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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Ligatene® 30 sachets of 6,5 grams $ 42,50

Votes: 12 Yamamoto® Research Ligatene® 30 sachets of 6,5 grams. Yamamoto® Research Ligatene® is a food supplement providing 5 g of collagen and 500 mg of bromelain per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH PEA 30 sticks of 1.3 grams $ 31,60

Votes: 4 Yamamoto® Research PEA 30 sticks of 1.3 grams. PEA is a food supplement that provides 400 mg of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Acido Ialuronico 60 tablets $ 29,42

Votes: 1 Yamamoto® Research Acido Ialuronico 60 tablets. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that is found in the synovial fluid around joints, enabling everyday movement and preventing or counteracting pain as a shock absorber and lubricant.

ALPHAZER Arthrovid® 24 sachets $ 38,14

Votes: 3 Alphazer® Arthrovid® 24 sachets. Arthrovid® is a food supplement based on collagen and vitamin C. *Vitamin C contributes to normal formation of collagen for the physiological function of bones and cartilage. The product is enriched with CurQFen®, an innovative ingredient with fenugreek and turmeric extracts.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Flogorin® 30 tablets $ 23,97

Votes: 10 Yamamoto® Research Flogorin® 30 tablets. Flogorin® is a curcuminoid, boswellia and ginger based food supplement. Turmeric, boswellia and ginger contribute to joint function.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Effortex® 30 tablets $ 20,70

Votes: 103 Yamamoto® Research Effortex® 30 tablets. Food supplement suitable for adults, based on the exclusive mix ChondrActiv™, providing collagen, chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid. The product is also enriched with functional micronutrients such as Vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation.

ERBAVOGLIO Sollievo $ 23,28 Erbavoglio Sollievo 60 capsules. Food supplement helps to improve the activity of the locomotor system damaged by: osteoporosis, muscle atrophy due to lack of physical activity, joint numbness.

ERBAVOGLIO Relief - Herbal Fluid 75ml $ 12,61

Votes: 1 ErbaVoglio Sollievo - Herbal Fluid 75ml. Produces a nice sensation of warmth that penetrates deeply, giving immediate relief to arthritis and rheumatism.

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ERBAVOGLIO Relief - Magnet Oil 30ml $ 17,46

Votes: 4 ErbaVoglio Sollievo - Magnetic oil 30ml. Sollievo relieves pain due to a mix of selected essential oils such as Gaultheria procumbens, Tea tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Juniper together with the natural properties of magnet.

ERBAVOGLIO Relief - Gel 100ml $ 7,76

Votes: 2 ErbaVoglio Sollievo - Gel 100ml. The balanced synergy of extracts of plants with recognized antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, makes this product particularly useful in contrasting inflammatory and joint pain, and generally to improve the stiffness of the joints.

ERBAVOGLIO Relief - Joints Drink 300ml $ 22,31

Votes: 3 ErbaVoglio Relief - Drink Joints 300ml. This new drink formula is ideal for effectively combating joint inflammation and related pain.

LABOREST Artrosulfur Visc 16 sachets $ 24,97 Laborest Artrosulfur Visc 16 sachets. Artrosulfur Visc is a food supplement based on methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, vitamin C, myrrh, boswellia, hyaluronic acid sodium salt, zinc, B vitamins, copper and selenium.

ESI No Dol Forte 60 tablets $ 21,41 Esi No Dol Forte 60 tablets. No Dol Forte is a food supplement based on Boswellia extract, hydrolyzed chicken cartilage titled in type II collagen, condroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid, with vitamins C and D.

SOLGAR Vegartidol 60 tablets $ 34,79 Solgar Vegartidol 60 tablets. Vegartidol is a food supplement that provides glucosamine and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), constituents of the joint cartilage tissue, together with vitamin C which contributes to the natural formation of collagen for the normal function of cartilage and bones.

NATURANDO Dolofren Articolazioni 30 stick pack $ 21,90 Naturando Dolofren Articolazioni 30 stick pack. Dolofren Joints is a food supplement based on methylsulfonylmethane, glucosamine (of vegetable origin), Phytodroitin TM, Devil's Claw and Vitamin C.

LINEA ACT ArtiSalus Act Forte Plus 60 capsules $ 10,61 Linea Act ArtiSalus Act Forte Plus 60 capsules. ArtiSalus Act Forte Plus is a food supplement based on: D-Glucosamine sulfate, Methyl-sulfonyl methane, Manganese, Devil's Claw and Chondroitin sulfate.

ABBÉ ROLAND Reumé - Gel T 50ml $ 15,19 Abbé Roland Reumé - Gel T 100ml. Cosmetic formulation

BIOS LINE Principium - Acido Ialuronico Joint 150 60 tablets $ 27,03 Bios Line Principium - Acido Ialuronico Joint 150 60 tablets. Joint Hyaluronic Acid 150 is a food supplement with ExceptionHYAL® HW (High Weight), plant-derived hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight, which is gradually absorbed in the intestine, for a prolonged effect. It also contains ExceptionHYAL® MW, Medium Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C from Acerola to help build collagen for normal cartilage function.

SALONPAS Gel-Patch $ 8,16 Salonpas Gel-Patch

PURESSENTIEL Articolazioni e Muscoli - Pure Heat Roller 75ml $ 13,85 Puressentiel Articolazioni e Muscoli - Pure Heat Roller 75ml

SPECCHIASOL Leni Complex 45 tablets $ 19,73 Specchiasol Leni Complex 45 tablets. Leni Complex by Specchiasol is a food supplement in tablets based on officinal herbs. Its formula is based on an innovative complex called LeniFit composed of Devil's Claw, Boswellia and Pycnogenol

NATURAL POINT Evidol Articolazioni 30 sachets $ 26,32 Natural Point Evidol Articolazioni 30 sachets. The joints: Joints are structures that connect two or more bones and allow them to move. In the human body there are about 360 and they differ on the basis of their mobility. The mobile joints are the most used in our daily life (knees, shoulders, fingers, etc.). The joint is made up of several parts. In the outermost layer is the joint capsule which wraps around the ends of the bones forming the joint. Inside the capsule is the synovial membrane (vascularized) which contains and produces the synovial fluid, the lubricant of the joints. Finally, cartilage (non-vascularized) tissue is found covering the ends of the bones that make up the joint:

KELEMATA Cerotto Bertelli Med - Termoattivo Formato Grande 1 patch 24x16 cm $ 6,26

Votes: 2 Kelemata Cerotto Bertelli Med - Termoattivo Formato Grande 1 patch 24x16 cm. The Bertelli patch exerts a valid action against muscle tension, promoting relaxation and relieving pain. Bertelli Patch technology allows heat to penetrate deeply and reach contracted muscles.

PRANAROM Aromalgic - Crema Gel Articolazioni 100 ml $ 12,28 Pranarom Aromalgic - Crema Gel Articolazioni 100 ml. Pranarom Aromalgic - Joint Cream Gel is a cosmetic for joints and the relief of sore muscles. Excellent for massage of the joints (knees, back, shoulders, neck, etc). Enriched with copaiba essential oil and arnica plant extract, the gel cream provides authentic daily relief.

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