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Insomnia is the condition for which the subject is sleeping too little or sleeping badly. It can be found in different ways but is classified considering three parameters: duration, causes, types. The main causes are muscle tension, the mind become full of thoughts during the sleeping time and bad sleep manners. There are natural remedies, that means without the use of drugs, that helps to defeat insomnia, such as a sedative "diet" consisting of zucchini, beans, pesto, boiled potatoes, salt, parsley, salad facilitates sleep.

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YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Regexil® EU Version 30 tablets $ 16,34

Votes: 20 Yamamoto® Nutrition Regexil® EU Version 30 tablets. Regexil® is a supplement designed for sleep disorders, especially for insomnia due to external causes such as high-intensity workouts or overtraining, various kinds of psychophysical stress, or due to different time zones, work shifts etc.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Relax RESTORE 60 capsules $ 41,41

Votes: 25 Yamamoto® Nutrition Relax RESTORE 60 capsules. Supplement that promotes the conditions for more easily inducing sleep thanks to greater physical and mental relaxation, and making it sounder and more restorative thanks to the synergistic presence of elements of proven usefulness.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Gaba 30 capsules $ 11,98

Votes: 18 Yamamoto® Research Gaba 30 capsules. GABA – or gamma-aminobutyric acid – is a basic amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter and neuromediator. It is arousing great interest in the scientific community: our organisation has already carried out numerous studies into the anti-stress, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and natural antidepressant properties of GABA.

ESI Serenesi - Notte 50ml $ 19,10 Esi Serenesi - Notte 50ml. Serenesi - Lavanda is a food supplement based on lavender and hawthorn.

CEMON Quiet Fee 15ml $ 19,81 Cemon Quiet Fee 15ml. Quiet Fee è un integratore alimentare per un approccio terapeutico alle disfunzioni organiche.

SPECCHIASOL Serenotte Spray Orale 15 ml $ 7,98 Specchiasol Serenotte Spray Orale 15 ml. Serenotte Oral Spray is a food supplement with Passionflower and Melatonin.

SPECCHIASOL Valeriana 30 capsules $ 7,53 Specchiasol Valeriana 30 capsules. Valerian is a food supplement based on dry extract of Valerian root, a medicinal herb well known in tradition for its beneficial effects aimed at promoting calm and natural sleep.

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MARCO VITI Melatonina Viti Complex Plus 30ml $ 6,37 Marco Viti Melatonina Viti Complex Plus 30ml

SANOFI NovaNight Tripla Azione 20 sachets $ 11,21 Sanofi NovaNight Tripla Azione 20 sachets. NovaNight Tripla Azione è un integratore alimentare a base di melatonina, griffonia e magnesio.

SANOFI Mag Notte 24 sachets $ 11,82 Sanofi Mag Notte 24 sachets. Mag Notte is a food supplement based on magnesium, melatonin, griffonia and tryptophan, with sweeteners, indicated when you have difficulty falling asleep and to contribute to the quality of sleep.

PROMOPHARMA Aminovita Plus - Relax 20 sachets of 2 grams $ 14,72 Promopharma Aminovita Plus - Relax 20 sachets of 2 grams. Aminovita Plus® Sleep and Relax contains, Relaxcomplex® amino acid complex based on L-Glycine and L-Tryptophan), Passionflower and Chamomile useful for relaxation (even in case of stress), sleep and mental well-being.

BIOS LINE VitaCalm - Buonrelax 50ml $ 14,82 Bios Line VitaCalm - Buonrelax 50ml. VitaCalm® Buonrelax is a food supplement based on titrated and standardized plant extracts of Passiflora, Lemon Balm, Linden and Valerian: plants of the herbalist tradition known for their ability to promote relaxation.

BIOS LINE VitaCalm - Buonanotte 20 sachets $ 7,41 Bios Line VitaCalm - Buonanotte 20 sachets. Resting in a peaceful way allows you to face the day in the best possible way. VitaCalm Buonanotte herbal tea is a combination of expertly blended plants that can promote physiological relaxation and promote a peaceful and peaceful sleep.

BIOS LINE VitaCalm - Melatonina Sublinguale 120 tablets $ 14,82 Bios Line VitaCalm - Melatonina Sublinguale 120 tablets. VitaCalm Sublingual Melatonin is a supplement of Melatonin and Melissa essential oil.

BIOS LINE VitaCalm - Melatonina Sublinguale 60 tablets $ 10,03 Bios Line VitaCalm - Melatonina Sublinguale 60 tablets. VitaCalm Sublingual Melatonin is a supplement of Melatonin and Melissa essential oil.

BIOS LINE VitaCalm - Tutta Notte 60 tablets $ 23,54 Bios Line VitaCalm - Tutta Notte 60 tablets. VitaCalm® All Night is a food supplement based on herbal principles of the herbal tradition, useful for promoting relaxation and a peaceful sleep.

SPECCHIASOL Biancospino 80 capsules $ 9,66 Specchiasol Biancospino 80 capsules. Hawthorn in Specchiasol capsules is a food supplement that acts by helping to regain calm, tranquility and well-being in moments of particular stress, nervousness and agitation.

ESI Melatonin Pura Spray 20ml $ 7,91 Esi Melatonin Pura Spray 20ml. Supplement based on Melatonin, which helps reduce the time required to fall asleep and alleviate the effects of jet lag. The sublingual spray formulation is practical, easy to dose and guarantees rapid assimilation.

METAGENICS MetaSleep 30 tablets $ 12,18 Metagenics MetaSleep 30 tablets. MetaSleep® contains melatonin 1 which helps to reduce the time needed to fall asleep. Taking 1 mg of melatonin (= 1 tablet of MetaSleep® ) before going to sleep creates this beneficial effect.

BOIRON Macerato Glicerinato - Tilia Tomentosa 60ml $ 11,98 Boiron Macerato Glicerinato - Tilia Tomentosa 60ml. The glycerin macerate of Tilia tomentosa has a spasmolytic, sedative and anxiolytic activity that can be used in case of anxious syndromes, palpitations and stress. Furthermore, thanks to the action on the production of serotonin, it helps to improve mood. Linden can help in case of insomnia: it promotes falling asleep and helps to increase the duration of sleep without causing side effects or addiction.

NATURAL POINT t Magnesium Supreme Night Relax 150 grams $ 16,02

Votes: 1 Natural Point Magnesium Supreme Night Relax 150 grams. Magnesio Supremo® Notte Relax, brings specific useful ingredients when you need to relax. In fact, the formula provides melatonin and vitamin B6 to which are added two plant extracts of Italian origin: lemon balm and chamomile essential for their physiological role.

LABOREST Pineal Notte Gocce 50 ml $ 19,96 Laborest Pineal Notte Gocce 50 ml. Melatonin is a fundamental hormone during physiological sleep, contributes to the reduction of the time required to fall asleep * and is also useful in case of long journeys to alleviate the effects of jet-lag **.

ESI Melatonin Pura 30 tablets $ 4,94 Esi Melatonin Pura 30 tablets. Melatonin Pura microtavolette is a food supplement that helps reduce the time required to fall asleep and alleviate the effects of jet lag.

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