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AMAZON SEEDS Organic Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 100 grams $ 17,27

Votes: 2 Amazon Seeds Shitake Biologico Secchi 100g. Dried Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes)

AVD Micotherapy Shiitake 90 capsules $ 39,15

Votes: 6 AVD Micotherapy Shiitake 90 capsules. Dietary supplement

CABASSI & GIURIATI Nutriva - Shiitake 60 vegetarian capsules $ 27,82

Votes: 4 Cabassi & Giuriati Nutriva - Shiitake 60 vegetarian capsules. Dietary supplement

BOTANICAL MIX Shitake 60 vegetarian capsules $ 27,38

Votes: 2 Botanical Mix Shitake 60 vegetarian capsules. SHITAKE is a supplement of Lentinula edodes fungus commonly called Shitake, which favors the body's natural defenses.

LIFEPLAN Shiitake 60 capsules $ 25,48

Votes: 2 Lifeplan Shiitake 60 capsules. Dietary supplement.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Shiitake Bio 45 capsules $ 23,97

Votes: 35 Not available Yamamoto® Research Shiitake Bio 45 capsules. The Shiitake boasts of a true tradition as a medicinal mushroom, used for centuries in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and also within Japanese medicinal circles. Its characteristic properties have a preventive health impact, it contains many precious bioactive substances and has a high nutritional value.

ERBAVOGLIO Shiitake Bio 90 vegetarian capsules of 230mg $ 21,34 Not available Erbavoglio Shiitake Bio 90 vegetarian capsules of 230mg

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Shiitake Powder 100 grams $ 23,02 Not available Amazon Seeds Organic Shiitake Powder 100 grams

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