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STERILENS IdraCalm $ 7,08 Sterilens IdraCalm

STERILENS IdraCtive HD Plus 10 ml $ 9,47 Sterilens IdraCtive HD Plus 10 ml. Idra Active HD Plus is a sterile lubricating, moisturizing and emollient solution that has a balanced composition very similar to tear fluid. Idra Active HD Plus contains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid which gives long-lasting hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a highly tolerated natural polymer present in the tear film; has the property of soothing irritation of the eye surface, keeping it optimally hydrated.

STERILENS One Plus - Unique Solution 2 bottles of 380ml $ 7,87 Sterilens One Plus - Unique Solution 2 bottles of 380 ml . Sterilens® One Plus helps protect the cornea from irritation and sensitization and improves the stability of the tear film

STERILENS IdraRemedy 10ml $ 8,67 Sterilens IdraRemedy 10ml. The drops of Sterilens IdraRemedy favor ocular re-epithelialization and are suitable as a remedy and protection from environmental stress.

STERILENS IdraCtive 10ml $ 7,87 Sterilens IdraCtive HD 10ml

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