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On IAFStore there are products for the skin-nourishing, remedies that help it with the regeneration contributing to donate vitality.

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NUXE Prodigieux - Latte Corpo Sublimatore Profumato 200ml $ 16,38 $ 21,84 Nuxe Prodigieux - Latte Corpo Sublimatore Profumato 200ml. For all skin types. This sublimator body milk, precious vegetable oils, hydrates, satin and illuminates the skin. To the mythical and moisturizing perfume of the prodigieuse huile.

NUXE Rêve de Thé - Latte Idratante Rigenerante 400ml $ 21,26 $ 30,38 Nuxe Rêve de Thé - Latte Idratante Rigenerante 400ml. Nuxe body fluid milk is a must have in your bathroom for intense daily hydration. It softens the skin in one gesture, the skin is delicately fragrant and hydrated throughout the day.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Calendula BABY - Crema Nutriente 50ml $ 21,26 Optima Organic Calendula BABY - Crema Nutriente 50ml. Unscented and dermatologically tested, our nourishing baby moisturizer can provide up to 24-hour moisturizing support for baby's delicate skin.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Calendula - Crema 50ml $ 21,26 Optima Organic Calendula - Crema 50ml. All the soothing and nourishing power of Calendula enclosed in a dermatologically tested cream, suitable for the face and all areas of the body, especially the most prone to irritation and dryness.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Calendula - Shampoo 200ml $ 14,43 Optima Organic Calendula - Shampoo 200ml. Body lotion with a light and enveloping texture, helps to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. Thanks to the presence of Calendula, with Aloe vera, Ginger extract, Limnhantes alba oil and enriched with Bisabolol, this body lotion is suitable for providing prolonged hydration up to 24 hours and deep nourishment.

BEPANTHENOL Pasta Lenitiva Protettiva 100 grams $ 13,01 $ 15,86 Bepanthenol Pasta Lenitiva Protettiva 100 grams. Bepanthenol Tattoo Paste Intensive Treatment gives relief and naturally regenerates the tattooed skin thanks to panthenol (provitamin B5). Creates a natural and breathable protective barrier for the tattoo, and preserves its beauty over time. Bepanthenol Tattoo is dermatologically tested on tattooed skin and offers pure and delicate protection, thanks to its formula without preservatives, fragrances and dyes.

GOOVI Elastic is Fantastic - Olio Corpo 140 ml $ 14,54 $ 18,18 Goovi Elastic is Fantastic - Olio Corpo 140 ml. With 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin our body oil will give an elasticity booster to your skin. Thanks to the presence of a mix of 6 high quality precious oils including Almond, Jojoba, Babassu and Avocado oil rich in natural antioxidants, your skin will be deeply nourished by improving elasticity and hydration. Helps prevent stretch marks on stomach, buttocks, hips and breasts. Not greasy. Can be used during pregnancy.

HIPP Mamma - Olio da Massaggio 100 ml $ 9,02 $ 16,10 Hipp Mamma - Olio da Massaggio 100 ml. oil HiPP Mamma Massage Oil is particularly suitable during the period of pregnancy. By performing regular massage, it helps prevent stretch marks from forming in the breast and belly areas.

DICOFARM Mentolated Liquid Talc 100 ml $ 7,52 $ 9,76 Dicofarm Mentholated Liquid Talc 100 ml. Dicofarm mentholated liquid talc, for the soothing and refreshing action of menthol, is indicated in various itchy dermatoses. Useful in cases of sudamine and exanthematic diseases.

GOOVI Save my Hands - Crema Mani $ 5,98 $ 7,20 Goovi Save my Hands - Crema Mani . Protect your hands and nourish them deeply with our cream with 98.4% ingredients of natural origin. Save my hands! it has an emollient action on cuticles and chaps thanks to its rich but rapidly absorbed texture. More than 50% of the pipe is made of recycled PE.

MARCO VITI Olio di Mandorla F.U. 50ml $ 3,57 $ 5,49 Marco Viti Olio di Mandorla F.U. 50ml. Emollient, softening, nourishing and soothing Marco Viti almond oil is rich in Protein, carbohydrates, mineral salts, vitamin A and group B.

