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Yamamoto Research is a 100% Italian brand specialized in the production of food supplements for personal well-being.

Yamamoto Research is a 100% Italian brand specialized in the production of food supplements for personal well-being.
When we created Yamamoto Research we did it to provide our customers with a range of products derived mainly from herbal extracts and made from the best raw materials.
We know how difficult it is today to combine the care of one's own psycho-physical wellbeing with the frenzy of everyday life and how important it is to be able to rely on the right remedy.
Yamamoto Research has succeeded in creating the perfect combination of ancient herbal medicine and modern medical science.

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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Imugen® FORTE 10 vials of 10ml $ 24,83 $ 27,59

Votes: 20 Yamamoto Research Imugen® FORTE 10 vials of 10ml. Imugen® FORTE is a food supplement in liquid form based on juice and plant extracts, with zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C. Zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Elderberry, echinacea and astragalus help the body's natural defenses, while rosehip plays a supporting and restorative action, with antioxidant properties.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Pino marittimo 30 capsules $ 29,15 $ 32,39

Votes: 24 Yamamoto® Research Pino marittimo 30 capsules. Among the most recently developed nutraceuticals, we are witnessing the emergence of pycnogenol, a polyphenol that is obtained from the bark of the French maritime pine (Pinus maritima), and represents one of the most powerful antioxidant complexes in nature.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Reishi Bio 45 capsules $ 31,31 $ 34,79

Votes: 61 Yamamoto® Research Reishi Bio 45 capsules. Ancient peoples called it the “mushroom of immortality”. This fungus is able to increase the body’s resistance to a range of stresses, both physical and mental, in an aspecific way.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Vitamina C Retard 40 tablets $ 11,65 $ 14,39

Votes: 74 Yamamoto® Research Vitamina C Retard 40 tablets. Vitamina C Retard is a high-dose vitamin C food supplement, in slow-release coated tablets. VITAMIN C RETARD, turns out to be a very convenient and effective solution. This is because thanks to its formulation in "retard" tablets ", it will make the absorption of vitamin C in the intestine more effective, allowing a gradual release of the content and a more durable bio-availability of this precious vitamin for its various defensive, protective," anti-ageing "

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH GLR® 30 chewable tablets $ 29,15 $ 32,39

Votes: 30 Yamamoto Research GLR® 30 tablets. GLR ® is a dietary supplement based on Reduced Glutathione (Setria®), with vitamin C and selenium. In particular, both vitamin C and selenium contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress *, while vitamin C also contributes to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E. GLR® is formulated in fast dissolving sublingual tablets, where Setria-Glutathione will be rapidly absorbed by the sublingual tributary venous circulation of the superior vena cava, bypassing the intestinal activity of gamma-glutamyltransferase (absorption occurs at the buccal level), and avoiding enterocyte metabolic avidity and skipping the hepatic filter, preventing the first pass liver metabolism that largely deactivates the molecule, remembering that hepatocytes are particularly abundant.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml $ 49,67 $ 55,19

Votes: 349 Yamamoto Research Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml. Innevitil is a food supplement designed for the beauty of the skin and realized to provide hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid to the body. A key element in the product is Collagen of high absorption marine origin, which gives the skin resistance, increasing its tone and firmness. Contains hyaluronic acid that contributes to the formation of the scaffold that supports our skin, maintaining an effective hydration and turgor cutaneous, thanks to its ability to bind and retain large amounts of water. Great innovation in this kind of products comes from Setria, a modern version of glutathione that can be taken orally, which allows us to have the most powerful antioxidants available not only to counteract the action of free radicals, but recent studies have confirmed that its integration has action in the "lighting" of the skin, improving its shine and compactness.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Multivita DONNA® 30 capsules $ 15,35 $ 19,19

Votes: 163 Yamamoto® Research Multivita DONNA® 30 capsules. Multivita DONNA® is a vitamin and mineral food supplement, providing other nutritional factors, designed specifically for adult women of all ages, as a support to the well-being of their body.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Dimezim® 30 tablets $ 34,55 $ 38,39

Votes: 125 Yamamoto® Research Dimezim® 30 tablets. DIMEZIM is a S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) and Betaine food supplement. Each tablet provides 250 mg of SAME and 200 mg of Betaine. Adenosylmethionine is found in every living cell, and is a substance that is produced naturally by the body from ATP and methionine, synthesised by the enzyme methionine adenosyltransferase. "SAMe" is involved in various biochemical reactions in the human body, with very important tasks like linking methyl groups (“Methylation") to other molecules, from DNA to phospholipids or proteins.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Vitamina E GOCCE 20 ml $ 10,79 $ 11,99 Yamamoto® Research Vitamina E GOCCE 20 ml. Vitamina E is a fat-soluble vitamin found in many foods and is found in nature in eight chemical forms divided into two main categories: tocopherol (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) and tocotrienol (alpha, beta, gamma and delta), of which alpha-tocopherol is the one synthesised by the human body.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Sament® 60 capsules $ 25,91 $ 28,79

