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PeptoBol® RECHARGE PeptoPro® 500 grams

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Yamamoto® Nutrition PeptoBol® RECHARGE PeptoPro® 500g. PeptoBol® RECHARGE PeptoPro® contains PeptoPro® certified casein hydrolysate. PeptoPro® is a predigested protein that is completely water-soluble and contains over 60% of special hypoallergenic di-peptides and tri-peptides. These peptides are absorbed much more rapidly than intact proteins or even single amino acids. Immediate release of these "building blocks" to the muscles therefore promotes faster recovery and increased growth. PeptoBol® RECHARGE PeptoPro® also contains highly branched cyclic cyclodextrin Cluster Dextrin® (HBCD). Yamamoto® Nutrition uses only and exclusively the original Cluster Dextrin® 100% Made in Japan. Finally, to complement the product, the presence of Sustamine® makes the product 360° complete. L-alanyl L-glutamine, better known as Sustamine®, is a di-peptide that binds glutamine and alanine, resulting in a very stable and highly soluble form.

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Yamamoto® Nutrition - Peptobol® Recharge - IAFSTORE.COM


PeptoBol® RECHARGE PeptoPro® - PeptoBol® RECHARGE PeptoPro® contains PeptoPro® certified casein hydrolyzate. PeptoPro® is a pre-digested protein completely soluble in water and contains over 60% of special hypoallergenic di-peptides and tri-peptides. These peptides are absorbed much faster than intact proteins or even single amino acids. The immediate release of these "building blocks" to the muscles consequently promotes faster recovery and greater growth. PeptoBol® RECHARGE PeptoPro® also contains highly branched cyclic cyclodesteins Cluster Dextrin® (HBCD). Yamamoto® Nutrition uses only and exclusively the original Cluster Dextrin® 100% Made in Japan. Finally, to complete the product, the presence of Sustamine® makes the product complete at 360 °. L-alanyl L-glutamine, better known as Sustamine®,it is a dipeptide which binds glutamine and alanine resulting in a very stable and highly soluble form.

What is PeptoBol®?

PeptoBol® is a food supplement suitable for athletes who practice intense and prolonged physical activity. Casein hydrolyzates (PeptoPro®) are derived from casein (milk protein known for its slow digestion) subjected to hydrolysis, an artificial process of enzymatic digestion that involves the splitting of peptide bonds of proteins making them smaller molecules, said peptides that are digested and absorbed in the intestine faster, contributing to the processes of maintenance and growth of muscle mass, typical of proteins.

The creation of "PeptoBol®" was not just a fashion at all, but, typical of the Yamamoto® Nutrition philosophy, a scientifically proven choice.

PeptoBol® is formulated with hydrolyzed caseins (PeptoPro®) and contains a high percentage (70/80%) of small di- and tripeptides that can quickly reach the bloodstream, ideal if not essential, for the delicate post-workout moment. PeptoBol® is pure hydrolyzed casein (PeptoPro®) without alterations given by aromas or sweeteners to have no "pollution" to its particular characteristics.

The Peptobol® line is based on its Peptopro® formulations, proteins derived from caseins enzymatically hydrolyzed into small di-tripeptides for 70-80% which, being predigested, are decidedly more rapidly absorbed than "intact" proteins, but also of the same amino acids in free form, thanks to a different (non-specific) transport carrier than the more specific (and "limiting") one used by those in free form. Extremely soluble in water, they are not to be considered a "shake" like those of other sources, they are an added value that science offers to those who want a boost to the same protein synthesis and optimal Storage (if combined with carbohydrates) of glycogen. A technological "refinement" that makes it available tomore demanding athlete the many peculiarities (proven in literature) that these hydrolyzed mixtures offer:

Di and tripeptides at the fastest absorption "recovery ready", bearing in mind that in this way we provide the complete spectrum of amino acids of the complete protein in favor of maximum efficiency in the synthesis of new proteins;

The volume of the elements is so small that it is considered a preparation not only highly digestible but hypoallergenic (so much so that it is increasingly used in milks for infants);

Reduction of postworkout doms with faster acceleration of recovery times (more decisive when combined with carbohydrates as in the RECHARGE version).
* PERFORMANCE version with addition of Sustamine®, the best bioavailable form (dipeptide) of glutamine * RECHARGE version with Cluster Dextrin® and Sustamine®, to have the ideal trio for the most efficient recovery to be used in the intra and postworkout.

