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Lice are insects capable of llive in human hair, especially of children. They survive by feeding on the blood sucked out through the scalp, causing severe itching. Eggs, deposited behind the ears and on the nape, hatch after a week. As remedies, the use of special shampoos or special powders helps in the elimination.

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GIULIANI Milice Schiuma Termosensibile 150ml $ 14,13 Giuliani Milice Schiuma Termosensibile 150ml

PURESSENTIEL Anti Pidocchi - Shampoo Maschera Trattante + Pettine 150 ml $ 15,53 Puressentiel Anti Pidocchi - Shampoo Maschera Trattante + Pettine 150 ml. The Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treating Shampoo-Mask eliminates lice, larvae and nits leaving hair clean in a single gesture. Its delicate formula with vegetable coconut oil acts mechanically, obstructing the respiratory orifices. Thanks to this asphyxiation mechanism, lice cannot develop resistance.

AFTIR Aftir Duo Shampoo 2 in 1 Elimina e Protegge 100 ml $ 14,39

Votes: 2 Aftir Aftir Duo Shampoo 2 in 1 Elimina e Protegge 100 ml. Product without insecticide, with dual action: eliminates lice and nits in 15 minutes; prevents re-infestation. With applicator for easier distribution of the product, scientifically proven efficacy.

AFTIR Aftir Shampoo Post Trattamento Pidocchi 150 ml $ 10,52 Aftir Aftir Shampoo Post Trattamento Pidocchi 150 ml. Allows specific cleansing of the hair and scalp in case of pediculosis. As a cosmetic complement to the aftir gel anti-parasite treatment, it removes dead lice and their eggs from the scalp; creates an unfavorable environment for lice to settle and alleviates itching, redness and skin irritation.

AFTIR Pre Aftir Olio Shampoo Protettivo 150 ml $ 11,33 Aftir Pre Aftir Olio Shampoo Protettivo 150 ml. They help protect and keep hair in good condition, creating an unfavorable environment for lice to settle. They improve the combability of the hair by facilitating the mechanical removal of any nits present.

AFTIR Gel Antiparassitario Cutaneo 40 grams $ 11,61 Aftir Gel Antiparassitario Cutaneo 40 grams. This product carries out a rapid and decisive action against pediculosis (head and pubic lice infestations), thanks to its components it is effective and efficient.

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AFTIR Aftir Duo Lozione AntiPidocchi e Lendini 100 ml $ 14,39 Aftir Aftir Duo Lozione AntiPidocchi e Lendini 100 ml. Aftir Duo Lotion is a transparent liquid based on an anti-lice oil specially formulated to eliminate lice and nits combined with a special protective complex that avoids the risk of re-infestation.

ISDIN AntiPiojos Gel Pediculicida 100ml $ 14,36

Votes: 5 Isdin AntiPiojos Gel Pediculicida 100ml. Natural treatment that permanently eliminates lice and nits. Very comfortable and easy to use.

PURESSENTIEL Pouxdoux - Shampoo Per Uso Quotidiano 200 ml $ 9,15 Puressentiel Pouxdoux - Shampoo Per Uso Quotidiano 200 ml. With essential oils of Lavender, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Geranium, it is used to heal the scalp and help remove dead lice and nits. Ideal as a complement to Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion. Enriched with aloe vera. This natural, certified organic shampoo with a fresh scent is formulated for frequent use and does not dry out the hair. It offers protection and natural hygiene for the whole family

PURESSENTIEL Anti Pidocchi - Lozione + Pettine 100ml $ 16,75 Puressentiel Anti Pidocchi - Lozione + Pettine 100ml. This lotion of proven effectiveness in just 10 minutes * is ideal for eliminating lice, larvae and nits by acting by asphyxia.It contains 6 vegetable oils (calophyll, jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond, castor) which, with mechanical action, block the respiratory system of lice, larvae and nits, combined with 4 essential oils (lavender, clove, teaa tree and geranium) with calming and antiseptic properties.

DERBE Olio di Pid 200ml $ 18,86

Votes: 4 Derbe Olio di Pid 200ml. Outbreaks of head lice often occur in schools and, contrary to popular belief, they are not related to poor hygiene. Head lice is a small parasite that only lives on the heads of people feeding on their blood.

PARANIX Trattamento Extra Forte Shampoo + Pettine 200 ml $ 20,36 Paranix Trattamento Extra Forte Shampoo + Pettine 200 ml. The triple action formula of Paranix Extra Forte shampoo not only chokes, but also dehydrates lice and nits. Moreover, it is convenient to use as it washes the hair at the same time. Its LPF technology helps avoid re-manifestation for up to 72 hours. Due to its mechanical action there is no risk of developing resistance to Paranix Treat & Prevent Shampoo.

PARANIX Trattamento Shampoo + Pettine 200ml $ 20,36 Paranix Trattamento Shampoo + Pettine 200ml. With Paranix Treatment Shampoo, eliminating lice and nits becomes as easy as washing your hair.

HELAN Heed head Lice - Specific Shampoo 200ml $ 14,17

Votes: 1 Helan Occhio al Pidocchio - Shampoo Specifico 200ml. HELAN’s Specific Shampoo, SLS and SLES** free, preservative* and color free, is a pleasant, effective, ideal head lice cosmetic treatment.

VIVIDUS PidKid Shampoo 150ml $ 10,19

Votes: 3 Vividus PidKid Shampoo 150ml. PidKid Shampoo has been created by Vividus specifically to help prevent the proliferation of head lice.

GIULIANI Milice Pido K.O Olio + Shampoo 75 ml + 150 ml $ 23,37

Votes: 3 Not available Giuliani Milice Pido K.O Olio + Shampoo 75 ml + 150 ml. Milice PidoK.O. Anti-pediculosis oil: treatment against lice and nits, without insecticides. Its delicate formula based on Oli-derma, the association of a "skin-like" oil (patent pending) with Bisabolol oil (derived from chamomile flower), makes it suitable even for the most sensitive scalps. It acts with a mechanical action: it penetrates the respiratory tract of the insect and the eggs, causing death by suffocation. Moreover, thanks to the soothing properties of its oils, it helps to reduce irritation and annoying itching on the scalp caused by lice. The delicacy of the formula, which respects the physiology of the scalp without damaging it, makes the product suitable for use even in cases of early suspicion of the infestation. The spray formulation favors uniform distribution on the head and allows you to dose the right amount of product. The fine nebulization facilitates the penetration of the oil into the respiratory tract of the insect;

MARCO VITI Pyr Olio Shampoo Doppia Azione + Lozione Spray + 1 pettine 150 ml + 125ml $ 14,08 Not available Marco Viti Pyr Olio Shampoo Doppia Azione + Lozione Spray + 1 pettine 150 ml + 125ml. Double Action Shampoo Oil is an anti-lice shampoo oil. Specific for scalp parasites caused by lice. Suitable for weak hair and subjects with sensitive skin.

PARANIX Shampoo Protection 200ml $ 12,19 Not available

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