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ANGELINI Line F - Digital Thermometer $ 8,14 Line F - Digital Thermometer

MEDEL Pulse 1 pulse meter $ 37,49 Medel Pulse 1 pulse meter. Medel PULSE is the pulse oximeter capable of calculating oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse). Small and light, for use both at home and on the go. Equipped with display with 4 different view perspectives. Medel PULSE is indicated for people with: heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma. Class IIa medical device.

MEDEL Sense 1 kit $ 65,72

Votes: 1 Medel Sense 1 kit. Medel SENSE is the new blood pressure monitor equipped with innovative clinically tested HSD Technology, capable of detecting the condition at rest and relaxation during the measurement, essential for obtaining more reliable and accurate values.

MEDEL No Contact Plus 1 kit $ 38,25

Votes: 5 Medel No Contact Plus 1 kit. The Medel NO CONTACT PLUS infrared remote thermometer measures the temperature in 1 second.

CLENNY A - Clean Box $ 12,16 Clenny A - Clean Box. A - Clean Box is a medical device for the disinfection of accessories for aerosol therapy both in microwave and cold.

CLENNY A - Family Care 4 Evolution $ 64,46 Clenny A - Family Care 4 Evolution. Professional compressor aerosol for home use.

CLENNY A - Family Care $ 39,98 Clenny A - Family Care. Compressor aerosol for home use.

MEDEL Elite $ 107,03 Medel Elite. Medel Elite is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor, equipped with the innovative Soft Inflate technology, large backlit display, irregular heartbeat indicator and average calculation of the last 3 measurements.

The more you spend, the more you save: 5% discount for orders over 153,00 $, 10% for orders over 306,00 $

MEDEL Fertyl 1 kit $ 10,64

Votes: 4 Medel Fertyl 1 kit. Fertyl By Medel is a thermometer for measuring basal temperature with high precision, able to record the smallest variations in temperature and calculate your fertile days in a completely natural and non-invasive way.

MEDEL Medeljet Basic Kit $ 7,58

Votes: 2 Medel Medeljet Basic Kit . MedelJet Basic is a complete kit of Medel accessories for aerosol therapy.

MEDEL Set Cappucci Ear Temp 20 Caps $ 3,75

Votes: 1 Medel Set Cappucci Ear Temp 20 Caps. set of caps for EAR TEMP thermometer, to be used as spare parts.

MEDEL Thermo 1 kit $ 3,75 Medel Thermo 1 kit. Medel THERMO is the digital thermometer capable of detecting body temperature in 3 different ways: oral, axillary and rectal in 60 seconds.

MEDEL Flexo 1 kit $ 7,27 Medel Flexo 1 kit. Medel FLEXO is the digital thermometer with soft and flexible probe to ensure maximum comfort during measurement, particularly suitable for children.

MEDEL Smart Aerosol $ 76,43 Medel Smart Aerosol. Medel SMART is an ultra-compact, extremely silent and easy to use microcompression aerosol therapy system.

MEDEL Professional $ 84,08

Votes: 2 Medel Professional. Medel PROFESSIONAL is a latest generation professional aerosol, which can be used continuously and constantly thanks to its innovative compressor.

MEDEL Ear Temp $ 33,59 Medel Ear Temp. Medel EAR TEMP is the ear thermometer with infrared technology capable of detecting the body temperature in the ear canal of adults and children in a safe, rapid and non-invasive way.

MEDEL Mebby - Trenino Aerosol $ 51,18 Medel Mebby - Trenino Aerosol. Mebby Trenino Aerosol is an ear therapy system equipped with piston compression.

MEDEL Baby - Star $ 49,65

Votes: 2 Medel Baby - Star. Medel STAR is an aerosol therapy system equipped with a piston compressor.

MEDEL Family Plus $ 65,72 Medel Family Plus . Medel FAMILY PLUS is an aerosol therapy system with piston compressor, with an ultra-compact structure, very quiet and easy to use, ideal for home use.

MEDEL Diagnostic XXL Bilancia Diagnostica in Vetro $ 68,78 Medel Diagnostic XXL Diagnostic Glass Scale. Medel DIAGNOSTIC XXL is the digital diagnostic scale equipped with an extra-large and easy-to-read LCD display.

MEDEL Mebby - Nose Clean Aspiratore Nasale Elettrico $ 34,05 Mebby - Nose Clean Electric Nasal Aspirator. Mebby NOSE CLEAN electric nasal aspirator is useful for removing excess mucus in the baby's nose, in a gentle and effective way.

MEDEL Cardio MB10 $ 152,24 Medel Cardio MB10. The Medel CARDIO MB10 upper arm blood pressure monitor with ECG function detects automatic measurement of blood pressure and heart rate.

MEDEL Ionic Sauna Sauna Facciale agli Ioni $ 61,13

Votes: 2 Medel Ionic Sauna Facial Ion Sauna. The Medel IONIC SAUNA ion facial sauna enhances the natural beauty of the facial skin which is optimally prepared for further treatments, such as deep cleansing, facial masks, etc.

PIC AirFamily Evolution 1 kit $ 10,83 Pic AirFamily Evolution 1 kit. Aerosol kit, contains masks for adults and children.

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