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PROMOPHARMA Promoligo 8 Litio 20 vials of 2 ml $ 13,04 $ 20,06 Promopharma Promoligo 8 Litio 20 vials of 2 ml. Promoligo 8 Lithium is a lithium-based supplement. Minerals are substances found in the organs and tissues of the human body.

ERBA VITA VitaOligum - dL 20 vials of 2ml $ 9,24 $ 12,32 Erba Vita VitaOligum - dl 20 vials of 2ml A product rich in trace elements that provides support to the body in the event of a lack of elements.

CEMON Catalitic Oligoelementi Litio 20 vials of 2ml $ 13,58 $ 18,86

Votes: 1 Not available Cemon Catalitic Oligoelementi Litio 20 vials of 2ml. Among the various natural remedies, a valid help to recover energy and vitality more effectively as a result of the flu contracted during the winter season is given to us by the Oligoelements and the association of Gemmoderivati ​​and Mother Tinctures. Oligotherapy is a natural treatment that uses those chemical elements that are present in very small percentages in living organisms (called trace elements) and that intervene in the biochemical reactions of our cells. A deficiency of the same, resulting for example from a nutritional deficiency, stress and / or alterations in the acid-base balance, causes a metabolic imbalance responsible for various forms of functional disorders of the human being. The use of trace elements has mainly the preventive purpose of putting the

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