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On IAFStore there are slimming and firming products that help to tone the buttocks and legs for every type of skin at every age.

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BIOS LINE Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante 200 ml $ 26,16 Bios Line Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante 200 ml. Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante with blue algae of Brittany, in 50 ml format, to be brought with you on vacation!

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Routine Corpo - Esfoliante & Rassodante Over 50 300ml + 350 grammi $ 44,06

Votes: 1

GOOVI Shape Your Booty - Crema Cellulite 240ml $ 20,84 Goovi Shape Your Booty - Crema Cellulite 240ml

PHARMALIFE Riducell Gel Corpo 150ml $ 17,17

Votes: 1 Pharmalife Riducell Gel Corpo 150ml. RIDUCELL BODY GEL is an innovative cosmetic treatment specific for legs and buttocks useful for progressively reshaping the silhouette. Thanks to the synergy of action of its carefully selected active ingredients of natural origin, in particular the bergamot extract rich in flavonoids, rutin, caffeine and escin, it promotes the physiological functionality of the microcirculation and visibly reduces localized adiposity and skin irregularities.

GUAM Pancia e Girovita 500 grams $ 32,95

Votes: 12 Guam Belly and Waistline 500 grams. Firming and toning, they are active against localized skin imperfections of the belly and waist.

GUAM Formula a Freddo $ 33,11

Votes: 4 Guam Cold Formula 500 grams. Mud that improve the condition and appearance of legs suffering from swelling and heaviness. Active against cellulite blemishes and skin adiposity. With firming and toning action.

PURESSENTIEL Snellente Minceur 18 Oli Essenziali 200ml $ 11,66 Puressentiel Snellente Minceur 18 Oli Essenziali 200ml. Puressentiel washing treatment oil enriched with essential oils with firming properties helps the skin to regain tone and elasticity. With a high concentration of vegetable oils (70%), this oil helps prevent skin dryness and intensely nourishes the skin. Its milky texture gently cleanses the skin and rinses off easily. Its effectiveness is approved.

APIVITA Rose Pepper Body Cream 150ml $ 30,66 Apivita Rose Pepper Body Cream 150ml. Firming cream that maintains the elasticity of the skin, fights localized fat especially on the hips, thighs and waist, stimulating the lipolytic process, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

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APIVITA Rose Pepper Body Oil 150ml $ 33,83 Apivita Rose Pepper Body Oil 150ml. Oil based on 100% natural ingredients that tones the microcirculation of the body and fights local fat and cellulite with a few minutes of massage a day.

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Somatoline Rassodante Corpo Lift Effect 200ml $ 30,81 Somatoline Cosmetic Somatoline Rassodante Corpo Lift Effect 200ml. Anti-aging treatment specially formulated to prevent and counteract skin aging, firm and tone the tissues.

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Somatoline Rassodante Corpo Lift Effect Over 50 300ml $ 44,06

Votes: 4 Somatoline Cosmetic Somatoline Rassodante Corpo Lift Effect Over 50 300ml. Somatoline Cosmetic Lift Effect Firming Over 50 is a slimming treatment able to counteract relaxation of the natural skin especially in the post-menopausal period which, due to hormonal changes, is characterized by a significant reduction in collagen production, estimated even less than 30% in first five years after menopause. The slimming treatment able to counteract the unsightly signs of loss of tone, skin laxity and roughness.

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Anti-Age Lift Effect Firming Arms 100ml $ 18,45

Votes: 10 Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Age Lift Effect Rassodante Braccia 100ml. Arms firming cream.

KALLÈIS SnelLight $ 42,51

Votes: 13

ALTA NATURA Kyrìans - Firmings Cream Legs and Buttocks 200ml $ 21,26 Alta Natura Kyrìans - Crema Rassodante Gambe e Glutei 200ml. Firming cream for legs and buttocks.

ERBAVOGLIO Firm - Woman Belly Firming Gel 100ml $ 19,40

Votes: 7 ErbaVoglio Sodo - Ab Firming Gel for Woman 100ml.

ERBAVOGLIO Sodo - Buttocks Firming Gel 100ml $ 19,40

Votes: 8 ErbaVoglio Sodo - Buttocks Firming Gel 100ml. Innovative transparent gel, effective firming and toning treatment for the buttocks.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Royal Jelly - Skin Lotion 200ml $ 12,89

Votes: 9 Dr. Organic Organic Royal Jelly - Skin Lotion 200ml. Bioactive Organic Royal Jelly is a natural cocktail for beautifully healthy skin.

HELAN Total Body - Acquacream Trattamento Rimodellante 150 ml $ 25,07 Helan Total Body - Acquacream Trattamento Rimodellante 150 ml. Acquacream totalbody Helan is a cosmetic product to reshaping action; based on plant extracts such as shea butter, ucuùba, argan oil, passion flower and grape seeds.

MIAMO Hydra-Tone Restore Cream 200 ml $ 61,64 Miamo Hydra-Tone Restore Cream 200 ml. Hydra-Tone Restore Cream is a cream dedicated to the treatment of dehydrated and lacking in tone skin.

IODASE Sport Lipobreak - Sinergym $ 31,39

Votes: 2 Iodase Sport Lipobreak - Sinergym 200ml. Remodeling treatment specifically formulated to reduce the imperfections of fat pads and enhance the toning results of physical activity. During physical effort the adipose tissue promotes the release of Adiponectin, a real "accelerator" of physical fitness.

IODASE Sport Lipobreak - B-Side $ 29,65 Iodase Sport Lipobreak - B-Side 200ml. Toning and remodeling cream, recommended for the legs and buttocks area. B-side contains two active ingredients with proven efficacy: a phytocomplex from a carnivorous plant (Drosera Ramentacea), which visibly reduces the imperfections of fat.

IODASE Night Pump $ 33,14 Iodase Night Pump 200ml. Cosmetic treatment against localized fat blemishes, it acts during the night.

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