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Poulie Zip Evo

Évaluation 3/5 (Nombre de votes: 1)

Kong Pulley Zip Evo 826.04 Evolution de la première poulie avec connecteur intégré qui élimine toute possibilité d’erreur. Une ergonomie de la poignée améliorée et la facilité d’ utilisation avec le nouveau levier d’ ouverture avec une seule main

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Il n'est pas disponible pour cette région: France  
Modèle: Kong Pulley Zip Evo
Code: 826.04
Evolution de la première poulie avec connecteur intégré qui élimine toute possibilité d’erreur. Une ergonomie de la poignée améliorée et la facilité d’ utilisation avec le nouveau levier d’ ouverture avec une seule main. Le design unique assure le posissionement correct dans toutes situations. Ella est equipé de roulements à billes pour un glissement parfaitement lisse. Elle travil soit sur cordes soit sur cables metalliques jusq’ au 13 mm de diamètre.

The evolution of the first pulley with double safety sleeve connector integrated, that avoids every possibility of mistake and guarantee a lifetime 4 times longer then a traditional systems. The special design allows the correct positioning on the rope in every situation. Fitted with ball bearing for a smoothly sliding. It works both on rope and cables up to 13mm diameter.
Fast pulley with ball bearings.
Material: light alloy - stainless steel
Weight 390g

Certification: CE EN 12278-07

Code:  826.02R4

1 - Informative note on CE certified KONG products conforming to the 89/686/EEC Directive
Users must carefully read and understand the informative note and instructions for use before using the product. Warning: rock and ice-climbing, double-cord descent, klettersteig, speleology, alpine skiing, canoeing, exploration, rescue work and working at heights are all highly dangerous with possibilities of even lethal accidents. Train yourself to use this article and make sure you fully understand how it works, if you have any doubts, don't run any risks and ask. Remember that this article may be used by qualified skilled persons only, and that you are personally responsible for getting to know and understand this article, how to use it and safety measures to be taken, and that you alone are solely and totally liable for all damages, injuries or death eventually incurred by you or third parties from using all KONG S.p.A. products, of any whatsoever kind. Avoid using this article if you are not able to undertake this responsibility and take these risks.

2 - General information
2.1 - Carry out all the checks described in the specific "instructions for use" for all the products, before use and be particularly sure that the article is:
• in top condition and working correctly,
• suited for the use you intend to make of it: use the techniques shown without crosses only, all other usage is absolutely forbidden: Beware of death!
2.2 - Immediately replace the product if you have any doubts as to its safety and efficiency. Do not use the product after falling into space as its strength could be considerably impaired by eventual invisible breakage or deformations inside. Incorrect use, mechanical deformation, equipment accidentally dropped from a height, wear, chemical contamination, exposure to heat above normal climatic conditions (max 100°C for purely metallic articles and max. 50°C for articles with parts in fabric), are just some examples of other reasons possibly reducing, limiting and even terminating the service life of the article.
2.3 - Users are responsible for using this article correctly.
2.4 - This article may be used in combination with individual protective devices conforming to the 89/686/EEC Directive, compatibly with relevant instructions for use.
2.5 - The resistance or not of natural anchorages in the rocks is not automatically guaranteed, it is therefore essential that users carefully judge for themselves beforehand to ensure adequate protection.
2.6 - For safety's sake, with systems blocking a fall it is essential to:
• always place the anchorage point above the user, where possible,
• use a complete safety belt,
• carry out work with the intent of reducing potential falls and relevant heights to a minimum.
2.7 - The anchorage position is essential for safely blocking a fall:
carefully judge the height of the fall, length of cord and "pendulum" effect to avoid all possible obstacles (e.g. ground, articles scraping against the rocks, etc.).
2.8 - Your life depends on the continual efficiency of your equipment (we thoroughly recommend personal use of equipment) and how it is kept (use, storage, controls, etc.). We strongly recommend having pre and post-use controls carried out by a qualified person. An accurate overhaul by a manufacturer's qualified technician at least once a year is also recommended. The user is responsible for recording and conserving the information given in the "Record" table together with the instructions.
2.9 - KONG S.p.A. shall not be held liable in any way for damages, injuries or death caused by:
improper use, changes made to product, repairs by non-authorized persons or use of non-original spare parts.
2.10 - No special precautions should be taken for transportation, do however avoid contact with chemical reagents or other corrosive substances and protect all the pointed, sharp parts adequately.
Warning: never leave your equipment in cars parked in the sun!
2.11 - Warning: it is compulsory for dealers to have these instructions for use translated for products sold in countries other than those selected by KONG S.p.A.

3 - Maintenance and storage
No particular maintenance has to be done by the user, the article just has to be cleaned and lubricated, as explained below. 3.1 - Cleaning: frequently rinse the product under lukewarm fresh water (max. 40°C), eventually adding a delicate detergent (neutral soap). Leave it to dry naturally away from direct sources of heat.
3.2 - Lubrication: frequently lubricate the moving parts with silicone based oil. Avoid contact between oil and fabric parts. This operation must be done after cleaning and thoroughly drying.
3.3 - Disinfection: submerge the product for an hour in lukewarm water adding disinfectant containing salts of quaternary ammonium, then rinse under fresh water, dry and lubricate.
3.4 - Storage: after cleaning, drying and lubricating store the equipment loosely in a dry, cool, dark (avoid U.V. rays), chemically neutral (absolutely avoid saline environments) place, away from sharp corners, sources of heat, humidity, corrosive substances or other potentially harmful conditions. Do not store when wet!

4 - Testing and certification
This product has been certified by the notified register organization under n. 0123 - TUV Product Service GMBH, Ridlerstraße 65, 80339 Munchen, Germany in conformity to the norms given in the marking. All KONG products are tested/inspected piece by piece in conformity to the certified UNI EN ISO 9001 standard Quality System procedures. The notified register organization n. 0426 - ITALCERT, v.le Sarca 336, 20126 Milan, Italy, supervises the manufacture of class III individual protection devices, in conformity to article 11B, 89/686/EEC Directive.
Warning: laboratory tests, testing and inspection, instructions for use and standards are not always able to reproduce the case in practice, so that results achieved with the article under effective conditions of use in natural environments may sometimes differ to a considerable degree. The best instructions can be had from continuous use under the supervision of qualified skilled instructors.
“DUCK” has been tested and homologated for use on tape longes “YAKU” and “ARO TUBULAR”. It is very useful has emergency clamp in progression together, in several rescue and self-rescue manoeuvres. This device works perfectly on dry clean textile ropes. Warning: the locking action can be considerably reduced (and even nullified) on dirty, oily, muddy or icy ropes as the device may slides along the rope. This chiefly occurs on ropes of a diameter less than 10 mm. Warning: do not to use the “DUCK” directly on wire cables.

5 - Pre e post use checks
Check and make sure that:
- has not suffered any mechanical deformation,
- does not show any signs of cracks or wear, check carefully the use of parts where the rope slides

6 - Product life
Warning: carefully read point 2.2.
Life span is calculated to last for 10 years from the first time used; this period could be considerably reduced depending on conditions and how often it is used: salty environments, chemicals, mud, sand, snow and ice are some of the factors accelerating product wear.

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