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Specifically for Man

On IAFStore there are products specifically for man for anal and prostate care.

Specifically for Man
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ERBAVOGLIO Serenoa 60 vegetarian capsules of 515 mg $ 16,01 $ 19,52

Votes: 1 Erbavoglio Serenoa 60 vegetarian capsules of 515 mg

NUTRILEYA NutriRegular Uroprox 30 capsules $ 23,74 $ 27,94 Nutrileya NutriRegular Uroprox 30 capsules. Formula that combines tradition, serenea and urgent, principles active from the note and validated beneficial activity on urinary tract, innovation, thanks to the presence of Teupol 10P, innovative extracted from cell cultures of Ajuga Reptans with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action on prostatic cells.

NATURANDO BenaProst 30 tablets $ 26,45 $ 31,11 Naturando BenaProst. Useful for promoting the liver, digestive, purifying and antioxidant function of the body.

PROSTAMOL Prostamol 90 capsules $ 58,38 $ 67,10 Prostamol Prostamol 90 capsules. Prostamol is a food supplement based on serenoa repens that helps to promote the functionality of the prostate and urinary tract.

LINEA ACT Prostat Act 60 tablets $ 17,73 $ 24,28

Votes: 1 Linea Act Prostat Act 60 tablets. Prosta Act is a food supplement based on Serenoa repens that helps promote the functionality of the prostate and urinary tract.

TENA Men - Premium Fit Maxi 8 pads size L $ 11,96 $ 16,23 Tena Men - Premium Fit Maxi 8 pads size L. Maxi absorbency for high leakage protection and a discreet fit like underwear.

ALTA NATURA Emodil - Cream 75ml $ 15,04 $ 17,69 Alta Natura Emodil - Cream 75ml. Emodil cream, thanks to the combination of Aloe, Butcher's broom and Centella asiatica with Escin, helps the physiological well-being altered by hemorrhoidal disorders.

POOL PHARMA UroGermin Prostate 15 softgels $ 9,98 $ 13,30

Votes: 1 Pool Pharma UroGermin Prostate 15 gélules

ABOCA NeoFitoroid 100 ml $ 12,09 $ 14,40 Aboca NeoFitoroid 100 ml. NeoFitoroid creamy protective and soothing cleanser is a product based on plant molecular complexes specific for the anal and perianal area.

ABOCA Prostenil Advanced 60 capsules $ 26,01 $ 31,72 Aboca Prostenil Advanced 60 capsules. Prostenil Advanced is characterized by the presence of the innovative natural molecular complex Xanurin, consisting of various natural substances such as lipidosterols (fatty acids and phytosterols), polyphenols, procyanidins and flavonoids, which derive from Serenoa, Cranberry, Grape seeds and Green Tea.

ALTA NATURA Terra nata - Serenoa $ 19,19 $ 22,57 Alta Natura Terra nata - Serenoa. The active ingredients contained in the dry Serenoa extract promote prostate function, drainage of body fluids and urinary tract function.

DERMOVITAMINA Proctocare Detergente 150ml $ 4,82 $ 9,64 Dermovitamina Proctocare Detergente 150ml. Specific cleanser for anal and intimate hygiene. Indicated for daily proctological cleansing both in normal conditions and in alteration of physiological parameters.

LINEA ACT Prostat Act 30 tablets $ 12,72 $ 16,96 Linea Act Prostat Act 30 tablets. Food supplement based on 320 mg of Serenoa repens which helps to promote the functionality of the prostate and urinary tract.

PROSTAMOL Prostamol 30 capsules $ 22,94 $ 28,67 Prostamol Prostamol 30 capsules. Prostamol is a food supplement based on serenoa repens that helps to promote the functionality of the prostate and urinary tract.

ABOCA NeoFitoroid Bio Ointment 40ml $ 13,22 $ 15,74

Votes: 1 Aboca NeoFitoroid BioPomata 40ml. Biological ointment useful against the hemorrhoidal disorders.

DERMOVITAMINA Proctocare $ 13,83 $ 15,74

POOL PHARMA UroGermin Prostata $ 18,23 $ 30,38

Votes: 9

NUTRILEYA Nutrilen Procto 30 ml $ 11,93 $ 14,03

AVD Prosta Flor 30 capsules $ 22,81 $ 26,84 Avd Prosta Flor 30 capsules. Herbal extract in energized water, useful in promoting the well-being and functionality of the urinary tract.

ALGEM NATURA Prostalgem 30 capsules $ 18,87 $ 26,96 Algem Natura Prostalgem 30 capsules. ProstalGem is a food supplement based on dry extracts of Serenoa, Pumpkin and Bearberry that promote the functionality of the prostate and urinary tract.

ALGILIFE EmoFort 550 30 vegetarian capsules $ 17,30 $ 23,06

Votes: 1 Algilife EmoFort 550 30 vegetarian capsules. EMOFORT 500 is a food supplement based on plant extracts of melitol, red vine and horse chestnut with the addition of diosmin and hesperidin.

OPTIMA Emofresh 100ml $ 12,18

Votes: 4 Optima Emofresh 100ml. This natural cream is ideal for reactivating the body in stressful situations. It contains 33% of horse chestnut functional ingredients of which the seeds and bark contain aescin, a decongestant. The formula is additionally enriched with refreshing menthol and vitamin E.

NATURE'S BOUNTY Saw Palmetto 100 capsules $ 19,32

Votes: 8 Nature's Bounty Saw Palmetto 100 capsules. Saw Palmetto is a supplement containing pulverised fresh berries of Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens Bart.).

SCITEC NUTRITION Saw Palmetto Complex 60 capsules $ 10,89

Votes: 2 Scitec Nutrition Saw Palmetto Complex 60 capsules. Our SAW PALMETTO COMPLEX contains 5 popular and respected herbal ingredients in a total quantity of 730 mg per serving.

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