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NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Ven Urto 20 tablets $ 18,68 Nutrileya Nutriregular Ven Urto 20 tablets. NutriRegular Ven Urto is a food supplement based on Sweet Clover, which regulates the functionality of the venous circulation, microcirculation and hemorrhoidal plexus, as well as promoting the drainage of body fluids.

NUTRILEYA NutriLen Procto 30 ml $ 12,67 Nutrileya NutriLen Procto 30 ml. NutriLen Procto is a medical device with a protective, lubricant, emollient action of the anal and perianal area for the treatment of hemorrhoids, anal and procitcitus fissures.

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Lax $ 10,22 Nutrileya Nutriregular Lax

NUTRILEYA Nutridef Allergen 30 x 1g tablets $ 16,80 Nutrileya Nutridef Allergen 30 x 1g tablets. Nutridef Allergen is a food supplement based on Andrographis useful for the functionality of the upper respiratory tract, Perilla for the body's natural defenses and Casperome (Boswellia).

NUTRILEYA NutriDef Tuss 200ml $ 14,55 Nutrileya NutriDef Tuss 200ml. NutriDef Tuss is a food supplement based on mallow and elderberry to promote the fluidity of bronchial secretions, ribes nigrum for the well-being of the nose and throat; with snail and larch extract.

NUTRILEYA Nutridef Adulti 20 tablets $ 17,73 Nutrileya Nutridef Adulti 20 tablets. Nutridef Adults is a food supplement with astragalus, shiitake and zinc which contribute to the normal function of the immune system, Schisandra chinensis which exerts a tonic-adaptogenic action and Rosehip with antioxidant action.

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Macro-Lax 20 sachets of 6,5 grams $ 12,11 Nutrileya Nutriregular Macro-Lax 20 sachets of 6,5 grams. Feeding Macro-LAX is a supplement that thanks to the extracts of Seine and Frangula, in synergy with plum extract and chicory, promotes the correct intestinal functionality.

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Flora $ 12,97 Nutrileya Nutriregular Flora. Nutriregular Flora is a food supplement based on live lactic ferments.

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NUTRILEYA NutriRegular Donna 60 tablets $ 23,37 Nutrileya NutriRegular Donna 60 tablets. NutrireGular woman is a product that supports the woman in case of menstrual disorders and menopause, it also promotes relaxation.

NUTRILEYA NutriRegular Uroprox 30 capsules $ 21,49 Nutrileya NutriRegular Uroprox 30 capsules. Formula that combines tradition, serenea and urgent, principles active from the note and validated beneficial activity on urinary tract, innovation, thanks to the presence of Teupol 10P, innovative extracted from cell cultures of Ajuga Reptans with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action on prostatic cells.

NUTRILEYA NutriSprint Salino magnesio e potassio 14 sachets of 5 grams $ 12,11 Nutrileya NutriSprint Salino magnesio e potassio 14 sachets of 5 grams. Nutrisprint salino is a food supplement based on MAGNESIUM and POTASSIUM with Acetyl L-Carnitine and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5).

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Lacto-boost 15 capsules $ 15,49 Nutrileya Nutriregular Lacto-boost 15 capsules. Indicated as a detoxifying agent and as a rebalancing of the intestinal flora in cases of acute intestinal infections of various origins (eg salmonellosis), dysentery, dysbacteriosis.

NUTRILEYA Nutritraum Artro 30 tablets $ 18,68 Nutrileya Nutritraum Artro 30 tablets. NutriTraum Artro is designed to act both on joint function thanks to the presence of Biovaflex® (hydrollised egg film), whose active components reflect the composition of the extra-cellular matrix, and on joint pain thanks to the innovative association of Biovaflex® and Alpha Lipoic Acid, capable of reducing inflammation.

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Capelli & Unghie 30 tablets $ 23,00 Nutrileya Nutriregular Capelli & Unghie. Nutriregular hair & nails is a food supplement based on Ginkgo which promotes the functionality of the microcirculation, Horsetail which promotes the well-being of hair and nails, Selenium and Zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. With Biotin, L-Cystine, L-Methionine.

NUTRILEYA Nutridef Hand Cleansing Gel 30ml $ 2,82

Votes: 2 Nutrileya Nutridef Hand Cleansing Gel 30ml. Neutral gel, without rinsing, ideal for hand cleansing. Practical in any situation, away from home or when you don't have soap and water. With chlorhexidine.

NUTRILEYA NutriSprint Memo 20 sachets of 1,8 grams $ 16,80

Votes: 1 Nutrileya NutriSprint Memo 20 sachets of 1.8 grams. Nutrisprint Memo is a food supplement based on vitamin B5 which contributes to normal mental performance and magnesium for normal energy metabolism. With VitaCholine®, Nutrabrain® and taurine.

NUTRILEYA Nutritraum Thermo Crema $ 12,11 Nutrileya Nutritraum Thermo Crema . Nutritraum thermo is a warming cream formulated with selected active ingredients such as Capsicum, Boswellia and Copaiba oil, ideal for all states in which the induced heat gives temporary relief (muscle-joint pain, osteoarthritis). Nutritraum thermo is also recommended for athletes, as it can be useful in the preparatory massage for physical activity.

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Ven $ 16,43

Votes: 6 Nutrileya Nutriregular Ven 30 tablets.Nutriregular Ven is a food supplement based on Butcher's Broom, Red Vine, Horse Chestnut, Centella and Witch Hazel for the normal function of the microcirculation and heaviness of the legs.

NUTRILEYA NutriRegular Relax $ 11,74

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Cyst $ 15,86

Votes: 1

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular 3 $ 13,98

NUTRILEYA Nutriregular Omega 3 $ 32,39

Votes: 2

NUTRILEYA Nutridef Tuss Complex $ 12,11

NUTRILEYA NutriDef Flu $ 11,17

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