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The products for the body-skin moisturizer help it with the cells regeneration supporting the soothing action.

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APIVITA Pure Jasmine Latte Corpo Idratante 200ml $ 16,92 Apivita Pure Jasmine Latte Corpo Idratante 200ml. Moisturizing body milk inspired by aromatherapy. Treat the skin, leaving it soft and lightly scented. Provides a luxurious feeling of well-being thanks to its unique jasmine-based scent.

APIVITA Refreshing Fig Body Milk 200ml $ 16,92

Votes: 1 Apivita Refreshing Fig Body Milk 200ml. Moisturizing body milk inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, which heals the skin leaving it soft and slightly scented. It offers hydration thanks to fig extract, while the essential oils of lavender and geranium give a rich and lively scent for greater freshness. Suitable for both men and women.

APIVITA Royal Honey Crema Corpo Al Miele 150ml $ 16,92 Apivita Royal Honey Crema Corpo Al Miele 150ml. Cream with a rich texture for hydration and nourishment, ideal for dry skin, with the unique characteristics of thyme honey. Leaves the skin exceptionally soft with a unique scent.

APIVITA Caring Lavender Body Cream 150ml $ 16,92 Apivita Caring Lavender Body Cream 150ml. Caring Lavander Moisturizing and Soothing Body Cream instantly soothes sensitive skin, moisturizes and nourishes the skin deeply. It can also be used for atopic skin care (eczema).

APIVITA Tonic Mountain Tea Body Milk 200ml $ 16,92

Votes: 1 Apivita Tonic Mountain Tea Body Milk 200ml. Moisturizing body milk inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, which cares for the skin leaving it soft and slightly perfumed. It offers protection from oxidative stress thanks to the Greek mountain tea, while the essential oils of bergamot and eucalyptus stimulate the mood and revitalize the skin. Tonic perfume, suitable for men and women.

SCHWABE Halicar Pediatric $ 14,21

Votes: 4

ISDIN Ureadin Ultra 10 400ml $ 25,12 Isdin Ureadin Ultra 10 400ml. Maximum hydration: helps relieve itching and restores the skin its natural softness

ISDIN Ureadin Podos Gel Oil 75ml $ 13,64 Isdin Ureadin Podos Gel Oil 75ml. Eliminates roughness, cracks and thickening of the heel and sole of the foot.

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ISDIN Ureadin Ultra 30 50ml $ 14,36 Isdin Ureadin Ultra 30 50ml. Moisturizing and repairing formula, especially suitable for thickened and hardened skin.

ISDIN Ureadin Ultra 20 100ml $ 17,36 Isdin Ureadin Ultra 20 100ml. Moisturizing repairing formula for very dry, rough and chapped skin.

FIOCCHI DI RISO Latte Corpo Balsamo Nutriente 140ml $ 9,47

Votes: 2 Fiocchi Di Riso Latte Corpo Balsamo Nutriente 140ml. BODY milk is an original preparation that takes care of the skin of babies and children, even the most sensitive and easily reddened, hydrating it deeply every day after a bath or shower.

FIOCCHI DI RISO Olio Corpo 140ml $ 12,32 Fiocchi Di Riso Olio Corpo 140ml. BODY oil is an original moisturizing preparation, which deeply nourishes the baby's skin, while preserving the hydrolipidic film. It is a great oil for baby massage.

BIONIKE Triderm - A.D. Balsamo Emolliente 450ml $ 25,08 Bionike Triderm - A.D. Balsamo Emolliente 450ml. Rich emollient cream, formulated with the minimum of ingredients, indicated as an adjuvant daily treatment, during the cold season, for the atopic-prone skin of babies, children and adults. Increases skin hydration and restores the barrier function of atopic-prone skin, helping to prevent episodes of dryness, itching and redness.

BIODERMA Atoderm PP Baume 500ml $ 24,12

Votes: 1 Bioderma Atoderm PP Baume 500ml. Its patented Écodéfensine ® complex regulates the skin ecosystem and preserves the Organic balance of the skin which defends itself better and naturally against external aggressions. Vitamin PP and nourishing active ingredients repair and strengthen the skin barrier. Atoderm PP Baume, soothes irritation and long-lasting itching, thanks to the presence of Zantalene.

NUTRILEYA Nutrilen Repair $ 11,94


DUCRAY Dexyane Gel Detergente 400ml $ 16,48

Votes: 4 Ducray Dexyane Gel Detergente 400ml. hygiene for gentle cleansing of very dry, atopic- prone skin

DUCRAY Dexyane Crema Emolliente 200ml $ 16,48

Votes: 1 Ducray Dexyane Crema Emolliente 200ml. This emollient anti-scratching cream soothes the discomfort caused by dry skin. Effectively nourishes, restructures and soothes the skin. Its pleasant and non-sticky texture ensures a perfect balance between hydration and nourishment.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Cocoa Butter - Wonder Oil 150ml $ 19,00 Dr. Organic Organic Cocoa Butter - Wonder Oil 150ml

DR. ORGANIC Organic Cocoa Butter - Body Butter 200ml $ 14,42 Dr. Organic Organic Cocoa Butter - Body Butter 200ml

OPTIMA Omega 3.6.9 100ml $ 11,27

Votes: 2 Optima Omega 3.6.9 100ml. Omega 3.6.9 natural cream. This fantastic face and body cream contains 33% functional active ingredients obtained from wild rose, avocado, grape seeds, oats, jojoba, shea butter and almonds and is therefore particularly rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. In addition, it is rich in aloe vera gel (40%), does not cause any greasiness and absorbs very quickly.

PHARMALIFE Argan Pure - Olio Nativo d'Argan 30ml $ 14,72

Votes: 3 Pharmalife Argan Pure - Olio Nativo d'Argan 30ml. Precious 98.5% pure organic Argan oil, enriched only with Vitamin E with antioxidant activity and a delicate and fresh sensual fragrance.

SPECCHIASOL Calendula Cream 100ml $ 11,91

Votes: 5 Specchiasol Calendula Cream 100ml. Formulated using a creamy vegetable base with a high concentration of CALENDULA.

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