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PAPERMINTS Instan Fresh Breath 12 ml $ 5,74 $ 7,08 Paper Mints Instan Fresh Breath 12 ml. Instan Fresh Breath is a sugar-free, alcohol-free oral spray with 100% natural mint extract.

PAPERMINTS Capsule Profuma Alito $ 2,71 $ 3,48 Not available Paper Mints Capsule Perfume Breath 18 capsules. PaperMints Capsule Profuma Alito is a glass tube containing 18 pearls filled with mint liquid and closed with a plastic cap. Each pearl contains 2 different liquids: one acts by refreshing the oral cavity and one acts on the stomach.

PAPERMINTS Alito Fresco $ 2,86 $ 3,48 Not available Paper Mints Fresh Breath 24 strips. Mint leaves that melt on the tongue, which give an immediate freshness effect to counteract bad breath due to food and smoking. Unsweetened. Without calories.

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