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MONTEFARMACO OTC Pancia Piatta Dren 14 liquid sachets $ 10,99 $ 19,62 Montefarmaco Otc Pancia Piatta Dren 14 liquid sachets. Pancia Piatta Dren is a food supplement with a taste of wild berries which thanks to its formula with Dandelion, Lespedeza, Ortosifon, Sweet Clover and Horse Chestnut, natural extracts of Italian production, performs a triple action, contributing to the functionality of the microcirculation, to the drainage of body fluids and therefore to the purification of the organism.

MONTEFARMACO OTC Fialetta Odontoiatrica D.M. 1 tube of 4 grams $ 4,97 $ 6,54 Montefarmaco Otc Fialetta Odontoiatrica D.M. The DM dental vial is useful for relieving dental pain caused by caries.

MONTEFARMACO OTC Orsovit 60 gummy candies $ 7,88 $ 10,36 Montefarmaco Otc Orsovit. Orsovit is a food supplement of Vitamins for children. Orsovit Vitamine is indicated in cases of reduced dietary intake or increased physiological requirement; provides vitamins in accordance with the reference Nutrition information.

MONTEFARMACO OTC Normalene - Macrogol 3350 20 sachets of 13,3 grams $ 7,94 $ 14,17 Not available Montefarmaco Otc Normalene - Macrogol 3350 20 sachets of 13,3 grams. Normalene® Macrogol 3350 is useful for the treatment of constipation in adults and children. Normalene® Macrogol 3350 regulates the intestine; it is indicated in cases of chronic constipation and in cases of occasionally irregular bowel.

MONTEFARMACO OTC Chetosil Repair $ 7,94 $ 14,17 Not available Montefarmaco Otc Spa Chetosil Repair 125ml. Medical device in powder that favors the restoration of normal physiological conditions necessary for the spontaneous regeneration of the skin.

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