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YMEA Pancia Piatta 64 capsules $ 28,22 Ymea Pancia Piatta 64 capsules. Ymea flat stomach is a food supplement based on natural ingredients, including Dioscorea, which helps to counteract premenopausal and menopausal disorders, such as hot flashes. Green tea and chilli pepper contained in the formulation favor the balance of body weight and have an antioxidant action. Fennel and Horehound promote digestion and the elimination of intestinal gases responsible for abdominal swelling and an increase in the waistline. Furthermore, the Horehound intervenes in the regulation of the sweating process.

YMEA VampControl 32 + 32 capsules $ 28,22

Votes: 1 Ymea VampControl 32 + 32 capsules. Double action: gives well-being in menopause and helps reduce hot flashes.

YMEA 8 in 1 30 tablets $ 30,52 Ymea 8 in 1 30 tablets. Ymea 8 in 1 is a food supplement of vitamins and minerals suitable for menopausal women.

YMEA Silhouette 64 capsules $ 28,22

Votes: 2 Not available Ymea Silhouette 64 capsules. Ymea Silhouette is a food supplement that gives a natural response to typical menopausal ailments. The new enhanced formula of Ymea Silhouette contains Maca Extract and Sage Extract. Sage is effective for reducing hot flashes, rebalancing the hormonal level and for its relaxing action. Maca is a natural remedy recommended in menopause and pre-menopause as it improves the level of energy and resistance to stress, balances the level of estrogen and improves libido.

YMEA Vitality 30 capsules $ 28,22 Not available Ymea Vitality 30 capsules. Ymea Vitality is a food supplement specially formulated to combat the ailments caused by menopause and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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