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PRANAROM Aromaforce - Sciroppo Vie Respiratorie 150 ml $ 12,40 $ 14,58 Pranarom Aromaforce - Sciroppo Vie Respiratorie 150 ml. Pranarom Aromaforce - Respiratory Tract Syrup is a syrup for maintaining normal respiratory health and natural defenses. Based on 100% organic essential oils: Eucalyptus globulus, Lemon, Scots Pine, Savory, Cinnamon.

ABOCA Influvis 120 grams $ 11,70 $ 13,30 Aboca Influvis 120 grams. Aboca Influvis is a valid help to assist the physiological mechanisms that the body puts in place in response to the typical discomforts of the winter season.

BIOS LINE Larimucil - Tosse e Gola 12 sachets of 10ml $ 11,71 $ 14,64 Bios Line Larimucil - Tosse e Gola 12 sachets of 10ml. Coughing frequently irritates the throat; in turn, the sore throat can stimulate the cough reflex. Larimucil Cough and Throat performs a double action: thanks to its content of Altea and Icelandic Lichen it soothes the irritated oropharyngeal mucosa, while the Thyme counteracts dry cough.

ESI Propolaid - Sciroppo Balsamico 180ml $ 10,98 $ 14,64 Esi Propolaid - Sciroppo Balsamico 180ml. Propolaid Balsamic Syrup is the food supplement based on Propolis and Echinacea, with Honey and Balsamic Herbs able to favor the elimination of excess mucus and stimulation of the immune defenses.

ESI Propolaid - PropolBaby Sciroppo 180ml $ 6,45 $ 11,96 Esi Propolaid - PropolBaby Sciroppo 180ml. PropolBaby is the food supplement based on Propolis with Echinacea, Helichrysum, Acerola and Honey.

SCHWABE Kaloba Tuss Sciroppo Bambini $ 14,54 $ 18,18

Votes: 1

SCHWABE Kaloba Tuss Sciroppo $ 14,54 $ 18,18

Votes: 1

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