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VEA Topicovitt 10 ml $ 17,26

Votes: 1 Vea Topicovitt 10 ml. Vea Topicovitt cosmetic is an innovative oil in drops for topical skin use consisting of Vitamin E, an antioxidant, and a patented blend of essential oils (lime, oregano, tea tree) which promote antimicrobial action.

VEA PF - C Magra 50 ml $ 30,50

Votes: 1 Vea PF - C Magra 50 ml. VEA PF-C MAGRA is indicated for oily or combination skin, skin imperfections due to oily skin.

VEA Lipo 3 50 ml $ 23,97

Votes: 6 Vea Lipo 3 50 ml. VEA LIPO3 is a new concept lipogel based on Vitamin E, enriched with the 3 main lipids of the skin barrier (Ceramides, Fatty Acids and Phytosterols), with emollient, moisturizing, protective, antioxidant action.

VEA Lipstick 10 ml $ 8,67

Votes: 2 Vea Lipstick 10 ml. VEA LIPSTICK is VEA Lipogel in a specific package for lip use, rich in VEA oil (pure vitamin E acetate), with moisturizing, protective and soothing action.

VEA Zinco 40 ml $ 17,24

Votes: 2 Vea Zinco 40 ml. BASE PROTECTIVE LIPOPASTA cosmetic • NON-COMEDOGENIC Protective, emollient, moisturizing, antioxidant and astringent. Strengthens the barrier function of the skin.

VEA OnicoVitt 7 ml $ 23,46

Votes: 2 Vea OnicoVitt 7 ml. ANTIOXIDANT NAIL PROTECTIVE OIL. Vitamin E + essential oils of lime, oregano and tea tree. VEA ONICOVITT is an innovative oil for nail wellness consisting of Vitamin E.

VEA Lipogel 50 ml $ 22,44

Votes: 1 Vea Lipogel 50 ml. BASE LIPOPHIL GEL • NON COMEDOGENOUS. Emollient, moisturizing, protective, soothing itching. Clinically proven soothing for scars: they appear softer and smoother.

VEA Lipoker 50 ml $ 16,51

Votes: 1 Vea Lipoker 50 ml. SMOOTHING LIPOGEL cosmetic • NON-COMEDOGENIC Vitamin E + Salicylic Acid. Vea Lipoker is an emollient cream-gel for dry, rough and flaking skin. It reduces the skin biofilm helping to keep the physiological microbiota of the skin in good condition.

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VEA Shampoo 125 ml $ 15,30

Votes: 2 Vea Shampoo 125 ml. VEA SHAMPOO (Shampoo Oil), like all the products of the VEA line, exploits the potential of vitamin E as an oil similar to the lipid film of the scalp and hair.

VEA Intimo TT 75 ml $ 13,16

Votes: 2 Vea Intimo TT 75 ml. INTIMO TT is a newly developed cream for intimate hygiene and gentle cleansing. It does not contain surfactants (cleansing by affinity) and is rich in functional active ingredients. Respects the natural physiological vulvar pH.

VEA Detergente 250 250 ml $ 18,26

Votes: 2 Vea Detergente 250 250 ml. Detergent 250 with physiological pH is a new conception detergent since it contains only one surfactant (non ionic) of exclusive vegetable origin, delicate and with very high tolerability, non-irritating, associated with VEA oil.

VEA Lipogel 200 200 ml $ 49,98

Votes: 4 Vea Lipogel 200 200 ml. BASE LIPOPHIL GEL • NON COMEDOGENOUS. Emollient, moisturizing, protective, soothing itching. Clinically proven soothing for scars: they appear softer and smoother.

VEA Marsiglia 100 grams $ 8,16

Votes: 1 Not available Vea Marsiglia 100 grams. VEA MARSEILLE Natural soap obtained using only raw materials of vegetable origin: fatty acids extracted from palm oil and palm kernel of first quality and first use (not recycled).

VEA Deo Lipogel Deodorante 30 ml $ 16,12

Votes: 2 Not available Vea Deo Lipogel Deodorante 30 ml. VEA DEO cosmetic is a deodorant lipogel based on Vitamin E with high efficacy and tolerability. It reduces sweating (instrumental test) and the bad smell associated with it (sniff test) in a natural way, counteracting the proliferation of the bacteria that are at its origin.

VEA Nails 8 ml $ 13,57

Votes: 1 Not available Vea Nails 8 ml. PROTECTIVE OIL • STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL NAILS. Effective on cuticles. Counteracts nail aging. VEA NAILS is 100% pure vitamin E, antioxidant.

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