AVÈNE XeraCalm A.D. Crema Liporestitutiva 400 ml $ 26,63 $ 35,99 Avène XeraCalm A.D. Crema Liporestitutiva 400 ml. XeraCalm A.D. Crema Liporestitutiva is a cream for all moderate to intense dryness, atopic-prone skin, skin prone to itching linked to dry skin. Newborn, child, adult.

ISDIN Ureadin Calm 200ml $ 19,61 $ 23,06 Isdin Ureadin Calm 200ml. Nourishing body cream for daily hydration and relief from itchy dry skin. Provides immediate and lasting relief from itching thanks to its powerful combination of ingredients (Stimu-tex® and Polydocanol).

FIOCCHI DI RISO Olio Emudermico 70ml $ 14,63 $ 18,29 Fiocchi Di Riso Olio Emudermico 70ml. EMUDERMICO® Oil is an original preparation that nourishes the skin and mucous membranes, maintaining their cellular vitality in a natural way, without occluding pores and altering the pH.

BIONIKE ProXera - Emulsione Corpo 400ml $ 29,95 $ 34,04 Bionike ProXera - Emulsione Corpo 400ml. Daily nourishing treatment for dry skin and as maintenance in cases of severe, even persistent cutaneous xerosis. The particular liquid crystal structure guarantees a high compatibility and affinity with skin physiology. It has a moisturizing action in the short and long term. Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin soft, relieving any itchy sensations.

BIONIKE ProXera - Emulsione Corpo 200 ml $ 19,32 $ 21,96

Votes: 1 Bionike ProXera - Emulsione Corpo 200 ml. Tägliche pflegende Behandlung bei trockener Haut und als Pflege bei schwerer, sogar anhaltender Hautxerose. Die besondere Flüssigkristallstruktur garantiert eine hohe Verträglichkeit und Affinität zur Hautphysiologie.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Riche 100ml $ 26,72 $ 44,53

Votes: 4 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Riche 100ml. The sparkling version of Huile prodigieuse®, thanks to its very thin mother-of-pearl of mineral origin, nourishes, soothes and illuminates the skin and hair in a sensual gesture. The texture of the dry oil is unique and its scent is bewitching.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse 100ml $ 24,08 $ 40,14

Votes: 11 L'Huile prodigieuse®, mythical dry oil N ° 1 * of the oils in the pharmacy, nourishes, repairs and sublimates the face, body and hair. In 2017, it is enriched with highly nourishing Tsubaki oil. Increasingly innovative, it is an antioxidant, has a "shield" effect that protects against pollution ** and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Its texture is unique and its heady scent.

A-DERMA Exomega Control Crema Emolliente 50ml $ 8,45 $ 12,81

Votes: 4 A-Derma Exomega Control Crema Emolliente 50ml. EXOMEGA CONTROL Sterile cosmetic emollient cream soothes all types of dry, atopic-prone skin from birth.

A-DERMA Exomega Control Crema Emolliente 200ml $ 21,67 $ 27,08

Votes: 6 A-Derma Exomega Control Crema Emolliente 200ml. EXOMEGA CONTROL Sterile cosmetic emollient cream soothes all types of dry, atopic-prone skin from birth.

DUCRAY Ictyane Notte 50ml $ 16,60 $ 23,06

Votes: 2 Ducray Ictyane Notte 50ml. treatment The ICTYANE regenerating night treatment "reinvents" the daily hydration of dry skin.

DUCRAY Ictyane Crema Doccia Detergente 200ml $ 9,87 $ 14,52

Votes: 2 Ducray Ictyane Crema Doccia Detergente 200ml. Ictyane cleansing shower cream, without soap and with a physiological pH, cleanses the skin without attacking it and prevents skin desiccation. It is a daily hygiene treatment for dry skin on the face and body.

PHARMALIFE Argan Pure - Olio Nativo d'Argan 30ml $ 16,47 $ 18,30

Votes: 3 Pharmalife Argan Pure - Olio Nativo d'Argan 30ml. Precious 98.5% pure organic Argan oil, enriched only with Vitamin E with antioxidant activity and a delicate and fresh sensual fragrance.

NATURANDO Bio Propoli 75ml $ 15,46 $ 18,18

Votes: 1 Naturando Bio Propoli 75ml. Soft, light and rapidly absorbed organic cream formulated with Propolis extracts, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.

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