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Thyroid Support

The guggulsterone is derived from a flowering tree called Commiphora Mukul, which can be found in Africa and Asia, but that is very common in India, and whose gummy resin or sap is used for supplements. Guggulsterones are attributed to various beneficial properties including useful to facilitate the metabolism of lipids.

Thyroid Support
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Fito-Colestrinol 100 softgel pearls - SOLGAR

SOLGAR Fito-Colestrinol 100 softgel pearls $ 36,46 $ 48,61

Votes: 5 Solgar Fito-Colestrinol 100 softgel pearls, Phytosterols for the physiological control of cholesterol

Monoplant Capsules - Guggul 60 capsules - ERBA VITA

ERBA VITA Monoplant Capsules - Guggul 60 capsules $ 14,80 $ 19,73

Votes: 13 ErbaVoglio Capsule Monoplanta - Guggul 60 capsules. Dietary supplement

T3 90 capsules - SAN NUTRITION

SAN NUTRITION T3 90 capsules $ 25,94 $ 37,06

Votes: 7 San Nutrition T3 90 capsules. Dietary supplement

T3 180 capsules - SAN NUTRITION

SAN NUTRITION T3 180 capsules $ 44,25 $ 63,22

Votes: 13 San Nutrition T3 180 capsules. Dietary supplement

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