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ALTA NATURA Essentia Essential Oil - Fennel 10ml $ 6,10 $ 8,72 Alta Natura Essentia Essential Oil - Fennel 10ml. Essentia Essential Oil - Finocchio is a complex oily mixture obtained by extracting the "essences" from the plant, aromatic substances they produce that keep the notes.

SPECCHIASOL Finocchio 80 capsules $ 8,77 $ 12,54

Votes: 1 Specchiasol Finocchio 80 capsules. Fennel in capsules by Specchiasol is a food supplement based on the well-known medicinal plant with carminative properties. Useful for fighting abdominal bloating and eliminating intestinal gas, the product is a high quality monoherb, the result of the Specchiasol Research.

ABOCA Finocarbo Plus - Capsules 50 capsules $ 15,13 $ 20,17

Votes: 3 Aboca Finocarbo Plus - Opercoli 50 capsules. Helps reduce bloating and intestinal gas while promoting healthy digestion.

ERBA VITA Monoplant Capsules - Fennel 60 capsules $ 9,41 $ 12,54

Votes: 5 Erba Vita Capsule Monoplanta - Finocchio 60 capsules. Dietary supplement

PRANAROM Allergoforce - Capsule per il benesserre di occhi e naso 30 capsules $ 11,27 $ 17,33 Not available Pranarom Allergoforce - Capsule per il benesserre di occhi e naso 30 capsules. ALLERGOFORCE capsules for the well-being of eyes and nose help in case of irritation in a natural way thanks to the 100% natural essential oils: Sweet Fennel, Ginger, Peppermint, German Chamomile, Lemon, Scots Pine.

ERBA VITA Compound Fennel 100 g $ 4,25 $ 5,67

Votes: 1 Not available Erba Vita Compound Fennel 100 g. Fennel, a natural source of essential oil, is useful to promote the physiological digestive function, as well as supporting the regular gastrointestinal motility and the elimination of gases.

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