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Jungle Formula repellents are thought to be effective against insects but delicate on the skin, even for children.

Jungle Formula produces repellents based on DEET, a substance capable of keeping mosquitoes away thanks to its particular formulation. The Jungle Formula repellents have been designed to ward off insects in a delicate way on the skin, even for the children. Among the Jungle Formula products, you can find anti-mosquito spray, anti-mosquito bracelets, and post-puncture solutions useful for those traveling in areas where the presence of mosquitoes is significant.

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JUNGLE FORMULA Molto Forte Roll On 50 ml $ 7,07 Jungle Formula Molto Forte Roll On 50 ml. Molto Forte Roll On by Jungle Formula is ideal against tropical mosquitoes.

JUNGLE FORMULA Dopo Puntura 15 ml $ 5,64 Not available Jungle Formula Molto Forte Spray Original 15 ml. Dopo Puntura Immediate relief from bites of insects, jellyfish and nettles with refreshing effect.

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