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100% Organic Pistachio Cream 150 grams

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Customer Reviews: 3


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IAFSTORE Food 100% Organic Pistachio Cream 150 grams.
The IAFSTORE® organic pistachio cream is obtained with 100% pistachios from organic farming, without the addition of dyes or other pollutants. It has a dark green color tending to brown. Quality index and total absence of dyes or other masking elements.

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Iafstore Supplements - 100% Organic Pistachio Cream - IAFSTORE.COM

Organic Pistachios Spread

100% Organic pistachio cream is IAFSTORE® Food's Organic spread, 100% pistachios with no added sugars (naturally contains sugars). Ideal for filling toast or dessert and to accompany your breakfast. We recommend a portion of 15 g corresponding to 1 tablespoon.
Why are there different colors of pistachio creams on the market?

Wandering around the shops you may notice that pistachio creams from different manufacturers have very different colors.It is important to know that the color is an excellent indicator to understand how natural a pistachio cream is or hide ingredients that have nothing to do with it. with quality.

Bright green . This color cannot be obtained simply from pure pistachio cream.
Certainly food coloring has been added to the pistachio cream to make it look more inviting.
This is often done to mask the low amount of pistachio used.

Gold green. We are always struggling with creams around 50% pure pistachio cream, but which hide a secret, extra virgin olive oil. In fact, the pistachio base in contact with the olive oil leaves its green even more to tend towards ancient gold. Usually only one other ingredient is added to this mix: sugar. IAFSTORE®

pistachio cream  is made with 100% pistachios from organic farming , without the addition of dyes or other pollutants . It has a dark green color tending to brown. Quality index and total absence of dyes or other masking elements.


STORAGE: keep away from light and heat sources and in a cool and dry place.

Nutrition information
Per 100 g Per 15 g (1 tablespoon)
Energy 2374 kJ / 573 kcal 356 kJ / 86 kcal
of which saturates
45 g
5,6 g
6,7 g
0,8 g
of which sugars
17 g
7,7 g
2,5 g
1,1 g
Fibre 10 g 1,5 g
Proteins 20 g 3 g
Salt 0 g 0 g
The package contains 13 portions of 15 g each.
Ingredients: organic pistachios (100%). May contain other nuts.

Customer Reviews (3)

Crema 100% pistacchio italiano…
by USER ID 748725 on 24/02/2021
Crema 100% pistacchio italiano e proveniente da agricoltura biologica. Visto il prezzo mi aspettavo un sapore differente, ha un retrogusto poco piacevole. Ho assaggiato creme migliori in commercio, per questo non la ricomprerò.
Consistenza ottima, sapore…
by USER ID 601233 on 19/02/2021
Consistenza ottima, sapore 100% di pistacchio al naturale.
Pazzesca !!! non potrà più…
by USER ID 495920 on 19/02/2021
Pazzesca !!! non potrà più mancare nella mia credenza !
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