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For over 30 years HerbalGem has been developing and producing food supplements based on sprouts and plant extracts.

For over 30 years, HerbalGem has been developing and producing food supplements based on sprouts and plant extracts and its range of gemmotherapy concentrates is among the largest on the market. Among the HerbalGem preparations, natural syrups bring relief in case of respiratory disorders such as decreased voice, sore throat and cold.

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HERBALGEM Herbal Fum Bio - Polmoni $ 12,52 $ 18,42 Herbalgem Herbal Fum Bio - Polmoni. Fem50 + Gem - Menopause is formulated with buds and young shoots extracts and accompanies women over 50 during menopause.

HERBALGEM Optigem Palpebre Spray 10ml $ 9,56 $ 14,06 Herbalgem Optigem Palpebre Spray 10ml. L'acqua di fiordaliso* lenisce gli occhi stanchi e arrossati. Il fiordaliso è una pianta utilizzata fin dal Medioevo per la sua azione benefica sugli occhi stanchi. Questa acqua di fiordaliso lenitiva si ottiene per la distillazione dei fiori di Centaurea cyanus*.

HERBALGEM Silhoulinfa - Fresh Birch Sap 250 ml $ 14,75 $ 21,69 Herbalgem Silhoulinfa - Fresh Birch Sap 250 ml. Silholinfa contains rosemary which favors the digestive function and the elimination of gas, useful for finding a flat stomach

HERBALGEM Drenalinfa Bio - Detox 250 ml $ 14,75 $ 21,69 Herbalgem Drenalinfa Bio - Detox 250 ml. HERBALGEM BIO DRENALINFA - DETOX by Pranarom supports DRAINAGE. It drains the body and eliminates toxins. In spring, with the vegetative restart, the birch sap, rich in bioavailable trace elements, begins to rise inside the trunk. Loaded with minerals and dynamized by its passage inside the tree, the sap is a true vital liquid.

HERBALGEM Herbal Fum Bio - Polmoni $ 11,04 $ 16,24 Herbalgem Herbal Fum Bio - Lungs 250 ml. Pranarom Herbal Fum Syrup invigorates the respiratory tract of smokers, eliminating the phlegm layer accumulated over the years.

HERBALGEM Herbal Voce Bio - Voce $ 11,04 $ 16,24 Herbalgem Herbal Bio Voice - Voice 250 ml. ciroppo Herbal Voce exerts a specific emollient and soothing action on the vocal strings

HERBALGEM Herbal Tus Bio - Gola $ 7,34 $ 10,79

Votes: 1 Herbalgem Herbal Tus Bio - Throat 150 ml. Herbalgem Herbal Tus Syrup is ideal during the winter, when the respiratory tract is more sensitive.

HERBALGEM Herbal Respi Bio - Bronchi $ 7,34 $ 10,79 Herbalgem Herbal Respi Bio - Bronchi 150 ml. Herbalgem Herbal Respi Bio is designed to help clear up congested airways

HERBALGEM Feminagem GC21 50 ml $ 20,36 $ 27,14 Herbalgem Feminagem GC21 50 ml. Feminagem improves women's comfort during the menstrual cycle.

HERBALGEM Cellulinfa 250 ml $ 16,27 $ 21,69 Herbalgem Cellulinfa 250 ml. The bud extractives preserve all the properties of the bud and Herbalgem prepares them using products from organic farming.

HERBALGEM Sportilinfa Bio - Muscoli 250 ml $ 14,75 $ 21,69 Not available Herbalgem Sportilinfa Bio - Muscoli 250 ml. supplement Concentrated gemmotherapy uses the active ingredients of buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs.

HERBALGEM Energem GC28 Bio 10ml $ 11,04 $ 16,24 Not available Herbalgem Energem GC28 Bio 10ml. The natural richness of its active ingredients based on macerates, fluid extracts, hydrolates and mother tinctures makes it effective in case of tiredness or reduced vitality. This complex is especially suitable for people who are constantly stressed, who do not have the opportunity to recover and calm down.

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