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Blend Whey 1500 grams

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Choco Vanilla

Iafstore Supplements Blend Whey 1500 grams. Food supplement based on native concentrated whey protein quality - DMV Nutri Whey Native, isolated whey proteins Isolac® quality and hydrolysed quality Optipep® 90 DH4.

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Iafstore Supplements - Blend Whey - IAFSTORE.COM
Food supplement based on native concentrated whey protein quality - DMV Nutri Whey Native, isolated whey proteins Isolac® quality and hydrolysed quality Optipep® 90 DH4.

BLEND WHEY is a unique formula. The only integrator ever made up of 3 patents:

Concentrated whey component in NATIVA form quality DMV Nutri Whey Native
Isolated component of Isolac® quality whey

Hydrolysed component of Optipep® 90 DH4 whey

Concentrate component of whey in NATIVA form quality DMV Nutri Whey Native
Whey is named "Native", because it is not denatured so it has not undergone chemical or physical processes that modify the protein structure.
Natural protein has a better nutritional profile than Whey derived from serum or cheese proteins. To obtain a "NATIVE WHEY", the production procedure is "delicate" with "delicate" pasteurisation then processed through micro-filtration and low temperature. The quality of raw materials is essential. There are only basic proteins in NATIVE WHEY, obtained from high quality whey extracted from fresh milk (Milk only undergoes a "delicate" process of pasteurisation to eliminate all micro-organisms), and from free-range livestock, fed on grass.
Thanks to the special production process, NATIVE WHEY has a more conserved and complete protein structure. Compared to normal Whey, Native proteins do not undergo pasteurisation processes with added ingredients and do not undergo high-temperature processing and filtration processes. In fact the tern NATIVE means when a protein assumes the conformation expected from its own sequence or that in any case allows it to be functional. This is in contrast with denatured conformations resulting from thermal shock, attacks by acids or strong bases.

Insulated component of Isolac® quality whey
Made exclusively from Carbery® Isolac®. After being subjected to an advanced purification process that guarantees maximum integrity of its proteins, ISO WHEY can boast 90% of protein content and only 1% of fats. A very high digestible protein for those looking for a excellent quality and certified product.

Hydrolyzed component of Optipep® 90 DH4 whey
Composed exclusively and exclusively by Optipep® 90 DH4, one of the most complete and qualitative protein sources available on the market today. Hydrolysis is a process of breaking down proteins into simpler molecular structures, the peptides, composed of small chains of amino acids, highly digestible and bio-available in a very short time. Extremely digestible with fast assimilation. The special technology which hydrolyses the isolated whey protein is guaranteed by the Optipep® brand. The formula also contains a high concentration of polypeptides, lactoglobulin, lactoferrin and a high concentration of BCAA.

DIRECTIONS: add 2 scoops (30 g) in 200 ml of water or other favourite beverage and take once a day.


STORAGE: keep in a cool dry place.

Nutritional Information (Choco) Per 100 g Per 30 g
Energy 1575 kJ / 373 kcal 473 kJ / 112 kcal
of which saturates
4.5 g
1.5 g
1.4 g
0.5 g
of which sugars
3 g
2.6 g
0.9 g
0.8 g
Fibre 0 g 0 g
Protein 84 g 25 g
Salt 0.59 g 0.18 g
Calcium 500 mg 150 mg (19%*)
Amino acid profile Per 100 g Per 30 g
Leucine 9.93 g 2.98 g
isoleucine 6.27 g 1.88 g
Valine 5.74 g 1.72 g
Total BCAAs 21.94 g 6.58 g
Cysteine 2.15 g 0.65 g
Phenylalanine 2.81 g 0.84 g
Histidine 1.58 g 0.48 g
Lysine 9.15 g 2.74 g
Methionine 2.08 g 0.62 g
Tyrosine 3.65 g 1.10 g
threonine 5.27 g 1.58 g
Tryptophan 1.37 g 0.41 g
Total essential amino acids 50 g 15 g
Aspartic acid 10.37 g 3.11 g
Glutamic acid 17.20 g 5.16 g
Alanine 4.77 g 1.43 g
Arginine 1.96 g 0.59 g
Glycine 1.35 g 0.41 g
Proline 5.33 g 1.60 g
Serina 4.44 g 1.33 g
*RI: Reference Intakes

