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Supplements based on Marian Thistle help the liver to purify the body, supporting the toxins removal. Other products with plant extracts, like Turmeric, perform an antioxidant action.

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SWISSE Detox 60 tablets $ 15,26 $ 22,78

Votes: 8 Swisse Detox 60 tablets. Food supplement with a formulation with plant extracts and choline to supplement your nutrition.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Sily PHYTO 60 capsules $ 15,25

Votes: 1 Yamamoto® Research Sily PHYTO 60 capsules. Sily PHYTO is a dietary supplement that has an antioxidant function, promotes the body's purifying and detoxifying functions, and improves carbohydrate metabolism. The silymarin contained in Sily PHYTO is in 'phytosomal' form to promote maximum absorption.

ALPHAZER Epavid® 30 Tablets $ 13,07

Votes: 6 Alphazer® Epavid® 30 Tablets. Epavid® is a food supplement based on extracts of desmodium, milk thistle and artichoke, which promote liver function.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH GLR Stick 30 stick $ 38,14

Votes: 4 Yamamoto® Research GLR® Stick 30 stick. GLR Stick is a food supplement providing 250 mg of L-Glutathione per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH SAM-e 20 stick $ 17,43

Votes: 2 Yamamoto® Research SAM-e 20 sticks. SAM-e is a food supplement providing 200mg of SAM-e and 400mg of betaine per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Curcuma Stick 30 sachets $ 39,23

Votes: 8 Yamamoto Research Curcuma Stick 30 stick of 2 grams. Curcuma Stick is a dietary supplement providing 500 mg of turmeric extract per daily dose, which has an antioxidant effect. The turmeric contained in Curcuma Stick HydroCurc® provides the highest load of curcuminoids in a formulation. Thus enabling one of the best bioavailable efficacies on the market.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Epadex® 30 Tablets $ 15,25

Votes: 10 Yamamoto® Research Epadex 30 tablets. Epadex® makes use of the synergy of some precious natural elements that act in support of normal liver function and from a purifying point of view, helping it in its various essential activities at the level of our body, based on: artichoke, Desmodium, turmeric and sillimarin for very high absorption.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Tarassaco 100ml $ 5,88 $ 10,89

Votes: 26 Yamamoto Research Tarassaco 100ml. Tarassaco is a food supplement in liquid form based on dandelion extract and fructo-oligosaccharides.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Epalin-C® 30 tablets $ 8,71

Votes: 103 Yamamoto® Research Epalin-C® 30 tablets. Milk Thistle extract and Vitamin C based dietary supplement. milk thistle plays an antioxidant and supporting role in digestion and liver function, as well as purifying functions of the body.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Sily CAPS 60 capsules $ 14,16

Votes: 40 Yamamoto® Nutrition SilyCaps 60 capsules. SILY CAPS is a dietary supplement of Milk Thistle powder and titrated extract in 80% of silymarin. Milk thistle, in addition to performing an antioxidant function, It promotes the cleansing functions of the body and the metabolism of carbohydrates. Silymarin protects new liver cells by helping to reduce the inflammatory processes of the liver that silences go to create in the body; as well as being able to counteract a typical problem of overfeeding or incorrect feeding leading to fatty liver (fatty liver).

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Milk Thistle Powder 250 grams $ 14,13 $ 17,44

Votes: 6 Amazon Seeds Organic Milk Thistle Powder 250 grams. Milk thistle is known to have a valid protective action on the liver, linked to silymarin.

ERBAVOGLIO Mirus Drink - Artichoke 250ml $ 17,44 $ 21,80

Votes: 2 ErbaVoglio Mirus Drink - Artichoke 250ml. The most efficient plants in promoting inch loss naturally have been used in this product line created specifically to help lighten your figure.

SPECCHIASOL Primum Depurativo 15 sachets $ 12,13 $ 17,33 Specchiasol Primum Depurativo 15 sachets

ABOCA Epakur Digestive 20 sachets $ 7,19 $ 9,59 Aboca Epakur Digestive 20 sachets. Aboca Epakur Digestive is a digestive herbal tea indicated to assist liver function and promote digestion thanks to the presence of artichoke and rosemary which, with their bitter-digestive properties, make the herbal tea particularly suitable after a meal.

ABOCA Epakur Advanced 320 grams $ 17,00 $ 22,67

Votes: 1 Aboca Epakur Advanced 320 grams. Aboca Epakur Advanced is a food supplement with Neocuphenyl, an innovative molecular complex composed of hydroxycinnamic acids, terpenes and flavonoids that derive from artichoke, rosemary, maté and hawthorn.

ABOCA Metarecod 40 sachets x 2,5 g $ 24,36 $ 32,48 Aboca Metarecod 40 sachets x 2,5 g. Aboca Metarecod is a useful product for the treatment of metabolic syndrome and the rebalancing of altered metabolic parameters such as cholesterol levels, triglycerides, glucose and abdominal circumference values.

ALTA NATURA Terra nata - Tarassaco 60 tablets of 500 mg $ 7,63 $ 10,90 Alta Natura Terra nata- Tarassaco 60 tablets of 500 mg. The dandelion contributes to the liver function and helps the regularity of the intestinal transit and the purifying functions of the organism, promoting the drainage of body fluids.

MARCO VITI Dr. Viti - Depurativo Plus 500ml $ 11,28 $ 21,69 Marco Viti Dr. Viti - Depura Plus 500ml. Depura Plus Frutti di Bosco: food supplement with sugars and sweeteners, formulated by studying specific properties of carefully selected plant extracts.

MARCO VITI Dr. Viti - Depurativo Dermadetox 500ml $ 11,28 $ 21,69 Marco Viti Dr. Viti - Depura Dermadetox 500 ml. Depura Dermadetox Pesca is a food supplement with sugars and sweeteners, formulated by studying specific properties of carefully selected plant extracts.

CEMON Epato Fee 15ml $ 18,05 $ 25,07 Cemon Epato Fee 15ml. FitoEmbrio Extracts are preparations that are part of the natural therapeutics of the soil: made up of embryonic principles of plants, they are indicated for restoring the physiology favorable to health in the event of organic dysfunctions. The PhytoEmbrio Extracts are obtained from plant embryonic tissues, i.e. from tissues in full growth potential and therefore regeneration: the embryonic tissue is able to relaunch the physiological mechanisms propitious to human health.

GUNA Epato Guna $ 17,82 $ 23,76

METAGENICS MetaClear $ 28,96 $ 41,37

METAGENICS MetaClear $ 15,23 $ 21,75

Votes: 2

NATURE'S BOUNTY Verde-Cardo Mariano 60 softgels $ 24,24 Nature's Bounty Verde-Cardo Mariano 60 softgels

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