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The products with vitamin A and Zinc assist the eyes to the maintenance of normal vision while others hel to heal eyes damaged by wind, dust, smog, smoke or tiredness.

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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Oculevis® 60 capsules $ 39,39 $ 46,35

Votes: 5 Yamamoto® Research Oculevis 60 capsules. Oculevis® is a food supplement that provides 210 mg of marigold extract and 10 mg of bilberry extract per daily dose.

ALGEM NATURA Look at Me 90 chewable tablets $ 16,65 $ 23,79 Algem Natura Look at me 90 chewable tablets. An aid for the sight well-being of adults and children in case of prolonged exposure to television, PC screen or mobile devices. But there are natural remedies that help relieve tiredness and protect the eyes from free radicals; Look at me, in tasty gummy candies that are easy to chew and swallow, contains all the substances useful for this purpose.

ALFA Collirio Alfa - Lubrificante e Umettante 10 grams $ 12,63 $ 18,30 Collirio Alfa - Lubrificante e Umettante 10 grams. Based on distilled water of Euphrasia, Chamomile, Hamamelis, Virginia and Green Tea, a refreshing and soothing action.

ALFA Collirio Alfa Affaticamento Visivo 10 x 0,5ml $ 6,75 $ 10,37 Alfa Collirio Alfa Affaticamento Visivo. Relieves redness, fatigue and a sense of discomfort in the eyes and ocular mucosa.

EUMILL Dry Repair Secchezza Oculare 1 vials of 10 ml $ 12,92 $ 17,69 Eumill Dry Repair Secchezza Oculare 1 vials of 10 ml. Eumill Dry Repair Eye Dryness relieves redness, dryness, fatigue and ocular discomfort caused by dry eye syndrome, environmental factors such as wind, smoke, pollution, prolonged exposure to sunlight, salt, sea or swimming pool, intense study or work, prolonged use of the computer, long periods of driving, tearing problems caused by inflammatory processes, eye surgery or eyelid cosmetic surgery and chronic blepharitis.

EUMILL Eumill Gocce Oculari Rinfrescanti e Lenitive $ 15,01 $ 21,35

Votes: 1

ALLERGAN Optive Fusion 10 ml $ 25,25 $ 28,06 Allergan Optive Fusion 10 ml. Optive Fusion® is a tear substitute formulated with the combination of hyaluronic acid and OsmoMax® technology, which contains carboxymethylcellulose, a combination that ensures immediate and prolonged relief over time.

ALLERGAN Optive UD 30 vials of 0,4 ml $ 23,13 $ 29,28 Allergan Optive UD 30 vials of 0,4 ml. The dual action formula of Optive UD provides lasting relief, lubricates the surface of the eye and moisturizes the cells of the ocular surface restoring the natural osmotic balance.

ALLERGAN Optive Fusion UD 30 vials of 0,4 ml $ 26,35 $ 30,50 Allergan Optive Fusion UD 30 vials of 0,4 ml. A unique formula for immediate relief, superior comfort and prolonged osmoprotection from dry eye symptoms.

ALLERGAN Cellufresh Soluzione 12 ml $ 21,47 $ 28,06 Allergan Cellufresh Soluzione 12 ml. Cellufresh Ophthalmic Solution specific product to counteract disorders due to dry eyes. Cellufresh Ophthalmic Solution lubricant product indicated to reduce the sensation of dryness and irritation caused by dust, bright light, pollen, pollution and overexertion.

ALLERGAN Optive Soluzione 10 ml $ 25,25 $ 29,28 Allergan Optive Soluzione 10 ml. Optive Fusion is an ocular solution indicated to improve and stabilize the tear film, restore the damaged cell surface, offer immediate and prolonged relief from dry eye symptoms.

ALLERGAN Cellumed Soluzione Oftalmica 15 ml $ 23,35 $ 28,06 Allergan Cellumed Soluzione Oftalmica 15 ml. Allergan Cellumed Ophthalmic Solution is a medical product with CE certification that allows to relieve the eyes in case of dry eye film and fatigue.

EUMILL Protection Gocce Oculari $ 8,58 $ 12,32

ARTELAC Splash $ 7,32 $ 14,64

ARTELAC Splash $ 7,98 $ 13,66

ARTELAC Nighttime Gel $ 16,58 $ 25,50

ALFA Collirio Lubrificante e Idratante 10 ml $ 7,03 $ 8,78 Alfa Collirio Lubrificante e Idratante 10 ml. Collirio Lubrificante e Idratante is an ophthalmic solution based on high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, obtained by biotechnological synthesis.

ALFA Lubrificante Gocce Oculari 15 vials $ 8,09 $ 10,37 Alfa Lubrificante Gocce Oculari 15 vials. Lubrificante Gocce Oculari is an ophthalmic solution based on hyaluronic acid, in convenient single-dose resealable vials.

ABOCA FitoStill Plus 10 vials of 0,5ml $ 11,88 $ 14,15

Votes: 2 Aboca FitoStill Plus 10 vials of 0,5ml

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