When to use PeptoBol®?

They are not "proteins" to be used at any time of the day, but they are the "ideal" for certain times of the day if we want a better, faster and more efficient recovery. For all other “extra” situations, the fateful and precious moment of the “periworkout”, the protein sources must be other. For those seeking excellence in this respect and wanting to promote the fastest and most powerful structural restoration in terms of protein synthesis, protein hydrolyzates (see from casein, whey or salmon) are the most innovative but above all efficient choice. We can summarize why in a few points:

1. faster absorption than the already rapid isolated proteins favored by predigestion, bearing in mind that when they are found in the form of di and tripeptides they are unrivaled even with the same amino acids in free form, due to specific "preferential" transport carriers.
2. "insulinotropic" impact;
3. Versatility of use both in the before, during or post workout due to the extreme solubility. They do not require a particular gastrointestinal effort, and in a short time the amino acids are bioavailable in all their "anabolic" power in a "sacred" moment of need but which must not stress the already inflamed organism with further efforts with consequent recalls of blood.

What justifies their price?

Their price has been the worst enemy of their spread in the market, perhaps more than their flavor, but hydrolyzed caseins remain a special protein preparation. 80% of the peptides they contain are under 300 daltons, counting that solid protein food or even concentrated and isolated whey "relatives" are characterized by long chains of polypeptides. The PeptoPro® contained in the PeptoBol® contain only short chains consisting of a maximum of 4 amino acids, plus tripeptides, which means absolute solubility and digestibility also because these dimensions make them hypoallergenic. So very fast gastrointestinal transit and very fast absorption. The bad taste is a characteristic of absolute purity and there is no aroma or sweetener that can significantly mask the strong bitter taste,even when mixed with other flavored drinks. Since their release on the market, years ago, although much appreciated by top level athletes, we have been "criticized" by someone for the choice not to fill with additives to mask the taste. But as we keep saying,this would excessively alter the level of absolute quality of this special preparation of di-and tripeptides which exploit a faster path of intracellular transport than any other protein source and of the same amino acids in free form which turns out to be one of the best, if not the best protein source for post workout without gastric commitment, as well as for clinical problems of malabsorption, parenteral and neonatal nutrition. Those looking for an optimization of muscle recovery / reconstruction, these are an element of sure support for the most demanding athlete.

What are the benefits of PeptoBol®

If we want to combine one of the best discoveries in the field of food supplementation with the delicate needs of the athlete who tries to make recovery as efficient as possible, the best protein form currently on the market that satisfies in terms of "anabolic" power avoiding the process of digestion that other proteins must pass are undoubtedly the hydrolyzed caseins (Peptopro®?) that we first introduced in the European sports supplement market through PeptoBol®. This protein format based on about 80% Di- and Tri-Peptides with dimensions below 300 Daltons (which makes them hypoallergenic), appears to be superior (about 3 times) in terms of absorption and bioavailability compared to even free amino acids,using a specific "preferential" intracellular transport mechanism, in addition to avoiding digestive processes (therefore energy commitment and subtraction of liquids / blood from the muscles) thus exceeding in terms of speed and bioavailability any other protein or amino acid form at a time when RAPIDITA 'and ABSORPTION EFFICIENCY are PRIORITY cmq, but in a moment in which the organism is not ready for "digestive commitments". The same L-Leucine contained in the hydrolysates turns out to be even more rapidly available. The most important amino acid to favor the protein synthesis is absorbed much more efficiently than the free form, being in the form of a small peptide. Initially it was criticized for the bad taste which we did not want to manipulate,and then be appreciated for the absolute purity (difficult to find on the market today) of the product, because if you can find "good" casein hydrolyzates, they are not a real source of hydrolysates or have been exaggeratedly refined with various sweeteners / flavors, compromising the absolute value of the protein preparation of this type, characterized by a high proline value which determines the "bitter" taste of the peptides obtained and which cannot be particularly modified, even if we add carbohydrates or flavored drinks. "Aminoacidamente" speaking we can have several "good performing cars" but if we look for the Formula 1 of proteins / amino acids, PeptoBol® are complete proteins, with "plastic-anabolic" power.superior in terms of protein synthesis power to be included in the PRE-DURING AND POST TRAINING period. This is the best choice!

Why aren't they flavored?

