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KELEMATA Cerotto Bertelli Med - Termoattivo Formato Grande 1 patch 24x16 cm $ 5,72 $ 7,63

Votes: 1 Kelemata Cerotto Bertelli Med - Termoattivo Formato Grande 1 patch 24x16 cm. The Bertelli patch exerts a valid action against muscle tension, promoting relaxation and relieving pain. Bertelli Patch technology allows heat to penetrate deeply and reach contracted muscles.

KELEMATA PL3 Special Protector - Repairing Hand Conditioner 50ml $ 3,10 $ 7,74 Kelemata PL3 Special Protector - Hand Repair Balm 50ml. Kelemata PL3 SOS Repairing Hand Conditioner creates a protective barrier that favors the repair of cracks and fissures. Concentrated formula with 51% of vegetable Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides.

KELEMATA PL3 - Special Protector 1 sachets $ 3,38 $ 6,76

Votes: 1 Not available Kelemata PL3 - Special Protector 1 sachets. A light veil of PL3 Special Protector on the lips ensures a good emollient and protective action. PL3 Special Protector blends instantly with the lips and gives intense and lasting hydration for 24 hours.

KELEMATA PL3 Sun - Alta Protezione Labbra 1 sachets $ 3,38 $ 6,76

Votes: 2 Not available Kelemata PL3 Sun - Alta Protezione Labbra 1 sachets. It is suitable for lips and more sensitive areas such as eye contour, ears, nose, moles, spots, capillaries, tattoos and scars, it is perfect for those who practice water sports and in the high mountains. Repeat the application several times during sun exposure.

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