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Supplements based on Marian Thistle help the liver to purify the body, supporting the toxins removal. Other products with plant extracts, like Turmeric, perform an antioxidant action.

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MARCO VITI Dr. Viti - Depura 60 capsules $ 9,58

Votes: 1 Marco Viti Dr. Viti - Depura 60 capsules. Depura is a food supplement with dandelion, artichoke and milk thistle to promote the body's cleansing functions.

ALTA NATURA Terra nata - Milk Thistle $ 14,72 Alta Natura Terra nata - Milk Thistle. The active ingredients contained in the standard titrated dry extract and in the micronized powder of the Milk Thistle assist the physiological liver function.

CEMON Epato Fee 15ml $ 19,81 Cemon Epato Fee 15ml. FitoEmbrio Extracts are preparations that are part of the natural therapeutics of the soil: made up of embryonic principles of plants, they are indicated for restoring the physiology favorable to health in the event of organic dysfunctions. The PhytoEmbrio Extracts are obtained from plant embryonic tissues, i.e. from tissues in full growth potential and therefore regeneration: the embryonic tissue is able to relaunch the physiological mechanisms propitious to human health.

GUNA Epato Guna $ 17,82

TERRANOVA Fegato Sinergy $ 26,37

Votes: 1

METAGENICS MetaClear $ 30,19

METAGENICS MetaClear $ 15,87

Votes: 2

NATURE'S BOUNTY Verde-Cardo Mariano 60 softgels $ 26,37 Nature's Bounty Verde-Cardo Mariano 60 softgels

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ALGEM NATURA Algem Slim Detox 30 capsules $ 16,12

Votes: 1 Algem Natura Algem Slim Detox 30 capsules. Algem Slim Detox capsules is a dietary supplement in capsules, consisting of a balanced formula of plant extracts such as Artichoke and Milk Thistle that promote the purifying functions of the body and the regularization of digestive and hepatic function.

ISOLA D Depur 10 vials of 10ml $ 15,54

Votes: 2 Isola D Depur 10 vials of 10ml. D Depur is a supplement based on plant extracts and B vitamins. The artichoke, milk thistle and dandelion favour the digestive and hepatic function and the purifying function of the organism. Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 contribute to normal energy metabolism.

NATURANDO Epatosan Fortefluid 10 vials of 10ml $ 15,19

Votes: 2 Naturando Epatosan Fortefluid 10 vials of 10ml. EPATOSAN FORTEFLUID is a food supplement based on Choline and extracts of Horseradish, Artichoke, Milk thistle, Helichrysum, Boldo and Curcuma

SYFORM Depatic 30 tablets $ 12,12

Votes: 7 Syform Depatic 30 tablets. DEPATIC is a food supplement based on titrated and standardized extracts of Cardo Mariano and Demodum, useful to support the physiological functions of the liver.

SPECCHIASOL Hydro-Alcoholic Solution 9 Artichoke 50ml $ 11,59 Specchiasol Hydro-Alcoholic Solution 9 Artichoke 50ml. Artichoke leaves are described as having and traditionally appreciated for their digestive properties.

SPECCHIASOL Hydro-Alcoholic Solution 28 Dandelion 50ml $ 11,59 Specchiasol Hydro-Alcoholic Solution 28 Dandelion 50ml. Dandelion, or Blowball, is a herbal plant that has long been used for its purifying properties.

NATURANDO Maximum - Milk thistle 40 vegetarian capsules $ 22,35

Votes: 1 Naturando Maximum - Milk thistle 40 vegetarian capsules. Milk Thistle supports hepatic and digestive functions, the body’s purifying functions and the antioxidant function. Choline helps to maintain normal hepatic function.

AVD Epadx 40 capsules $ 33,57

Votes: 1 AVD Epadx 40 capsules. Dietary supplement

AVD Stea 7 40 capsules $ 28,78

Votes: 2 AVD Stea 7 40 capsules. Dietary supplement

PROACTION Fito Detox 45 capsules $ 20,85

Votes: 11 Proaction Fito Detox 45 capsules. Dietary supplement

PROMOPHARMA Milk Thistle Hydroalcoholic Solution 50ml $ 11,86

Votes: 3 Prompharma Cardo Mariano Soluzione Idroalcolica 50ml. Silybum marianum L. Gaertn.

PROMOPHARMA XanaDepur 300ml $ 19,78

Votes: 4 Prompharma XanaDepur 300ml. XANADEPUR® is a food supplement with extracts of Dandelion and Milk thistle

LA SORGENTE DEL BENESSERE Grani Benedettini 100 tablets $ 15,70

Votes: 5 La Sorgente del Benessere Grani Benedettini 100 tablets. Dietary supplement

ZUCCARI Detoxase 10 Days Total Body Reset 10 stick pack of 3 grams $ 17,40

Votes: 14 Zuccari Detoxase 10 Days Total Body Reset 10 stick pack of 3 grams. Dietary supplement

SOLGAR Fitomariano 60 vegetarian capsules $ 25,64

Votes: 8 Solgar Fitomariano 60 vegetarian capsules. The formulation contains the standardized extract of Milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum Gaertn.) In association with the pulverized plant.

SOLGAR Dima Hepa 50 tablets $ 25,11

Votes: 8 Solgar Dima Hepa 50 tablets, liver function, contains methionine, inositol and choline. However, poor nutrition, stress, toxins, pollutants and viruses can be fatiguing.

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