnesio e Biancospino $ 24,76 $ 32,16

Votes: 3

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