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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Colina e inositolo 60 capsules $ 14,49

Votes: 15 Yamamoto® Research Colina e inositolo 60 capsules. Precious elements, true health "safeguards", choline and inositol acting in synergy, are basic elements of lecithin, the substance that keep fats in solution in blood and in other organic fluids, helping the body to control physiological and blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

SOLGAR Lipo Colina 100 capsules $ 21,28

Votes: 4 Solgar Lipo Colina 100 capsules. Choline is an important nutrient that is synthesized by the body in small quantities and introduced with the diet through brewer's yeast, eggs and liver. Most body choline is found in phospholipids and plays a fundamental role in the structural integrity of cell membranes: it is in fact a component of phosphaditylcholine which constitutes 50% of the phospholipids used by the cells to build their own membrane.

SOLGAR Dima Hepa 50 tablets $ 25,11

Votes: 8 Solgar Dima Hepa 50 tablets, liver function, contains methionine, inositol and choline. However, poor nutrition, stress, toxins, pollutants and viruses can be fatiguing.

PIAM Rischiaril Orosolubile 14 sachets $ 22,76 Piam Rischiaril Orosolubile 14 sachets

PIAM Rischiaril 14 tablets $ 21,81 Piam Rischiaril 14 tablets

4+ NUTRITION Alpha GPC+ 30 capsules $ 19,08

Votes: 7 4+ Nutrition Alpha GPC+ 30 capsules. ALPHA GPC+ is an Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine supplement used to improve cognitive functions and increase muscle mass and strength.

LONG LIFE Choline 250mg 100 tablets $ 17,33 Long Life Choline 250mg 100 tablets. Choline is a “vitamin-like” factor broadly present in nature.

NOW FOODS Choline & Inositol 100 capsules $ 19,84 Not available Now Foods Choline & Inositol 100 capsules

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