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KI Whole Grain Ribe Rice 1000 grams $ 5,37

Votes: 3 Ki Whole Grain Ribe Rice 1000 grams

BAULE VOLANTE Riso Ribe Integrale 1000 grams $ 6,04 Baule Volante Riso Ribe Integrale 1000 grams. Ribe rice, once called Euribe, is recognized for its fine and rounded grain. It is grown mainly in the Po Valley.

BAULE VOLANTE Riso Ribe 1000 grams $ 6,04 Baule Volante Riso Ribe 1000 grams. This variety of Italian rice has long, tapered grains and therefore holds up well when cooked. It is suitable for rice salads and to accompany dishes.

BAULE VOLANTE Riso Carnaroli 1000 grams $ 7,26 Baule Volante Riso Carnaroli 1000 grams. Carnaroli rice also known as is a variety native to the Novara and Vercelli area. Classified as superfine rice, it lends itself very well to the preparation of risottos as it keeps cooking perfectly.

BAULE VOLANTE Riso Basmati Integrale 800 grams $ 5,43 Baule Volante Riso Basmati Integrale 800 grams. Baule Volante wholemeal basmati rice is an organic rice with a long and narrow grain resistant to cooking typical of India.

ALCE NERO Riso Integrale 1000 grams $ 6,15 $ 6,83

Votes: 1 Alce Nero Riso Integrale 1000 grams. Riso Integrale is ideal for the preparation of vegetable soups, risottos. Each package is accompanied by a narrative label that describes the sensory characteristics, the territories of origin and the cultivation techniques.

ALCE NERO Riso Rosa Marchetti 500 grams $ 0,00 last minute $ 3,48 Alce Nero Riso Rosa Marchetti 500 grams. Riso Rosa Marchetti has medium-sized grains with a gray-pink color and is ideal for soups or in the preparation of desserts.

KI White Basmati Rice 1000 grams $ 7,69 Ki White Basmati Rice 1000 grams

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Organic Whole Grain Red Rice 500 grams $ 4,45

Votes: 3 Rice & Rice Organic Whole Grain Red Rice 500 grams

FIOR DI LOTO Organic Europe Long Fine Brown Rice 1000 grams $ 4,87 Fior Di Loto Organic Europe Long Fine Brown Rice 1000g. Ideal for risottos.

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Long Grain Wholemeal Rice 1000 grams $ 5,06 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Ribe Lungo Integrale 1000g. This Italian rice cultivar has long and tapered grains, and that is why it is easier to cook.

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Ribe Long Semi-Wholegrain Rice 1000 grams $ 5,23 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Ribe Lungo Semintegrale 1000g. Organic long grain semi-wholemeal rice ribe

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Nerone Wholemeal Rice 500 grams $ 4,45

Votes: 4 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Nerone 500g. Nerone black rice is a variety of organic brown rice, grown in Italy. The grain appears shiny black, because the outside is rich in pigments.

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Long Grain Basmati Rice 500 grams $ 4,33

Votes: 2 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Basmati Bianco 500g. Sweet-smelling and fragrant variety of Indian rice suitable to prepare dishes which are intense and spicy to the palate. The Riso Basmati cooks very well, and ensures the grains separate properly.

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Long Wholegrain Rice-Thaibonnet 1000 grams $ 4,76

Votes: 1 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Thaibonnet Integrale 1000g. The rice Thaibonnet is a fragrant variety, from the long-grain and tapered. Because of its lack of stickiness is good for salads and side dishes of rice.

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Round Grain Wholemeal Rice 1000 grams $ 5,19

Votes: 3 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Originario Tondo Integrale 1000g. Originario rice is a round-grain rice which is excellent for soups and risotto.

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Long Grain Rice Carnaroli 500 grams $ 4,09

Votes: 1 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Carnaroli Bianco 500g. Carnaroli is commonly known as the "king of rice" and is originally from the Novara and Vercelli regions. Carnaroli is a superfine rice which is ideal for risotto.

FIOR DI LOTO Black Brown Rice Venere Biological 500 grams $ 5,48

Votes: 1 Fior di Loto Riso Integrale Venere Nero Biologico 500g. Black brown rice venere biological.

KI Organic Basmati Brown Rice 500 grams $ 3,84

Votes: 2 Ki Riso Basmati Integrale Bio 500g. Basmati Rice integral biological.

KI Organic Red Wholegrain Rice 500 grams $ 3,89

Votes: 2 Ki Riso Rosso Integrale Bio 500g. Red Rice integral biological.

KI Black rice organic 500 grams $ 5,49

Votes: 2 Ki Riso Venere Integrale Bio 500g. Black rice grain organic.

PROBIOS Rice & Rice - Wholegrain Basmati Rice 500 grams $ 3,48

Votes: 8 Probios Rice & Rice Riso Basmati Integrale 500g. Organic long wholegrain basmati rice

SAPORE DI SOLE Riso Basmati 400 grams $ 3,65 Sapore Di Sole Riso Basmati 400 grams. Basmati rice is immediately recognizable for its characteristic aroma and the shape of the grain. This variety of rice has become a culinary symbol of Indian and Pakistani culture.

SAPORE DI SOLE Carnaroli Riso Superfino 1000 grams $ 6,45 Sapore Di Sole Carnaroli Riso Superfino 1000 grams. with a slightly elongated pearly grain, Carnaroli is one of the finest and most renowned Italian rices. It guarantees an incredible cooking resistance, with the grains that remain well shelled; it is appreciated by great chefs and used for risotto and delicious dishes. Stone husked.

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