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Pure Vitargo 750 grams

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+Watt Pure Vitargo 750 grams. Vitargo® is a patented starch (a complex carbohydrate formed by a long chain of glucose molecules), designed to be absorbed by the body in order to provide a balanced and lasting increase in blood sugar.

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+Watt - Pure Vitargo - IAFSTORE.COM
Food supplement

Quickly absorbed starches for quick muscle recovery.

Vitargo® is a patented starch (a complex carbohydrate formed by a long chain of glucose molecules), designed to be absorbed by the body in order to provide a balanced and lasting increase in blood sugar. In Energy efforts Vitargo® is indicated for recovery as it allows to restore muscle glycogen without incurring glycemic peaks.

DOSAGE: 3 scoops of product (25g) in 100ml of water after exercise. Shake the mixture well a few seconds before drinking.

PACKAGING: 750 g jar *.
* with about 10 g measuring cup.


STORAGE: keep in a cool and dry place.

The company + Watt srl was founded in 1997. The creation of the company is determined by the need to propose, in the sports field, a series of products able to help and stimulate the athlete to achieve a satisfactory performance without conceding anything to chance or refer to misleading, meaningless promises made solely for commercial purposes.


The starting axiom had been simple and direct: tell the user + Watt what the dosages, advantages, but above all the limits inherent in the purchased product were. In one word say the "truth".

The "truth" obviously has to deal with two important aspects for a company: the commercial aspect and the scientific aspect.


The commercial aspect cannot be commented on by us, it would be too presumptuous, but it is worth remembering that over the years + Watt srl has significantly expanded with its strength. Selling something for the first time is relatively easy, but continuity over time is given by the possibility that the product is appreciated and creates customer loyalty that for no reason should be "betrayed".


The scientific aspect was the strong point of the company, it runs in its veins and derives from the passion and professional training of the two founding partners. Marco Favaron and Guido Vantini arrived at food supplementation from pharmaceutical research: both graduates, important experiences in prestigious research institutes in Milan, in the United States, in Switzerland and then in leading pharmaceutical companies. In addition, each for his part, actively practiced and loved sports. These were ideal and unrepeatable conditions to create the company.


Ogni prodotto nasce con materie prime d’eccellenza, deve fondarsi su una solida base scientifica che deve essere spiegata in modo semplice e veritiero, e, soprattutto, il prodotto dovrà incontrare, capire ed interpretare le richieste e le necessità degli atleti. E questo lo può fare solo chi di quel mondo, dello sport e della scienza ha fatto e fa parte e non solo per “sentito dire”.

Negli anni, Marco e Guido, hanno tentato di trasmettere un messaggio che riteniamo fondamentale e portante per la società: chi acquista un prodotto +Watt non compra solo un integratore, ma soprattutto la consapevolezza di poter migliorare i propri limiti atletici.

Nutrition information
Per 100 g
400 kcal / 1700 kJ
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrate 100 g
Fat 0 g
Ingredienti: Vitargo® (Carboidrati complessi, polimeri di glucosio, ad alto peso molecolare/amido).

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