Ingredients: whey (milk) protein concentrate (DMV Nutri Whey Native)(contains emulsfier: soy lecithin), whey (milk) protein isolate (Isolac®) (contains emulsfier: soy lecithin), hydrolyzed whey (milk) protein isolate (Optipep® 90) (contains emulsfier: soy lecithin), cocoa powder, flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.

Warnings: consult a physician prior to use if you have any medical condition. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For use as a dietary supplement only. This product is not intended to replace a varied and balanced nutrition. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Customer Reviews (16)

L'etichetta nutrizionale…
by USER ID 689721 on 22/11/2021
L'etichetta nutrizionale sulla confezione,non combacia con quella pubblica sul sito!!!!
Le proteine mi sono arrivate…
by USER ID 789184 on 05/08/2021
Le proteine mi sono arrivate aperte, il barattolo manomesso con polvere sparsa all'esterno del barattolo
Un prodotto del genere dovrebbe…
by USER ID 789184 on 02/08/2021
Un prodotto del genere dovrebbe essere neutro o dolcificato con la stelvia . Tutti gli educoloranti fanno male.
la qualità della materia…
by USER ID 211423 on 25/11/2020
la qualità della materia prima non si discute, ma la vaniglia é davvero stucchevole. Credo sia vaniglia bourbon, troppo dolciastra davvero. Se la si lascia qualche minuto nello shaker il gusto cambia in peggio, quasi imbevibile. Rivedrei l'aroma o penserei di vendere '' gusto neutro'' cosí da introdurre anche meno dolcificanti.
La proteina ISOLAC è la migliore…
by USER ID 22874 on 20/03/2020
La proteina ISOLAC è la migliore in assoluto, IAFSTORE serissimi da sempre!
Molto buone e leggere! Nn…
by USER ID 194258 on 14/03/2020
Molto buone e leggere! Nn danno fastidio al organismo!
Ottima digeribilità, gusto…
by USER ID 4288 on 07/11/2019
Ottima digeribilità, gusto leggero, ottima qualità/prezzo e quantità prodotto.
Excellent produit à des prix…
by USER ID 590453 on 20/08/2019
Excellent produit à des prix imbattables! Merci Iafstore
soddisfatto !!! gusto vaniglia…
by USER ID 599457 on 20/08/2019
soddisfatto !!! gusto vaniglia molto delicato
Mui appetitosa e qualitas…
by USER ID 162250 on 28/07/2019
Mui appetitosa e qualitas mucho altas.. Producto fantastico in totos Los mundo.. Muchas grasias iafstore.. La Vaca allevada in cambagna crea un lattes superior es una proteina da muscolo de arnold Schwarzenegger
¡Producto superior y envío…
by USER ID 590461 on 18/07/2019
¡Producto superior y envío rápido! Gracias iafstore!
Credo che un blend proteico…
by USER ID 562230 on 01/06/2019
Credo che un blend proteico del genere sia unico nel suo genere. Tre materie prime certificate insieme. La qualità si vede appena apri il barattolo. Brava IAFSTORE. Prezzo davvero competitivo.
Buone ottime…
by USER ID 5438 on 19/04/2019
Buone ottime
Qualità altissima e digeribilità…
by USER ID 162250 on 06/04/2019
Qualità altissima e digeribilità ottima
Appena arrivato. Nulla da…
by USER ID 562230 on 12/03/2019
Appena arrivato. Nulla da dire. Grandissimo prodotto. Qualità da 10 con lode.
appena arrivato ottimo…
by USER ID 525458 on 12/03/2019
appena arrivato ottimo
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