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The Terranova philosophy embodies complete nourishment, deep healing and profound wellbeing. Through our intensely synergistic formulations, we demonstrate a scientific, yet holistic, approach to product development.
Through our ingredients, we feature the proven health and wellness benefits of whole and unadulterated nature.
And through our avoidance of added fillers, binders or other excipients we express our commitment and passion for product purity and integrity.

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TERRANOVA Chlorella 50 vegetarian capsules $ 29,56 $ 34,77 Terranova Chlorella 50 vegetarian capsules. Terranova Chlorella is a supplement with chlorella with an antioxidant action, useful for the body's natural defenses and for purifying functions.

TERRANOVA CoQ10 50 vegetarian capsules $ 26,64 $ 31,35 Terranova CoQ10 50 vegetarian capsules. Coenzyme Q10 represents a fundamental element for the correct functioning of the mitochondrion, our central energy essential for maintaining good physical efficiency and fighting aging. Recent studies have attributed a valuable role to coenzyme Q10 in improving athletic performance.

TERRANOVA Momordica 50 vegetarian capsules $ 24,57 $ 28,91 Terranova Momordica 50 vegetarian capsules. Mormodica charantia, known as bitter melon, is a plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family that grows in tropical and southern tropical regions of the world. It has always been used in folk medicine in these areas, for numerous problems.

TERRANOVA Dynamic Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules $ 47,40 $ 55,75 Terranova Dynamic Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules. Dynamic Synergy is a food supplement composed of plant extracts with an adaptogenic action, specific to support stress and physical fatigue resulting from periods of overmenage.

TERRANOVA Calma Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules $ 33,50 $ 39,41 Terranova Calma Synergy 50 vegetarian capsules. Calma Synergy food supplement is a Terranova supplement with a relaxing and calming action, capable of supporting the individual response to stressful events, which can induce worries, stress, anxiety and sleep-related problems. The mix of plant extracts and synergistic micronutrients acts specifically on a mental level, supporting our brain to better manage stressful situations and all the problems that follow.

TERRANOVA Pro-Peptase I-R-C 50 vegetarian capsules $ 35,88 $ 42,21 Terranova Pro-Peptase I-R-C 50 vegetarian capsules. Pro Peptase IRC is a product with a relaxing and anti-inflammatory action.

TERRANOVA Cranberry 50 vegetarian capsules $ 20,29 $ 24,16 Terranova Cranberry 50 vegetarian capsules. The Cranberry (American cranberry) is a specific plant for the treatment of urinary infection problems, which are called cystitis.

TERRANOVA Wide Spectrum Multivitamin Complex 50 vegetable capsules $ 28,63 $ 33,67

Votes: 2 Terranova Wide Spectrum Multivitamin Complex 50 vegetable capsules. The broad spectrum multivitamin complex is aimed at ensuring a correct supply of vitamins, the absorption of which is guaranteed by the presence of the MAGNIFOOD complex which favors and increases the synergy of the components. Indicated in case of vitamin deficiency, convalescence, physical and mental activity.

TERRANOVA Acido Alfa Lipoico $ 34,23 $ 40,26

TERRANOVA Probiotici Complex $ 27,90 $ 32,82

Votes: 3

TERRANOVA Glucosamina Boswella & MSM $ 28,00 $ 32,94

Votes: 1

TERRANOVA CoQ10 Magnesio e Biancospino $ 30,60 $ 35,99

Votes: 2

TERRANOVA Green Ph Alkaline Super Miscela $ 40,89 $ 48,68

TERRANOVA Complesso Vitamine B $ 19,61 $ 23,06

Votes: 1

TERRANOVA Complesso Vitamina D3 $ 23,34 $ 27,45

TERRANOVA Magnesio 100 mg Complex $ 28,69 $ 34,16

Votes: 1

TERRANOVA Fegato Sinergy $ 30,60 $ 35,99

Votes: 1

TERRANOVA Beta Carotene Complex $ 28,69 $ 34,16

TERRANOVA Vitamina B12 Metilcobalamina $ 21,01 $ 25,01

TERRANOVA Life Drink $ 43,47 $ 57,95

Votes: 4

TERRANOVA Digestive Enzimi Complex $ 25,83 $ 30,38

TERRANOVA Ferro 20mg Complex $ 16,80 $ 19,76

TERRANOVA Rodiola $ 30,60 $ 35,99

TERRANOVA Acido Ialuronico Complex $ 44,08 $ 51,85

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