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Sex Health

Taking tonics improves, reinforcing and reinvigorating, the state of internal organs and body systems. The face tonic has the important function of helping to keep intact the moisture percentage of the skin helping it to be soft.

Sex Health
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YAMAMOTO NUTRITION TestoROL 40 tablets $ 26,34 $ 29,27

Votes: 86 Yamamoto® Nutrition TestoROL 40 tablets. TestoROL is a food supplement indicated for the well-being of male adults, with D-aspartic acid, plant extracts and minerals. Ashwagandha has a favorable tonic action in case of physical and mental fatigue, like ginseng which also has a tonic activity on the body. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Finally, zinc contributes to normal fertility and normal reproduction as well as the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Virafil® 12 sachets of 3 grams $ 17,56 $ 19,51

Votes: 41 Yamamoto® Research Virafil® 12 sachets of 3 grams. Erectile dysfunction, also called "male impotence", consists of the man's inability or difficulty having an erection that allows him and his partner to have a satisfying sexual relationship. Thanks to the continuous work of the Yamamoto® research and development department, a supplement based on a mixture of specific active elements has been created: Virafil®.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION AnabolicBOOST 60 tablets $ 38,42 $ 42,69

Votes: 45 Yamamoto® Nutrition AnabolicBOOST 60 tablets. AnabolicBOOST is a food supplement with plant extracts, D-aspartic acid, and zinc. Among the various ingredients with a physiological effect, maca has a tonic action, helping maintain stamina and boosting vitality.

AMAZON SEEDS Maca Nera Biologica 300 tablets $ 33,18 $ 39,04

Votes: 5 Amazon Seeds Maca Nera Biologica 300 tablets

ERBAVOGLIO Damiana 60 capsules of 400 grams $ 17,01 $ 20,74 Erbavoglio Damiana 60 capsules of 400 grams

AMAZON SEEDS Maca Biologica 360 tablets $ 31,11 $ 36,60

Votes: 2 Amazon Seeds Organic Maca 360 tablets

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Red Maca 300 tablets $ 33,18 $ 39,04

Votes: 3 Amazon Seeds Organic Red Maca 300 tablets. Maca has grown at an altitude of 4100 m in the Andes.

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Red Maca 250 grams $ 18,67 $ 21,96 Amazon Seeds Maca Rossa Biologica 250g. Organic red maca powder

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Maca Powder 250 grams $ 12,44 $ 14,64

Votes: 6 Amazon Seeds Maca Gialla Biologica 250g. Organic Maca powder (Lepidium peruvianum)

AMAZON SEEDS Maca Forte 4:1 250 grams $ 31,11 $ 36,60

Votes: 7 Amazon Seeds Maca Forte 4:1 250g. Organic Maca powder (Lepidium Meyenii)

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Tribulus Terrestris Powder 100 grams $ 16,59 $ 19,52

Votes: 8 Amazon Seeds Tribulus Terrestris Biologico in Polvere 100g. Organic Tribulus Terrestris powder

HANOJU Estratto di Maca Biologica 250 grams $ 32,94 $ 36,60

Votes: 7 Original Hanoju Estratto di Maca Biologica 250g. Biological Maca extract.

SPECCHIASOL Rosa Canina 75 capsules $ 19,03 $ 23,79 Specchiasol Rosa Canina 75 capsules. Food supplement based on the fruits of Rosa canina L. Antioxidant and restorative.

SPECCHIASOL Ribes Nero 75 capsules $ 15,62 $ 19,52 Specchiasol Ribes Nero 75 capsules. Blackcurrant by Specchiasol is a food supplement in capsules based on Blackcurrant, a medicinal plant known for its beneficial properties suitable for maintaining physiological joint function.

SWISSE Beauty - Collagene Diamond 10 vials of 30ml $ 42,52 $ 60,88 Swisse Beauty - Collagene Diamond 10 vials of 30ml. Food supplement based on collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, useful for promoting elasticity and brightness to the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, contributing to the normal formation of collagen for the normal function of skin. Contains grape seed extract (having antioxidants).

ALTA NATURA Macrovyt - Vitamine D3 10 vials of 10ml $ 15,56 $ 18,30 Alta Natura Macrovyt - Vitamine D3 10 vials of 10ml. Macrovyt - Sport is a food supplement based on dry extract of guarana with a tonic action, against physical and mental fatigue, and stimulating the metabolism of lipids, for a correct balance of body weight. Enriched with Pollen, Acacia Honey, freeze-dried Royal Jelly and Carnitine.

ALGEM NATURA Spirulina 600 200 tablets $ 20,92 $ 29,89 Algem Natura Spirulina 600 200 tablets. Algem Spirulina 600 is a food supplement based on Spirulina Maxima with a tonic and restorative action. 200 highly concentrated tablets (600 mg each), a practical and quick solution to take!

SWISSE Ultiboost - Concentrazione 8 vials $ 18,21 $ 24,28 Swisse Ultiboost - Concentrazione 8 vials. Swisse Ultiboost - Concentration is a multi-nutrient formula, scientifically engineered to supplement your nutrition. Contains Siberian Ginseng which has a tonic-adaptogenic action in case of mental fatigue.

NATURANDO Energia Ready to Go 25ml $ 2,04 $ 2,39 Naturando Energia Ready to Go 25ml. Energy Ready to Go is a food supplement based on cola and guarana with fructose, honey, taurine, arginine, vitamins and minerals useful for people who play sports. The extracts of cola and guarana have a tonic effect for physical and mental fatigue. Vitamins B1, B2 and magnesium contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Finally, magnesium promotes normal muscle function.

SYFORM Smarty 20 vials of 25ml $ 46,85 $ 58,56

Votes: 1 Syform Smarty 20 vials of 25ml. Smarty vials is a tonic-nerve supplement, based on particularly synergistic natural active ingredients, very effective for promoting concentration, intellectual functions and the availability of energy. Caffeine belongs chemically to the group of methyl-Xanthines, and is able to determine various systemic effects. It increases the excitability of nerve cells, can cause an increase in blood pressure and muscle contractility, facilitating the transmission of the nerve impulse; increases the availability of fats and sugars for energy purposes.

TERRANOVA Dynamic Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules $ 47,40 $ 55,75 Terranova Dynamic Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules. Dynamic Synergy is a food supplement composed of plant extracts with an adaptogenic action, specific to support stress and physical fatigue resulting from periods of overmenage.

TERRANOVA Calma Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules $ 33,50 $ 39,41 Terranova Calma Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules. Calma Synergy food supplement is a Terranova supplement with a relaxing and calming action, capable of supporting the individual response to stressful events, which can induce worries, stress, anxiety and sleep-related problems. The mix of plant extracts and synergistic micronutrients acts specifically on a mental level, supporting our brain to better manage stressful situations and all the problems that follow.

APROPOS Vita+ - Junior 12 vials of 10ml $ 20,62 Apropos Vita+ - Junior 12 vials of 10ml. Apropos Vita + - Junior is a food supplement with Zinc to contribute to normal cognitive function. With Phosphoserine, Asparagine, Propolis and Folic Acid.

APROPOS Vita+ - Active 12 vials of 10 ml $ 20,62 Apropos Vita+ - Active 12 vials of 10 ml. Apropos Vita + ACTIVE is a food supplement that combines an association of mineral salts, multivitamins, Matè extract and Propolis.

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