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NATURATA Caffè di Lupino Istantaneo 100 grams $ 8,68 $ 9,64 Naturata Caffè di Lupino Istantaneo 100 grams. powder preparation based on lupine. Per a tasty alternative to caffeine-free coffee, with a high energy intake and almost totally fat-free. Thanks to the processing procedure, the drink does not contain lupine and gluten allergens.

NATURATA Caffè di Farro 75 grams $ 7,54 $ 8,38 Naturata Caffè di Farro 75 grams. powder preparation for spelt and chicora coffee. Per a relaxing and energetic drink alternative to coffee. Thanks to the manufacturing process that filters the roasted and crushed grains, it is possible to eliminate the part with gluten, obtaining a certified gluten-free drink with crossed ears.

NATURATA Zucchero di Barbabietola 500 grams $ 3,43 $ 3,82 Not available Naturata Zucchero di Barbabietola 500 grams. Very fine and clear white beet sugar, ideal for pastry and sweetening any dish and drink. Unrefined product. Organic sugar beet is washed, mashed and cooked. The beet juice is cleaned and evaporated to produce the syrup.

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