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Snail slime

Snail slime
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PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Repair Crema Corpo 250ml $ 37,69 $ 41,88 Pharmalife Aspersina - Repair Crema Corpo 250ml. Return, emollient and protective body cream for dried and chapped skin, with slide bay and functional active.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Ristruttura Maschera Viso 100ml $ 51,73 $ 57,48 Pharmalife Aspersina - Ristruttura Maschera Viso 100ml. Instant b.o.t. ultra-lifting anti age mask, with bay of snail, biomimetic peptides and botox-like peptides.

PHARMALIFE Aspersin Cleansing Milk 200ml $ 17,17 $ 19,08

Votes: 1 Pharmalife Aspersina Cleanser 200ml. Formulated to gently cleanse the skin removing all traces of make-up and give 24 hours of hydration.

PHARMALIFE Detox - Face Cream Normalizing 50ml $ 22,68 $ 25,20 Pharmalife Detox - Face Cream Normalizing 50ml. DETOX CREAM FACE is an innovative face cosmetic product specific for oily and impure skin, ideal day and night. It is a fast absorption emulsion with a normalizing and opaque effect, formulated with pure snail slime and natural dermofunctional extracts.

PHARMALIFE Detox - Concentrated Gel SOS Imperfections 10ml $ 13,50 $ 15,00 Pharmalife Detox - Concentrated Gel SOS Imperfections 10ml. DETOX GEL CONCENTRATO is an active and concentrated dermocosmetic gel, specific for skin imperfections. It is a targeted SOS treatment, able to penetrate effectively to reduce rashes in a short time and minimize signs, redness and irritations.

PHARMALIFE Detox - Face Cleansing Gel 150ml $ 16,74 $ 18,60 Pharmalife Detox - Face Cleansing Gel 150ml. DETOX FACE CLEANSING GEL, fresh and delicate, designed for the daily cleaning of oily and impure skin. It is a product formulated with pure snail slime and natural dermofunctional extracts. Thanks to its balancing action, in a single gesture it cleanses the skin and reduces lucidity and formation of sebum.

ISOLA Eliflux 50ml $ 38,88 $ 43,20

Votes: 2 Isola Eliflux 50ml. Eliflux cream allows a gradual elimination of dead cells, a strong nourishing and antioxidant action, a greater firmness and elasticity to the tissues and an exceptional regenerating action.

ISOLA Eliflu 200ml $ 17,82 $ 19,80

Votes: 5 Isola Eliflu 200ml. The extract of snail Eliflu mucus comes from ancient recipes dating back to the sixteenth century and keeps unchanged in this formulation the virtues that have made it famous in the times. It contributes to the well-being of the respiratory tract, especially during the cold season.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Rigenera Plus 50ml $ 50,22 $ 55,80

Votes: 1 Pharmalife Aspersina - Rigenera Plus 50ml. ASPERSINA RIGENERA PLUS is an intensive face treatment ideal day and night; its formulation has been enriched with natural extracts useful to promote hydration and improve the overall appearance of facial skin.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Beauty Booster 30ml $ 33,48 $ 37,20

Votes: 7 Pharmalife Aspersina - Beauty Booster 30ml. ASPERSINA BOOSTER OF BEAUTY is a specific serum, indicated in case of tired, atonic skin with a dull complexion.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Hair Mask 100ml $ 16,20 $ 18,00

Votes: 3 Pharmalife Aspersina - Hair Mask 100ml. ASPERSINA MASCHERA HAIR NUTRIENTE is an ideal cosmetic treatment for hair that needs a proper supply of nutrients.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Latte & Tonico Make-up Removal 200ml $ 18,90 $ 21,00 Pharmalife Aspersina - Latte & Tonico Make-up Removal 200ml. ASPERSINA LATTE & TONICO MAKE-UP REMOVAL is a fluid emulsion that combines the functions of the cleansing milk and the tonic useful for daily skin cleansing. Snail slime and natural extracts based. Face and eyes, without alcohol.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Tonic 200ml $ 13,50 $ 15,00 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Tonico 200ml. ASPERSINA TONICO is an emollient water-based formulation, without rinsing, suitable for all skin types. Useful to complete the cleansing of face and eyes, gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and softness; the skin of the whole face will appear bright and revitalized.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Barcode Intensive Serum 15ml $ 27,00 $ 30,00 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Barcode Siero Intensivo 15ml. ASPERSINA BARCODE intensive serum specifically for peri-fashions: applied regularly morning and evening reduces and smoothes perioral wrinkles with intensive smoothing effect visible in a short time.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Facial Scrub 50ml $ 29,16 $ 32,40 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Gommage Viso 50ml. ASPERSINA GOMMAGE FACE is a purifying and exfoliating cream for face, neck and décolleté, based on snail slime.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Snail Gel - Facial Serum 30ml $ 24,28

Votes: 5 Dr. Organic Organic Snail Gel - Facial Serum 30ml. Combining Snail Gel with Olive Leaf Extract, Levan and Jujube Seed Extract has created a soothing non greasy serum that penetrates deep into the epidermis, instantly hydrating the skin to help leave it feeling smoother, nourished and restored, revealing a more youthful glow.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Snail Gel - Cream 50ml $ 30,16

Votes: 8 Dr. Organic Organic Snail Gel - Cream 50ml. This exceptional face cream is formulated to quickly absorb into the epidermis, restoring the natural moisture levels of the skin to help soothe and revitalise, leaving a luxurious feeling of firmness, tone and hydration.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Snail Gel - Eye Serum 15ml $ 20,92

Votes: 6 Dr. Organic Organic Snail Gel - Eye Serum 15ml. Snail Gel Eye Serum combines a number of beneficial organic extracts with Helix Aspersa Muller secretion.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Volume+ 50ml $ 41,58 $ 46,20

Votes: 3 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Volume+ 50ml. Volume + is a deep lifting anti-aging treatment, rich in functional ingredients, acts on the surface and in depth to reshape, replenish and restore volume to the face.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Siero Contorno Occhi 15ml $ 24,84 $ 27,60

Votes: 8 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Siero Contorno Occhi 15ml. ASPERSINA EYE CONTOUR SERUM is a serum with a filling, smoothing as well as regenerating and firming effect that ensures a long-lasting contribution of active substances capable of acting on the different layers of the skin in order to restore firmness, fullness, suppleness and to visibly reduce wrinkles of the eye contour area.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Rinnova 50ml $ 53,46 $ 59,40

Votes: 10 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Rinnova 50ml. Cream based on snail slime, alpha arbutin, Maca extract and lactobionic acid.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Leviga 50ml $ 45,90 $ 51,00

Votes: 6 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Leviga 50ml. Aspersina leviga is a cream based on snail slime, hyaluronic acid, alpha arbutin.

SOCIETA' NATURA Kalucream Siero Tensore con Acido Jaluronico $ 30,72 $ 38,40

Votes: 1

SOCIETA' NATURA Kalucream Skin Moon $ 34,56 $ 43,20

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