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Fosfatidilserina 60 capsules

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Yamamoto® Research Fosfatidilserina 60 capsules. Fosfatidilserina is a food supplement providing 20 mg per daily dose of phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid and a natural component of the cell membrane.

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Yamamoto Research - Fosfatidilserina - IAFSTORE.COM

Yamamoto® Research Fosfatidilserina

Fosfatidilserina is a food supplement providing 20 mg per daily dose of phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid and a natural component of the cell membrane.

The notoriety that Phosphatidylserine is gaining is basically due to its 'restorative' action and 'nutritional' support for the central nervous system, capable of improving cognitive function, the transmission of stimuli between nerve cells and as an essential component of cell membranes (especially nerve membranes) necessary for the entry of nutrients and the relative expulsion of waste materials, as well as having demonstrated an interesting hepatic detoxifying action.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid, specifically a glycerophospholipid, consisting of two fatty acid molecules linked to a glycerol molecule and an ethanolamine phosphate molecule, which is found mainly in the central nervous system and the brain. Phosphatidylserine plays an essential role in the membranes of cells (particularly neurons), the integrity and permeability of which it regulates. Brain tissue has a high concentration of phosphatidylserine, which promotes the development of memory, concentration, learning and true neuroprotection. In addition to this, at the cellular level, it has been further demonstrated that Phosphatidylserine enhances energy metabolism in all cells. The fact is that phosphatidylserine content decreases with age, and because it preserves the integrity of cell membranes, its support promotes efficient and 'slow aging' nerve intercellular connections that maintain greater cognitive efficiency and promote a more relaxed state before and after times of particular stress.

Several double-blind studies suggest that Phosphatidylserine may be useful in maintaining cognitive function and memory in elderly subjects.


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Directions: take 1 capsule a day with water.

Net content: 36 g

Storage: keep tightly closed in a cool and dry place.

Warnings: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Keep in a cold and dry place. Avoid exposure to heat sources and sunlight. Do not disperse in the environment after use.

60 capsules
Nutrition information
Daily dose: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60
  Per daily dose (1 capsule)
Phosphatidylserine 20 mg
Ingredients: bulking agents: cellulose, dicalcium phosphate; vegetable capsule (glazing agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), phosphadylserine, anti-caking agents: magnesium salt of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.

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