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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Lipoxan® 40 capsules $ 20,39

Votes: 219 Yamamoto® Research Lipoxan® 40 capsules. Lipoxan® is a food supplement based on CLA, caffeine and plant extracts, suitable for adults to be used in the context of low-calorie diets aimed at weight control. Lipoxan® is an absolutely natural food supplement, which is based on several key support elements ensuring more productive thermogenesis and attacking fat deposits on several fronts. Lipoxan® is a completely natural food supplement, which boasts in its composition 6 trusted and proven allies to encourage the mobilization of excess fatty acids, placing itself as an excellent adjuvant (and not substitute) of low-calorie regimens targeted to weight loss.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Hydroxytex® 30 tablets $ 10,19

Votes: 99 Yamamoto® Research Hydroxytex® 30 tablets. Hydroxytex® is a garcinia-fruit-extract-based dietary supplement proposed as a low-calorie diet aid for weight management and reduction. In particular, garcinia contributes to lipid metabolism and stablizing body weight. It also helps curb your appetite. In phytotherapy Garcinia Cambogia is used to make weight loss and lower cholesterol levels from the blood.


Votes: 79 Yamamoto® Nutrition CHNOS-MIMETIC® 60 tablets. CHNOS-MIMETIC® is a dietary supplement containing alpha lipoic acid, chromium picolinate and plant extracts, Yamamoto® Nutrition has managed to create a product for those who are looking for a cutting edge formulation specifically to help regulate the metabolism of macronutrients. Whether for weight loss or gain, the important thing is that glucose arrive at the muscle cell and not the adipose tissue.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Syne CAPS 60 capsules $ 9,17

Votes: 61 Yamamoto® Nutrition Syne CAPS 60 capsules. SYNE CAPS is a dietary supplement that provides 30 mg of Synephrine from Citrus aurantium.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Cla PRO Clarinol© Quality 120 softgels $ 34,67

Votes: 63 Yamamoto® Nutrition Cla Pro 120 softgel. Dietary supplement that provides 2.4 grams of Clarinol (R) brand conjugated linoleic acid, natural CLA from safflower oil used for years in the supplement field, quality assured. Using proven technology and following a strict set of quality and safety standards (including ISO, GMP and HACCP) Clarinol® CLA is a very consistent fatty acid or isomer of the highest quality available.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Alpha LIPOIC ACID 100 capsules $ 18,35

Votes: 91 Yamamoto® Nutrition Alpha LIPOIC ACID 100 capsules. Alpha LIPOIC ACID is a dietary supplement recommended to integrate lipoic acid into the diet.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Carnitine 1000 90 tablets $ 20,39

Votes: 95 Yamamoto® Nutrition Carnitine 1000 90 tablets. Carnitine 1000 is a dietary supplement of Carnitine in 1000 mg tablets, (carnitine tartrate), useful in cases of reduced dietary intake of this nutrient. Carnitine is the vitamin-like compound responsible for the transport of long-chain fatty acids in cellular units of energy production: the mitochondria. The camitin performs many other physiological functions, including the conversion of the ketoacid analogs of branched chain amino acids, valine, Ieucine and isoleucine, an extremely important function in fasting, inediation and during exercise.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Acetyl L-CARNITINE 1000mg 60 capsules $ 19,37

Votes: 108 Yamamoto© Nutrition Acetyl L-CARNITINE 1000mg 60 capsules. Acetyl L-CARNITINE is a dietary supplement with 1000 mg of active ingredient per capsule. Acetyl L-CARNITINE is a dietary supplement recommended for active adults, based on Carnitine (from Acetyl L-Carnitine), a physiological carrier of fatty acids.

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ERBAVOGLIO Kombutirox $ 23,60

Votes: 9

ERBAVOGLIO ErbaPancia - Drink with Fucoxanthin 500ml $ 23,60

Votes: 42 ErbaVoglio Erbapancia - with Fucoxanthin Drink 500ml. This drink is to be diluted in one litre of water and to be consumed throughout the course of the day. As a supplement to a low calorie diet it burns excess abdominal fat and helps eliminate excess fluid from the body.

ERBAVOGLIO Mirus Drink - Green Tea 250ml $ 18,16

Votes: 2 ErbaVoglio Mirus Drink- Green tea 250ml. Mirus Green tea drink contains a mixture of plants which help to activate the process of organic exchange and to purify the organism. Restores the natural digestive functions and fluid levels improving your figure and general well-being.

ERBAVOGLIO Mirus Drink - Fermented Papaya 250ml $ 18,16

Votes: 1 ErbaVoglio Mirus Drink - Papaya 250ml. Nine different natural extracts make this drink an efficient aid against fatigue. It reinforces the anti-oxidising properties and also the immune system and speeds up the metabolism of fat‚ improving general well-being.

BIOTECH USA Mega Fat Burner 90 capsules $ 23,36 Biotech Usa Mega Fat Burner 90 capsules

ESI Esi-fit - Controlla la Fame 60 tablets $ 18,53 Esi Esi-fit - Controlla la Fame 60 tablets. Esi-fit - Check Hunger is a food supplement based on plant extracts of gymnema, Garcinia Cambogia and rodiola.

LABOREST Sinopol 30 tablets $ 23,39 Laborest Sinopol 30 tablets. Sinopol is a food supplement based on myoinositol, alpha-lipoic acid, folic acid, betaine, vitamin B6, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12.

MARCO VITI Dr. Viti - Drenante Forte 500ml $ 11,97

BIOS LINE Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante 200 ml $ 1,63 Bios Line Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante 200 ml. Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante with Blue Algae from Brittany, in 50 ml format, to take with you on holiday!

BIOS LINE Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante 200 ml $ 24,48 Bios Line Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante 200 ml. Cell-Plus Alta Definizione, Gel Salino Drenante with blue algae of Brittany, in 50 ml format, to be brought with you on vacation!

BIOS LINE UltraPep - Slim6 500ml $ 21,22 Bios Line UltraPep - Slim6 500ml

ALTA NATURA Moringa 1000 45 tablets $ 14,54 Alta Natura Moringa 1000 45 tablets. Moringa 1000 is a food supplement based on Moringa Oleifera vegetable extract, useful in case of reduced intake with the diet with the diet or increased organic needs of these nutrients.

ALTA NATURA Forma 3 45 tablets of 1 gram $ 17,68 Alta Natura Forma 3 45 tablets of 1 gram. Forma 3 is a three-phase food supplement based on plant extracts.

ALGEM NATURA XL Bruciagrassi 500ml $ 24,80 Algem Natura XL Bruciagrassi 500ml

SPECCHIASOL Primum Drenante 15 sachets $ 11,68 Specchiasol Primum Drenante 15 sachets

ALGEM NATURA Easy Shape 40 chewable tablets $ 15,78 Algem Natura Easy Shape 40 chewable tablets

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