"Legacy" provided to the sports world by clinical and newborn nutrition, hydrolyzed caseins thanks to very particular enzymatic hydrolysis processes, from a technical-scientific point of view, the hydrolyzed caseins contained in PeptoBol® are among the best protein supplement forms ever since since they are characterized by a very high concentration (70-80%) of di- and tri-peptides with a molecular weight below 300 Daltons, dimensions very different from "whole" proteins such as those of whey isolated or concentrated, or from solid foods characterized instead from long chains, which need to be digested to be dismantled (and from the allergenic potential ... see where the "hydrolysates" originate from ...). The literature clearly demonstrates the action and pluses of protein hydrolysates in the clinical and sports fields.
This characteristic that makes them so unique from the point of view of the speed of absorption and bioavailability means that this mixture is extraordinarily soluble due to the enzymatic hydrolysis of the milk casein, but also characterized by a very bitter palatability and yes, " unpleasant ”and the ability to foam when mixing the powder into the liquid. Ironically, this is a "boast" for the purity of the product , since the characteristic note is well proportional to the degree of hydrolysis achieved by the splitting of the polypeptide chains and has always been a limit to its use, even in the nutritional-pediatric field from where are born.

We remind you that any addition of various "flavoring and sweeteners" will NEVER completely change the perception of the bitter taste, however risking to alternate the concentration / purity .

Some brands "abound" in sodium as well. In practical terms for the athlete then, casein hydrolyzates (from studies) are at least 30% more effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis than intact casein, and if we combine the extraordinary absorption capacity, there is no question about the fact that have always defined them as the ideal protein choices for peri-intra-post workout consumption... even better if combined with carbohydrate sources such as cyclodextrins, so we will have an unparalleled boost on the acceleration of muscle recovery, glycogen Storage, on protein synthesis here 3 + 3 = 9. Casein hydrolyzates are also more insulinogenic than whey proteins for example (due to a different amino acid profile), a quality that "marries" well in the peri-workout, exploiting the maximum hyperemia to the muscles ... that will come already put thanks to the muscle contractions themselves, in the maximum conditions to access the precious nutrients to the muscle cells.

What are the added values of PeptoBol® RECHARGE?

The benefits of taking PeptoBol® RECHARGE are in particular the presence of the dipeptidide of glutamine and alanine with the addition of highly branched cyclodextrins.

Adding l-alanyl-l-glutamine to the rehydration solution or drink will greatly improve the increase in water and electrolyte absorption at the cellular level, giving the maximum potential anabolic environment.

During particularly intense workouts and very serious physical stress situations, both amino acids are released substantially from the muscles, and if these concentrations are not restored, not only the muscles themselves, training and recovery will suffer. Therefore PeptoBol® RECHARGE can be used before and during training, to help intracellular hydration, electrolyte transport and the metabolism of glucose and branched-chain amino acids. Also highly effective in the post workout to support recovery processes, especially in phases of calorie and carbohydrate restriction.

The current state of the art of carbohydrate-based beverage supplementation presented the amylopectin of Waxy maize as the latest generation, where we found a highly branched molecule, with a high molecular weight, which, led us to a very low osmolarity, and the further feature of being able to sustain the performance in the longer term. Let's call it "the carbohydrate" ad hoc!
From these strengths high branching cyclodextrins (HBCD) have been developed . The advantages of cyclodextrins In particular there are two:

rapid and constant release of glucose into the blood
very low osmolarity in solution

The speed in which it reaches its "destination" is determined not only by the molecular weight, but also by the structure that determines how the enzymes can hydrolyze a glucose polymer thus branched into the free form in the intestine. The second advantage of using such a high molecular weight glucose polymer lies in the very low osmolarity in solution.


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Directions: dissolve 5 level scoops (50 g) in 200 ml of water and take once a day, after intense physical activity.

Net content: 500 grams

Warnings: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. The supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not use in pregnancy and in children or in any case for prolonged periods without consulting a doctor. Store in a dry place away from heat sources. Close the package carefully after use.

500 grams


Nutrition information


Per dose 5 scoops (50g)

  Per 100g Per serving (50g)


341Kcal / 1448KJ
170Kcal / 724KJ


saturated fatty acids









L-alanyl L-glutamine (Sustamine®)


Ingredients: highly branched cyclodextrins (Cluster Dextrin®), hydrolyzed casein PeptoPro® ( milk ), L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine®), acidity regulators: sodium citrates, potassium citrates; magnesium citrate.

SUSTAMINE® is a registered trademark of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD.

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The best!!
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