Votes: 1 Yamamoto® Research Sament® 60 capsules. Sament® is a food supplement with phosphatidylserine, acetylcarnitine and extracts of hericium and rhodiola.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Melagrana 500 ml $ 18,35 $ 21,59

Votes: 1 Yamamoto® Research Melagrana 500 ml. Melagrana is a food supplement containing pomegranate juice, which is important for its antioxidant activity. In addition, **zinc contributes to the normal metabolism of macronutrients, particularly carbohydrates and fatty acids.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Mirtillo 500ml $ 22,67 $ 25,19 Yamamoto® Research Mirtillo 500ml. Mirtillo is a food supplement based on bilberry juice and vitamin B12, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Colostro Bio 120 capsules $ 61,55 $ 68,39

Votes: 4 Yamamoto® Research Colostro Bio 120 capsules. Colostro Bio is a food supplement that provides 500 mg colostrum per capsule. Due to the integrity of the raw material Yamamoto® has chosen to use only organic colostrum. Based on colostrum from high quality organic cow's milk.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Acido lipoico Retard 20 sachets x 2,5 g $ 26,99 $ 29,99

Votes: 1 Yamamoto® Research Acido lipoico Retard 20 sachets x 2,5 g. Acido lipoico Retard is a food supplement providing 600 mg lipoic acid per daily dose. Product with high M.A.T.R.I.S® microencapsulation technology. It effectively guarantees the absorption of the active ingredients concerned with a gradual release over 8 hours.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Termoned® 30 tablets $ 17,33 $ 20,39

Votes: 25 Yamamoto® Research Termoned® 30 caplets. Termoned® is a food supplement based on plant extracts (Garcinia, Bitter Orange, Coleus, Guggul, White Willow, Guarana) and caffeine, with vitamins B1, B2 and B12, suitable for adults, and proposed as an adjunct to low-calorie diets aimed at controlling and reducing weight.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Cordyceps plus 60 capsules $ 43,19 $ 47,99

Votes: 2 Yamamoto® Research Cordyceps plus 60 capsules. Cordyceps plus certified CS-4 is a food supplement indicated to support the body's natural defences. Cordyceps is a high titration product: 40% polysaccharides, 1% adenosine and 0.03% chordicepin. Cordyceps sinensis is undoubtedly an excellent tonic and supports the function of the respiratory tract.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Wild Caught Advanced Omega 180 capsules $ 57,23 $ 63,59

Votes: 11 Yamamoto® Research Wild Caught Advanced Omega 180 capsules. Yamamoto® Research Wild Caught Advanced Omega is a food supplement based on concentrated and purified fish oil, 100% from fishing and IFOS™ (International Fish Oil Standards) certified high in omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart* (the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA). Moreover, DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function and physiological vision** (the beneficial effects are obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of DHA).

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Intenec plus 20 sachets of 11 grams $ 34,55 $ 38,39

Votes: 5 Yamamoto® Research Intenec plus 20 sachets of 11 grams. Yamamoto® Research Intenec plus is a food supplement based on L-glutamine, extract for beef broth, extract for chicken broth, zinc, orange and grapefruit extracts and the probiotic microorganism Bacillus coagulans BC513, which favors the balance of intestinal flora*.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH GLR Stick 30 stick $ 47,51 $ 52,79

Votes: 3 Yamamoto® Research GLR® Stick 30 stick. GLR Stick is a food supplement providing 250 mg of L-Glutathione per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Chaga 45 capsules $ 22,67 $ 25,19

Votes: 2 Yamamoto® Research Chaga 45 capsules. Chaga is a dietary supplement containing 500 mg chaga extract and 80 mg vitamin C per daily dose. Chaga deserves great consideration and respect throughout the 'modern' world for its remarkable nutraceutical value, tonic-adaptogenic and immune-boosting effects.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Omega-3 240 softgels $ 71,99 $ 95,99

Votes: 15 Yamamoto® Research Omega-3 240 softgels. Omega-3 is a food supplement based on concentrated fish oil suitable for adults and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is fish oil in a purified and concentrated triglyceride form, certified 5-star IFOS.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Omega-3 120 softgels $ 47,93 $ 56,39

Votes: 7 Yamamoto® Research Omega-3 120 softgels. OMEGA-3 is a food supplement based on concentrated fish oil suitable for adults and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is fish oil in a purified and concentrated triglyceride form, certified 5-star IFOS.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH SAM-e 20 stick $ 20,51 $ 22,79

Votes: 2 Yamamoto® Research SAM-e 20 sticks. SAM-e is a food supplement providing 200mg of SAM-e and 400mg of betaine per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Ligatene® 30 sachets of 6,5 grams $ 39,95 $ 44,39

Votes: 4 Yamamoto® Research Ligatene® 30 sachets of 6,5 grams. Yamamoto® Research Ligatene® is a food supplement providing 5 g of collagen and 500 mg of bromelain per daily dose.

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