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+Watt: Each product is made with excellent materials, is based on a solid scientific basis and, above all, the product must meet, understand and interpret the requests and needs of athletes

The ideal of +Watt is simple and straightforward: tell the user what dosages, benefits, but also the limitations inherent in the product.
In one word, tell the "truth".Each product is made with excellent materials, is based on a solid scientific basis and, above all, the product must meet, understand and interpret the requests and needs of athletes.

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+WATT Vegetal D3 50 capsules $ 15,23 $ 19,04 +Watt Vegetal D3 50 capsules.Vitamin D3 is a very important vitamin for bone health and contributes to the normal absorption / utilization of calcium and phosphorus. With the addition of vitamin K2 for a synergistic effect.

+WATT Peanuts Evo 290 grams $ 4,66 $ 5,83

Votes: 5 +Watt Peanuts Evo 290 grams. Pudding Ø Zuccheri is a tasty chocolate cream, in a practical disposable format, with a high protein content with the addition of vitamins and chromium. GLUTEN FREE

+WATT Lattofer+ 30 vegetarian capsules $ 32,37 $ 40,46

+WATT D3+ 35ml $ 15,23 $ 19,04

Votes: 1 +Watt D3+ 35ml

+WATT Liquid Electrolyte+ 450ml $ 14,28 $ 17,85

+WATT BCAA Liquid Carbo+ 30ml $ 1,52 $ 1,90

+WATT R.M.1 BCAA 8:1:1 Recovery Mix 500 grams $ 28,56 $ 35,70

+WATT Top Eggxellent Protein 250 grams $ 16,18 $ 20,23

+WATT Top Eggxellent Protein 750 grams $ 42,84 $ 53,55

Votes: 1

+WATT Sali+ Performance Electrolyte 600 grams $ 14,28 $ 17,85 +Watt Sali+ Performance Electrolyte 600 grams. Sali+ Performance Electrolyte is a blend of carbohydrates (Vitargo®, maltodextrin and fructose), vitamins, minerals and, unlike Sali+, also contains amino acids, L-carnitine, choline, coenzyme Q10 and caffeine.

+WATT Pure Vitargo 750 grams $ 23,80 $ 29,75 +Watt Pure Vitargo 750 grams. Vitargo® is a patented starch (a complex carbohydrate formed by a long chain of glucose molecules), designed to be absorbed by the body in order to provide a balanced and lasting increase in blood sugar.

+WATT Pure Maltodextrin D.E. 19 1000 grams $ 12,38 $ 15,47

Votes: 1 +Watt Pure Maltodextrin D.E. 19 1000 grams. Pure Maltodextrin D.E. 19 ensures a slow and steady release of energy over time.

+WATT Sali+ Electrolyte 600 grams $ 11,42 $ 14,28 +Watt Sali+ Electrolyte 600 grams

+WATT Top 100% XP 750 grams $ 40,46 $ 50,58 +Watt Top 100% XP 750 grams. The high protein content and great solubility make it a product that is easy to use and ideal for maintaining muscle mass after physical effort and for all those who need protein supplementation.

+WATT Milk Protein 90 750 grams $ 31,42 $ 39,27 +Watt Milk Protein 90 750 grams. Micellar caseinates have slower absorption and digestibility times than whey proteins, as there is a constant release of amino acids to the muscles.

+WATT Mass Formula 907 grams $ 18,09 $ 22,61

Votes: 1 +Watt Mass Formula 907 grams. Mass Formula is a balanced and easy digestion mixture, composed of carbohydrates and proteins, with the addition of creatine, glutamine, taurine, lipoic acid, carnitine, vitamins. It is a product developed as a gainer, to provide energy before a workout (at least 2 hours before).

+WATT WheyGhty Protein 80 750 grams $ 27,61 $ 34,51 +Watt WheyGhty Protein 80 750 grams

+WATT Whey Protein 90 1 sachets $ 34,27 $ 42,84

+WATT Vit C B Complex 60 tablets $ 15,23 $ 19,04 +Watt Vit C B Complex 60 tablets

+WATT Professional Blend XP 750 grams $ 32,37 $ 40,46 + Watt Professional Blend XP 750 grams. Professional Blend XP is a balanced blend of three types of protein with a very high biological value. The first proteins that are absorbed are those of whey: Volac XP, 94% whey proteins obtained from a particular technological process that preserves the nutritional characteristics of the product, almost lactose-free, have been selected.

+WATT Fresh Fit 1 bottle $ 1,90 $ 2,38 +Watt Fresh Fit

+WATT Peanuts Evo 350 grams $ 15,23 $ 19,04

Votes: 1 +Watt Peanuts Evo 350 grams. Peanuts EVO is a product of the Quality Food line: it consists of peanut butter to which Volac 90 whey protein has been added to make it even more protein (35 g of protein per 100 g of product) and other ingredients to enhance it nutritionally .

+WATT Veggie Blend 750 grams $ 39,03 $ 48,79

Votes: 1 +Watt Veggie Blend 750 grams. Food supplement based on pea proteins, rice proteins, potato proteins with spirulina and vitamin B12.

+WATT Tasty Bar 1 bar of 40 grams $ 2,09 $ 2,62 +Watt Tasty Bar 1 bar of 40 grams. Tasty Bar is a bar with high biological value milk proteins, characterized by a double layer: inside it is clearly seen that it is formed by two mixtures with different tastes, this characteristic makes it particularly good.

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