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MERITENE Meritene Proactive 408 grams $ 21,33 Meritene Meritene Proactive 408 grams. Meritene® PROACTIVE is the complete supplement specifically designed for the nutritional needs and well-being of women. It is ideal for preserving the health of muscles and bones and counteracting the effects of slowing metabolism and the feeling of fatigue.

MERITENE Meritene Mobilis $ 18,86

Votes: 5 Meritene Mobilis 10 envelopes. Meritene® Mobilis is an exquisite food supplement that helps our musculoskeletal system to function properly by acting on the three crucial levers of body movement: joints, muscles and bones.

MERITENE Protein Neutro $ 18,56

Votes: 2 Meritene Protein Neutro 270 grams. Meritene® Protein Neutro is a specific high protein nutritional support with vitamins and minerals, which help supplement nutrition and provide energy and nutrients.

MERITENE Forza e Vitalità $ 18,56

Votes: 6 It deserves strength and vitality 270 grams. Meritene® Strength and vitality, the result of over 40 years of experience in nutrition science, is the ideal soluble powder supplement to enrich every moment of the day with the taste of well-being in 4 delicious variations.

MERITENE Forza e Vitalità $ 3,50

Votes: 5 It deserves Strength and Vitality 200ml. Strength and Vitality can be useful for following a complete diet on a daily basis, in case of excessive physical exhaustion or an insufficient or unbalanced diet which, lacking some fundamental nutrients, can make us feel more tired, physically and mentally less fit. usual.

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