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DR. ORGANIC Organic Lavender - Conditioner 250ml $ 10,24 Dr. Organic Organic Lavender - Conditioner 250ml

ESI Serenesi - Notte 50ml $ 17,27 $ 26,16 Esi Serenesi - Notte 50ml. Serenesi - Lavanda is a food supplement based on lavender and hawthorn.

ALTA NATURA Essentia Essential Oil - Lavender 10ml $ 8,18 $ 10,90

Votes: 3 Alta Natura Essentia Pure Essential Oil - Lavender 10ml. The essential oils are substances of plant origin, fragrant, volatile, soluble in fats, in oils and in the organic solvents. Insoluble in water

DR. ORGANIC Organic Lavender - Handwash 250ml $ 6,11

Votes: 4 Dr. Organic Organic Lavender - Handwash 250ml. A highly effective formula combining Organic Lavender oil andAloe Vera designed to gently cleanse, restore and protect thehands. Rich, fragrant and deeply cleansing to leave hands feeling naturally fresh and soft.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Lavender - Body Wash 250ml $ 6,80

Votes: 3 Dr. Organic Organic Lavender - Body Wash 250ml. This relaxing formulation is a delightful blend of Organic Lavender oil and Aloe Vera designed to soothe and calm both body and mind; it cleanses gently, without disrupting the skin's delicate balance and without causing any irritation or dryness.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Lavender - Soap 100 grams $ 3,37

Votes: 4 Dr. Organic Organic Lavender - Soap 100g. A fragrant moisturising vegetable soap bar based on Organic Lavender oil, perfect for naturally cleansing and softening even highly sensitive skin

DR. ORGANIC Organic Lavender - Shampoo 265ml $ 9,55

Votes: 4 Dr. Organic Organic Lavender - Shampoo 265ml. Rich and pleasantly scented, an intense shampoo which isbeneficial to all hair types and effective in preventing flaky scalpconditions.

ERBA VITA Essential Oil - Lavender 10ml $ 7,43 $ 9,92

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Olio Essenziale - Lavanda 10ml. Essential oil

DR. ORGANIC Organic Lavender - Deodorant 50ml $ 6,11

Votes: 5 Not available Dr. Organic Organic Lavender - Deodorant 50ml. Gentle, mild, safe and still offers long lasting protection.

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